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What Does Not Kill You, Makes You Stronger

Posted on Sat Mar 23rd, 2024 @ 10:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik & Lieutenant Thor Magnus

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Chief Counselor’s Office
Timeline: After Thor’s Meeting with the Commodore
1123 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Lieutenant Thor Magnus had finished a meeting with the Commodore. She suggested he see a counselor due to past incidents of ships he had been on which twice the ships had been captured and he was forced in to either slave labor or fighting to the death in arena competition. Previous counselors diagnosed him as borderline post traumatic disorder but he should routinely see counselors in case if the nightmares ever returned. The last counselor placed in his file stated there was no threat of breakdown and the past incidents makes him anal retentive or some kind of compulsive desire to make sure the shields and the ship is always working way above security standard. Plus the other reason is because the Commodore recommended he get to know the crew better.

Thor walks into the office as he sees a cheerful person. “Good day to you. I need to book an appointment with a counselor. I am Lieutenant Thor Magnus , the Chief of Engineering.”

Alicia was just exiting her office when she saw Magnus. “Then you’re right on time, I have a spot free right now. I’m Alicia Kelea-Salik, Chief Counsellor.” She smiled warmly. “Please come on in.”

Thor replied, “Thank you Counselor Kelea-Salik.” He followed her into her office. “Nice office.” He paused for a moment. “I will save you some time before you pull up my file why I am here and please forgive me for getting straight to the point. I am here by suggestion by our commanding officer plus I have yet to report to you. My file will have it I am borderline post traumatic stress, I do not know how to relax and our boss suggests I mingle more with the crew.”

Alicia nodded. “That’s a help, please make yourself comfortable. Also feel free to call me Alicia while you’re here.” She made herself comfortable. “So how are you finding it in regards getting along with the crew?”

“Many of the crew do not come down to Engineering and when I am in Ten Forward lounge, “ Thor replied, “I seem to only strike conversations with the other engineers. It is not the crew but probably me. When I go to the gym, either I am going there at the wrong time because most of the crew are there to exercise. Now Athena my wife, she gets to talk to many of the crew, especially the Marines. As far as the Holosuite, it is mostly other engineers. Plus I hardly go there because I am helping Athena with the baby. We have two now. My focus here has been on work, family and my other engineers.”

Alicia nodded. “Fair enough, I have three children so I completely understand where you’re coming from in that respect. It can be difficult to manage the work/life balance sometimes. Have you thought about going out as a family? Meeting other families onboard?”

“You mean those who are not blessed with an Engineering parent because we do have engineers who do have families,” Thor replied, “No I have not. Previous ships I was on had family days so maybe that could be a suggestion we could do here. How old are you children? Mine are five and new born.”

“Mine are 2, almost 1, and our latest family member is 9.” Alicia smiled warmly. “With so many orphans after what happened we decided to adopt. Family days are a very good idea, other parents are always happy to help out as well if you need a babysitter at short notice.” She looked at her PADD. “So tell me more about your borderline PTSD, what worries you?”

“What worries us all,” Thor answered, “Getting captured, loosing family, being placed in situations we do not want to be in. That is why I spend so much time in Engineering. I want everything working way above the standards. Now on the borderline, I occasionally have nightmares but not that often. Sometimes in my dreams, I have to relive the past. I wake up heart beating fast, look over at Athena and I know everything is okay.”

Alicia nodded as she listened. “It’s good that you’re able to recognise that things will be okay. With recent events, and our current situation that’s been something that’s bothered everyone, myself included. We all need to have the faith that we’ll be okay. You said you still have nightmares, but not that often? Can you tell me anything about those nightmares?”

“They are about reliving past experiences like when one ship I was on was captured and the men had to participate in a gladiator sport,” Thor answered, “The ones who captured us were eight foot tall and we had to fight them to the death. Fortunately I won all three of my battles but seven on my engineering team did not. Some were old guys and some were brand new guys out of the Academy. We were finally rescued by the USS Valley Forge and the IKS B’Moth. Their captains challenged the two best for winner take all. It was like a no win scenario but Solomon and his Klingon Blood Brother Klurch prevailed. My dreams deal with what would have happened if they did not show up. Now you see why specially now I make sure everything is working perfectly. I do not want to ever see a young man wanting his mother before he died. Yes I know this could happened but I will do my duty to the upmost.”

Alicia smiled warmly. “With what you’ve been through I’m surprised you’re coping as well as you are. I can understand your reasoning, and the sentiment behind it. Right now we need that extra layer of security, knowing that should we need it, the ship will get us away from danger. I, for one, am glad you’re being so thorough.”

“We do what we must do,” Thor replied with a deep breath at the end. “I think we are done but if you do not mind, my wife asked me to ask you for an appointment. She would not tell me what it was about. I do not pry, especially with our Imzadi connection she and I have.”

“Of course” Alicia smiled warmly. “I keep spaces for those who walk in so tell her she can come and see me whenever she needs to. I never keep anyone waiting wherever possible.”

“Thank you Alicia,” said as he stood up. “I will keep you in the loop on anything that deals with stuff you need to know.”

Alicia nodded and smiled. “Thank you. I’d appreciate that, as I said my door is always open.”



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