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Catching up with a friend

Posted on Sun Jun 9th, 2024 @ 5:55am by Consul Andrinn Orin & Nicholas Mathias
Edited on on Mon Jun 10th, 2024 @ 5:09am

Mission: Season 6 HIATUS
Location: Diplomatic Suites-Deck Two
Timeline: MD5
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Andrinn walked out of his office into the main part of the Diplomatic Suites on Deck Two with a PADD in his hand. He punched in a few commands and made sure that everything was good before sending everything off to the Watch Officer on the Bridge.

As Andrinn sent off the information from the PADD to the Watch Officer, he heard his name being called from across the room. It wasn't unusual for someone to call out for him down there on Deck Two, but it was the voice that he heard that startled him for a moment. Andrinn looked up and saw that it was Nicholas, who had come onboard some time before the ship was swept off into some other part of the universe.

Andrinn walked over and said to Nicholas, "God, I haven't seen you in quite some time. Since really before everything happened with the ship and all."

Nicholas shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck as he said, "Yeah, it has been a whirlwind of stuff that has happened over the last couple of weeks and months. I just haven't had the chance to come down here and see how you were doing. I had a little bit of time before I headed off with some of the cadets and Lieutenant N'Vok on a little scientific excursion down to the planet. Thought I'd come to see how everything was doing with you!"

Andrinn chuckled and thought about it for a moment before replying, "Yeah, I've got a little bit of time myself. Did you want to come and grab a bite to eat with me? There's an arboretum on this deck, if I'm not mistaken."

Nicholas shook his head in the affirmative almost immediately as he said, "Oh, that would be awesome! I'd love to see what is all down here."

The two men began walking, with Andrinn leading the way since he knew the deck a little bit better than Nicholas. They headed into one of the reception halls and ordered up something to eat before heading over to the arboretum, where one of the workers was keeping the plants nice and prepared for any sort of diplomatic mission. Andrinn offered a smile and thanked the worker for keeping it looking spectacular looking for everyone.

The worker thanked him as Nicholas and Andrinn made their way over to one of the benches, where both men sat down and opened up their meals. The first bites that Nicholas took of the meal were enjoyed thoroughly and he said, "Why do all the diplomats get all the GOOD food?!"

"Cause we've got to make a good impression for our diplomatic guests, you goon," Andrinn replied with a chuckle as he started digging into his own food. While the food was just some replicated meals, they were still something amazing that the ship's computer whipped up for them.

The two men were silent for a few moments as they were eating before Nicholas finally pipped up and asked, "How's that finance of yours? He doing alright?"

Andrinn replied, "Yeah, he's doing alright. We're trying to see about getting away and I'm trying to see about whether or not I can borrow a shuttle to head down to the planet surface. I want to surprise him and get him off the ship for a little bit, since we're trying to take some shore leave, per the Commodore and Captain's orders."

As Nicholas listened, he had taken another bite of his food and he pointed to Nicholas with the fork in his hand and replied, "Yeah, that would be nice. I can talk to the shuttle crews and see if there's any of them open that you can use when I go down there later to take the cadets out, if you'd like."

Andrinn shook his head and said, "Yeah, that would be amazing! Just let me know if you're able to help me out with that and which shuttle that might have open for us, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind one bit. I'll have the information sent straight to your office," Nicholas replied, a smile forming across his face. Before Andrinn could say anything else, Nicholas said, "Anything for you, my friend. You've helped me through more scrapes than anyone can even imagine. Do you remember that one time down on Delta IV, when you had to get me out of that sticky situation with the Deltan and Federation officials?"

Andrinn couldn't help but get a little choked up on his food for a moment as he heard Nicholas bring up the incident from Delta IV. Nicholas had gone to Delta IV with the Federation Archeological and Anthropological Society, where he got into a relationship with a local Deltan woman. However, since the woman was a former Starfleet Officer, she had an oath of celibacy on record.

Andrinn chuckled for a moment as he thought about their relationship and how in love they were as he replied, "Yeah, you two were in love and I had to go to bat for you guys. That oath of celibacy was no joke! I think that I still owe both the Deltan and Federation officials a bottle of Romulan Ale for helping to make sure you guys weren't prosecuted for anything."

"Thanks for that and if you need any help getting those bottles, let me know. I have a few contacts within some of the Romulan spheres," Nicholas said as he took the last few bites of his meal.

Andrinn took the last few bites of his own meal and said, "Yeah, I think I've got a few of those myself. I haven't reached out to them in a while though. I haven't needed to."

However, before Andrinn could continue with his thought, his combadge chirped and one of his aides came onto the comms to tell him that he was needed back in his office for a few moments. He replied and said that he would be right there before closing the line and looking over at Nicholas.

"Well, it looks like I've got to go back to work. Sorry our time was so short, but it just means that I'll have to come back and see you down there in your area of the ship next time!" Andrinn said as he and Nicholas stood up, grabbing their meals and taking them to the nearest replicator to get recycled.

The two men hugged as Nicholas replied, "Yeah, that would be nice! We've definitely got some good stuff brewing down there in the science labs. Come visit and I'll show you around, okay?"

Andrinn broke the hug, nodding politely as he said, "Yeah, that would be nice. Don't be a stranger, okay?" Nicholas replied as he began heading out, "You either."

Then, Andrinn headed back to his main office and back to work.


Consul Andrinn Orin
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Elysium


Nicholas Mathias
Starfleet Academy Instructor
Alien Archeology/Anthropology Officer
USS Elysium


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