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A Game Night

Posted on Thu Jan 25th, 2024 @ 12:12pm by Lieutenant JG Nerinath zh'Rhilror [Lalor] & Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik & Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D. & Lieutenant J'airesh Mora-Heath & Lieutenant Kurt "Berlin" Vogel & Lieutenant JG Damien Blackford & Ensign Maxine Mckull Ms. & Lieutenant Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen [Taylor] & Captain George Charles [Reece] & Lieutenant JG Zac Smithson & Lieutenant JG Louis Bordeaux ( Barclay de Tolly ) & Lieutenant JG Heather De La Rosa {Kelea-Salik} & Ensign BF 345078 (john Snow.) [Sthilg] & Master Chief Petty Officer Chuck Finley [Reece] & Senior Chief Petty Officer Emily Charles {Kelea-Salik} & Staff Sergeant Leilani Charles {Kelea-Salik} & Hendor Charles [Reece] & Lieutenant Athena Magnus & 2nd Lieutenant Slarth [Reece]

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD 4 - Late in the evening
3464 words - 6.9 OF Standard Post Measure

A game night was set up to try and help People relax and wear themselves out as the ship crept through Thaih'ea space.

There was a number of board games, and chess boards set up at different tables and the Mess had a buffet set out for food and drinks.

Alicia walked into the Mess Hall, as Counsellor she would advise the crew to take part in something like this, so it seemed only fair to take part herself.

Sthilg was next to walk in. The old gorn could do with a break from his many days keeping his shipmates in shape and health eh could do with a break.

Kurt Vogel all but jogged through the door. His mind buzzed with anticipation at the many game possibilities: Earth Poker, Andorian 3-card, maybe even Rigellian Guess Who. The German found a packet of Earth cards and began to eagerly shuffle them in his hands, plopping himself into a chair at a large table as he did so. His leather jacket sleeves made pleasant noises as his hands worked at randomizing the cards. He hoped the sound of shuffling cards would draw interested parties.

Max and Anna were the next to arrive.

To say that it was out of character for Max to be social like this was an understatement. Though they were no longer confined to a barely hospitable ball of ice, which now meant more free time, she preferred to pass her time in other ways. If Max was being honest with herself, it was because people scared her.

Or at least, the potential pestering, the questions, scared her. It was one of the reasons why she had avoided the counselling department. While it wasn't strictly necessary to check in with someone from that department during an officer's onboarding, it was encouraged. Mandatory psychological evaluations weren't for another two months, and each time they came around, Max hated the prospect even more. Which is why she felt so dismayed when she saw one of the senior members of the counselling staff in attendance.

Even still, Max was here at Anna's (extensive) encouragement, practically having been dragged out of her quarters for the night.

“Look at the turn out! I told you this’d be fun!”

Anna beams at Max, the ever excitable Caitian she was. Her tail swished in excitement, holding a big box under her arm. They had her favorite board game in it, from the 21st century called “Twilight Imperium”. She never had anyone to play it with and she was extremely excited to get the opportunity too.

There were indeed quite a few people. Max gazed around the room, a little apprehensively. She kept expecting someone to approach her, to start asking questions about her voice. Even serving on this ship for four months, she wasn't very acquainted with its crew. But she was sure everyone knew her by now.

"Indeed," Max droned, as flat as ever.

She seemed to stick close to Anna, the only person she would even remotely consider a friend so far. She had been considerate and respectful of Max's wishes not to discuss her translator, and seemed to be living up to her word about wanting to get to know Max for Max... even if Max wasn't always the most forthcoming with answers or conversation.

Alicia smiled as she walked over to her father, now her nightmares were lessening she was feeling more like her old self. “Hey dad, what are you planning on playing?”

" A sssimple game of hnefatafl for me unlessss you want to play anything little one?" The gorn replied warmly. He had been meaning to talk to his daughter about her soon-to-be siblings.

Alicia nodded. “You can teach me that sometime, I’m not quite sure yet what I’m going to play I’ll wait for Savar.”

J'Air had high hopes of this evening, she had badgered Chuck to come along and was very excited as she bubbled with chatter.

