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Fun in The Sun

Posted on Mon Jul 8th, 2024 @ 6:33am by Lieutenant Commander Kara Starr {Kelea-Salik} & Lieutenant Commander Malakai Starr [Taylor]

Mission: Season 6 HIATUS
Location: Tropical Planet
Timeline: MD3 1100 hrs
1150 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Kara and Mal arrived via shuttle with several other members of the crew and stood with their children at the sight before them. Pristine beaches and the sounds of waves gently lapping on the shore. Mal had on cargo shorts and a shirt that said, "Son of A Beach" and Kara had on top that said, "Girls Just Wanna Have Sun" and shorts over her bathing suit. She also had on sunglasses. Both of them had bags of toys for the children draped over their shoulders. "Oh wow! Will you look at this Kara! This is beautiful! It is amazing! Let's find a spot that we can claim and put this stuff down."

“Good idea” Kara smiled looking around in awe at the sight before them. “This is absolutely amazing! Would you look at that...” she motioned to a little flying creature that looked remarkably like a cute dragon. “How cute is that!?”

Mal looked at what Kara was motioning at. "That is cute." He admitted. "I wonder if we could catch one."

“No, leave it be. This is their home, we have no right to be coming here and catching them” Kara offered a kind hearted smile.

Mal nodded. "As you wish Kara. It was only a thought, a bad one. I am sorry I mentioned it."

“You were just being curious Mal, nothing wrong with that. I just don’t think these dragons would appreciate us catching them, especially as we don’t know anything about them.” Kara offered a smile. “I’d hate to cause a problem.”

"You are right. I wasn't thinking this through. Thank you for seeing the big picture." he looked at the little dragons flying about. "They are amazing though, aren't they?"

"They're adorable!" Kara grinned, the whole environment made her feel like a giddy little schoolgirl on her first school trip. "I love it here, so much to see and explore!"

"I agree and furthermore we shouldn't waste time talking, Let's get to some exploring." Mal answered with a smile. "Anywhere you want to start first Kara?"

“It looks interesting wherever you look” Kara smiled. “How’s about that cove like area just over there?” She motioned off to their right.

"Mal nodded, "Looks good. Let's go see what we can find and just enjoy ourselves for a bit."

Kara nodded as she checked on their son, who was sleeping in the baby carrier hung across her chest. “Are you okay Ezri?” She looked down at her daughter checking she was alright, though Ezri was more interested in the dragons than anything else.

"I think Ezri, has found something that has captured her attention." Mal replied as he watched Ezri, study the little dragon with curious attention.

“I think so too. They’re such wonderful and amazing creatures.” Kara smiled. “I wish I knew what they liked to eat, we could have tried making friends.”

"Try giving them a tiny piece of snack you brought with you Kara. Maybe that will make a good peace offering and show we mean them no harm." Mal suggested.

“I could try” Kara smiled as she dug into their supplies pulling out a strawberry from the fruit selection she’d brought. She held it out in her hand hoping the dragons would find it appealing.

Instantly the dragon was joined by several others an they swarmed around the strawberry. "I think they at least like the aroma Kara." Mal called out as the dragons flew around the fruit but hadn't tried it. "Put the strawberry down Kara. Let's see what happens."

Placing the strawberry down Kara watched curiously. “I hope it doesn’t harm them, we don’t know anything about their biology.”

"Me too Kara." Mal answered as the little dragons circled the strawberry before
the tiny swarm finally landed, tucking their wings in and tentatively sticking their tongues out to taste the strawberry.

“I think they’d be avoiding it if it wasn’t good for them.” She cuddled Ezri as she watched the dragons enjoy the strawberry, turning to check on baby Matthew, who was still snoozing.”

"Good point Kara." Mal answered at the little dragons grew bolder in their approach to the strawberry. One actually lowered its head and bit off a piece of the strawberry.

“Look...” Kara pointed. “Their eating it!”

Mal looked down; Kara was right. One dragon was eating the strawberry and at seeing the reaction, it was quickly joined by others in attacking the strawberry. "Looks like you started something Kara, "Better put another strawberry down for them."

“I’ve got a few with me, if they like them then why not treat them” Kara smiled a she put out a small handful for the dragons to enjoy.

"Makes sense to me Kara." Mal replied as he watched Kara lay out a few more strawberries for the small dragon-like creatures to enjoy and enjoy they were doing as they swarmed over the strawberries, their tiny wings beating the air as they dined on the fruit.

“Let’s leave them to it, or they’ll be expecting more” Kara smiled.

"A splendid idea. We have better things to occupy us." Mal replied as he took Kara's hand and they turned away from the happy little dragons enjoying their unexpected treat.

Kara nodded and smiled. “Anytime with you and the kids is precious time for me. This planet came along just at the right time, we all need the tranquility this place holds.”

"Truer words were never spoken Kara. This place is just what the crew needed, a place to relax and unwind and how better to unwind then with you and the kids. This place is a dream come true." Mal answered with a grin.

Kara nodded. “It is indeed, a place for us all to refresh our batteries so-to-speak.”

"Well, I know my batteries needed a recharge and being here with you and the children has provided the needed boost." Mal answered with a smile.

Kara nodded in agreement. "With my rehabilitation I've been needing a chance to get away from it all. This has been the perfect opportunity."

Mal smiled at his wife. "And that's what I want you to do Kara. I want you to just relax and enjoy yourself and your time here with us and the children."

Kara smiled. “That’s just what I’m intending to do, so let’s enjoy it while we can.”

"An idea I totally support and can easily get behind." Mal said with a chuckle.

“Good, just wait until later...” Kara smiled a wry smile not elaborating due to having their children present.

Confusion crossed Mal's face at Kara's statement until the lightbulb clicked on and it dawned on him what Kara was referring to. "Oh yes. Can't wait for later to get here." He grinned and winked at her.

Kara grinned. “Me either Imzadi, me either.”



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