Chuck grinned as he listened to J'airesh go on excitedly. He agreed that the crew needed an outlet, even if it was only a few silly games. "Well, I am always down to playing a few games, especially if my teammate is a cute as you are." He leaned in and kissed her cheek softly, not wanting to seem inappropriate infant of the other officers and families

J'air blushed softly, just the tiniest pink to her cheeks. She was delighted that Chuck wasn't against PDA and she gazed up at him adoringly as they fetched drinks and found chairs. There were many different boards and pieces around the room. J'Air stopped beside some chess boards, both 2d and 3d along a table that stretched the whole side of one wall. She looked up at Chuck again and asked if he played chess but before he could answer, she spotted some table tennis tables. Two of them right at the back of the room, each with the little bats lying on them waiting for players.

"OOH!" she chattered, diverting in that direction. "How about ping-pong?" she asked and hurried over to those tables instead.

Chuck grinned and chuckled softly as he watched J'airesh hop over to the table tennis. "Sure, though, you should be warned, I am the undefeated beer pong champion from my graduating class."

"Formerly UN-defeated Champion!!" J'Air retorted with a wide mischievous grin. "Who is about to lose his UN prefix!" she challenged, looking backwards over her shoulder at him. "No need to hurry to your doom. I understand your reluctance....." the grin widened cheekily.

Her playful attitude made Chuck grin broadly as he replied. "Oh really? Well now, far be it from me to teach an officer the critical lesson of not underestimating the skills of a senior NonCom. Would you care to place a friendly wager on the outcome of my trouncing you, young lady?" Mischief flashed in his eyes and smile.

Knowing full well that he was *very* good at this game, J'Air wasn't ready to bet too much that she wasn't prepared to lose, so she sidled up to him closely and replied in a very low tone of voice that only he would be able to hear. "I'll wager you the free choice of the theme of our next hologram adventure." she nudged her hip subtly against his and sprung up to kiss his cheek before racing off again, over to the tables and selecting her choice of bat to use.

"You're on darlin'." He replied with a roguish grin. He met her at the table and after picking up his paddle and the small ball, they began to play.

Damien walked into the Mess Hall, looking around the room at the assorted crew members who had already started assembling. Smiling to himself, he slowly started walking through the room, stopping as he heard the familiar sound of cards being shuffled. Quickly locating the source of the noise, he headed over to the table, stopping next to it. "Mind if I join you?" He asked, grinning at the Wing Commander.

Vogel smiled. “Please.”

The German shuffled the cards some more. “A simple game of Blackjack while we wait for any others?”


The doors slid open again and in walked Captain George Charles, his wife Staff Sergeant Leilani Charles, both of their children and Second Lieutenant Slarth. They had heard about the game night and had decided to come up and try to forget about where they were, if even for an hour or two.

On the heels of the Charles' family came Tate dressed casually in a white blouse and blue skirt. She didn't often socialize with the crew, but over the years she had begun to find more of a balance between her role as a counselor and physician and just being a resident of the ship who enjoyed being around people, especially families for social occasions.

Catching up to Leilani and George, Sullivan smiled, offering, "it's good to see all of you here."

“It’s nice to see you too Tate” Leilani smiled warmly as she cuddled her daughter, Hendor standing beside her next to George. “We thought we’d come down and have some fun.”

Before George could agree with his wife, Hendor spoke up. "Is Skylah here?" He asked as he looked around.

"No, bubba," George replied softly as he gently rubbed his son's head. "Skylah and her aunt aren't feeling well, so they stayed home.

Looking up at his father, Hendor had a sad look on his little face. "Will they be okay, Papa?"

George knelt down to Hendor's level. "They will, son. It's just going to take a little while." He felt pride in the feeling of concern the young boy was feeling. It was a pure and honest feeling for his best friend's wellbeing.

“Don’t worry Sweetheart” Leilani smiled understandingly at her son.

Tate offered a passing but quizzical look to Leilani. Softly, she offered, "Do I need to go check on anyone?"

“It’s Skylah and her aunt, they’re not feeling well.” Leilani offered an understanding smile to Hendor as she spoke to Tate. “Hendor is worried.”

Tate knelt down to meet Hendor's eyes. She had a soft spot for all the children aboard but had to admit, if only to herself, she felt a certain affection for Hendor. Perhaps it was because she had counseled him individually. "Would you feel better if I went to check on them, Hendor?"

Hendor considered the question for a few beats, then nodded his head. "Yes please, Miss Tate! She's my bestest friend in the whole world!"

Tate smiled and replied, "I'm sure they're both fine, but if it would make you feel better for me to check on them, I can do that." Sullivan stood and offered to Leilani and George, "You have a very caring son. I know you are both proud. I shouldn't be long. Perhaps we can all play a game when I get back?"

George nodded and smiled. "We are. He is a very good boy."

Savar entered the mess hall. He had arrived late after taking Connor and N'Vea to Mrs. Bradbury to watch them. His eyes swept the area until he spotted Alicia standing with and talking to her father who was also the CMO of the Elysium. Walking over to them, he greeted them. "Hello Alicia, hello Sir. I hope i am not too late."

“Late? Never Imzadi” Alicia smiled as she gave Savar a kiss on the cheek. “I’m glad you’re here.”

Savar returned Alicia's kiss. "You are most kind to say so Alicia but I notice many of the crew are already here."

“Everyone has been drifting in a little at a time.” Alicia smiled. “Actually I’d like to learn how to play Vulcan chess.”

"I thought the object of tonight was to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Are you sure you wish to do learn this tonight Alicia?"

“Well...” Alicia shrugged her shoulders. “What do you have in mind Imzadi?”

"I am all too happy to teach you Alicia, but I think it is better to do so in our quarters." Savar answered. He looked around, "Darts, I wish to learn how to throw darts or a board game."

“Darts it is!” Alicia smiled. “Would you care to join us father?”

"Excellent. You may instruct me Alicia." Savar replied as he turned and waited for Alicia's father to reply.

" I'd be delighted my dear." Sthilg replied wamrly. " I've been doing sssome ssscansss on your future brother and sssissster my dear. Resssults are quite interesting."

“Really?” Aurora looked at her father curiously as she picked up some sets of darts. “I want to hear all about them!” She then turned to Savar. “Here you go Imzadi, let me show you how to throw darts.”

"I am here to learn Alicia, please show me the correct form in how to throw the darts." Savar replied taking a set of darts from Alicia.

Alicia smiled as she took up her place. “You stand by this line here, then you aim...” She stood side on to the board aiming her dart. “Then you throw. The idea is you have to end on a double.” She threw her dart before walking up to the board. “The outer ring is doubles, the inner ring is trebles, the outer bull is worth 25, and the inner is worth 50.”

Savar watched as Alicia deftly tossed a dart at the dartboard. "I see. How much is a bullseye worth Alicia?"

“That’s the inner I quoted, so 50 Imzadi” Alicia smiled warmly.

"Ah. I see. I apologize Alicia." Savar answered as he stood sideways as Alicia had as he prepared to toss a dart. "Is there a proper way to throw a dart Alicia?"

“There is, and there isn’t it depends on your style of throw Imzadi, try throwing a few and see how it goes.” She smiled at Savar before turning to her father.

“Do you play father? I’m just wondering how you’d handle the darts.”

Sthilg picked up the darts with his real arm and carefully aimed it at the board. " I've played a sssimilar klingon game though that one doesss involve throwing the dart at your chessst." The dart flew from the gorns hand landing on the very edge of the board.

“I think I’ll pass on the Klingon version” Alicia grinned as she watched her father throw. “Almost!” Alicia smiled. “It takes some practice.”

Savar felt the weight of the darts and mentally calculated the trajectory of the throw that would result in a bullseye. He stood sideways as Alicia had and took aim at the dartboard and let the first dart fly. It flew straight and true and hit in a treble zone. "Hmmm." He commented.

“That’s pretty good Savar, you’re a natural.”

"A natural? I do not know about that. I believe I have much work to do." As he readied to throw another dart.

“Don’t be put off Imzadi, it just takes practice” Alicia smiled proudly at Savar’s willingness to persevere.

Sthilg took another dart and threw it. The dart landed nearly opposite it's companion. " Your younger brother and sssissster and doing fine. I got the genetic data from the lassst ssscan."

Alicia nodded. “I want to hear about all them! I’m so excited to be having a brother and sister! I never imagined my mother would find someone she loves as much as you.”

" Well, they're taking after their mother. All the gorn is going to be on the inssside. " Sthilg said with a warm smile on his face. " The boysss going to be quite the telepath. Hisss paracortex ssshould allow him to be within the top ten per cent of betazoid'sss when his telepathy comes into being." He added beaming as he did so.

“Really!?” Alicia was astonished. “That’ll give him a good position in Betazoid society, high level telepaths are very sought after.”

" I know. Hisss sssissster isss going to be very jelousss. I can already hear the argumentsss." The old gorn added. He carried a sense of nervousness within him. So used to being the old wise sage that he had no advice for himself.

Savar listened to the conversation between Alicia and her father as he readied another dart to throw. Concentrating he tossed the dart towards the dartboard. This time the dart landed in a double. A slight sigh of frustration escaped his lips. "How can throwing a dart be so hard?" He whispered to himself.

“Darts takes lots of Practice and patience Imzadi” Alicia smiled. “As for my siblings I can’t wait to meet them! I’m sure it must be scary being a father again.” She gave her father a big smile.

"You are quite correct Alicia. It is proving to be a most exasperating game." Savar commented as he readied another dart.

Alicia smiled. “I’ve no doubt you’ll master it no time Imzadi.”

The gorn nooded. " It'sss been......." he began before going rather quite. " Sssince i lossst them."

Alicia offered her father some gentle comfort as she placed her hand on his arm. “I understand father, loss like that isn’t something you ever truly accept but you’ve got us to help you move on now.”

Sthilg reached up and gave his daughter's hand a squeeze. This would be different this time. he swore it.

Emily walked into the mess hall with Zac, this was more or less their first public outing as a couple. With Leana being looked after by a babysitter Emily was free to enjoy herself. “What would you like to do Zac?”

Zac entered the mess hall beside Emily, it felt good to be out with her. He turned to look at her as she asked her question. "I'm doing it Emily. I'm spending time with you."

Emily smiled like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. “Then I’m happy! Would you like to meet my brother George and his family? I did promise I’d introduce you. Though you probably already know them from work aboard ship.”

Zac nodded, Emily's smile could light up a room. "I would love to meet your brother and his family, Emily, lead the way."

Emily nodded as she held onto Zac’s arm and lead him over to where George & Leilani were sitting. “Hi George, I hope you don’t mind us interrupting?” She looked at Zac then back at George. “I wanted to introduce you to Zac Smithson, my boyfriend.”

Zac's heart swelled at hearing Emily introduce him as her boyfriend. He smiled at George and thrust his hand out. "A pleasure to meet you."

Leilani took the opportunity to jump in. “I’m Leilani, It’s nice to meet you Zac” she shook his hand then gave him a hug. “Any man who can make Emily smile like that has my seal of approval, don’t you think so too Imzadi?” She looked towards George.

"Pleased to meet you, Leilani. I hope I can always make Emily smile. She has such a beautiful smile." Zac replied as he returned Leilani's hug.

Leilani smiled as she stepped back looking to George. “It’s nice to see Emily so happy isn’t Imzadi?”

Hendor moved over and hugged his aunt as George replied. "It is." He extended his right hand to Zac. "Nice to meet you, Zac. What is it that you do?"

Zac shook the offered hand in a firm grip. "A pleasure to meet you as well." Zac returned. "I'm a tactical officer." Zac replied with a smile. His eyes dropped to Hender who was hugging Emily. "Who is this little man?" He asked.

“This is Hendor, George and Leilani’s son.” Emily hugged Hendor giving him a hug smile. “He’s a wonderful big brother to his baby sister.”

Zac bent down and smiled at Hendor. "Hi Hendor, I'm Zac. It is a pleasure to meet you." As he put his hand out to shake the small boy's hand.

Leilani smiled at Hendor and Zac, watching them get acquainted as she shifted her baby daughter to the opposite hip for comfort.

"Hello, Sir," Hendor replied politely to Zac as he returned the handshake as best as he could.

George smiled at their son, before looking over at Leilani and their baby daughter. Reaching out, he gently cupped her tiny head. "So Emm, what games were you thinking of trying out tonight?

“That’s a good question” Emily looked around wondering what to try. “I’m not sure, any ideas?”

Zac smiled at Hendor as the boy shook his hand. He looked around the room the hall at the different games, trying to decide which ones(s) to try.

After they finished shaking hands, Hendor looked over at his aunt. "Auntie Emm, we could try some board games, if you want?"

Emily smiled, “Sure Hendor, why don’t you show me what you think would be fun?”

Smiling brightly, Hendor reached over and grasped his aunt's hand. He then dragged her behind as he moved towards the area that had a bookshelf full of games to choose from. After looking through them carefully, he pulled an old one off the bottom shelf and presented it to her. "This one?"

Emily smiled. “Looks good to me Hendor, let’s set it up on a table shall we?”

Letting out a small cheer, the young boy did as his aunt suggested. Once done, the family started to play the game.

Thor and Athena walked in after they dropped off the three children with Alice. “Good to mingle Thor,” Athena said first.

“Indeed,” Thor said as he felt relief.

OFF- Fade to black-


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