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Dinner Date ***MATURE CONTENT***(Long Read)

Posted on Mon Jun 10th, 2024 @ 4:41pm by Harper o’Leary & Commander Kyle Reece

Mission: Season 6 HIATUS
Location: USS Elysium
Timeline: MD4 / 1900 hours
4643 words - 9.3 OF Standard Post Measure

***Warning, about halfway down, the content becomes mature reading. If you do not wish to read, the stop at the fade indicator before it.***


Harper was nervous. It was actually a date this time. Not just a casual dinner between friends. She had spent ages on her hair, and now finished pinning the last pin into the hair she had artfully piled on top of her head. One pin being removed would cause it to cascade. She then looked at the outfit she had selected.

It was a dark green dress with spaghetti straps and a split up the left side of the skirt.

On her feet she had a pair of green heals which would boost her up closer to Kyle's 6f7, but she knew that she would never top it.

Tristi had arrived and was settled in the living room with Kendra and Edward watching a movie. So Harper moved to the door to wait for Kyle.

Though he had been on dates before, for some reason, Kyle felt like a first timer again. The butterflies were flapping quick in his gut as he got ready and made sure nothing of his appearance was amiss. Once he was dressed, with Zhavna's help, he had gone with a classic dark blue suit, complete with a tie. He then applied some of his cologne and grabbed the lilies he had picked from the Arboretum earlier.

Once the sitter arrived, he kissed both of his children goodnight, then left their quarters, making his way directly to Harper's. A few minutes later, he was standing outside her cabin. After taking a deep breath, to steady his nerves, he reached up and pressed the door chime.

Inside the cabin, Harper jumped and gathered up the light shawl she had placed on the table by the door and her purse. She opened the door as she wrapped the shawl around her shoulders. "Hello" she said.

For a moment, Kyle lost all use of his voice, as his eyes took in the vision of beauty before him. He followed every curve of her body, from the top of her head, to her toes, then back up to her eyes. Finally, he closed his mouth, when he realized he was staring at her in awe. "Wow!" He found his voice. "You look amazing!"

She was surprised to find she could blush. Before she could say anything, a teenager pushed her and him out. "Yes she looks great. Now go, and do not hurry back." Tristi said and closed the doors.

Harper laughed softly. "Shall we?"

Smiling warmly, Kyle remembered the lilies he had brought. "Yes. But first, these are for you." He handed over the delicate flowers.

She took them and smiled. "Thank you," she sniffed them. "Let me get Tristi to put them in water..." she opened the cabin door and signalled to the teen who came, smirking and took the flowers then waved them off.

Once Harper returned, Kyle offered her his left elbow. "I thought we could go see a show before dinner, if your interested?"

"Lead on" She said taking his arm with a smile. "Sounds like a wonderful idea."

As they made their way to the nearest turbolift, he asked, "My two favorites are 'Phantom of the Opera, and Les Miserables. Do you have a preference?"

Harper considered it. "Les Mis works" she said. "I have not see it in years."

Kyle grinned as he replied. "Then that's the plan!" The pair entered the turbolift and made their way to an available holodeck. After making their request of program, he looked back and asked, "Orchestra or private booth?"

"Hmm, booth." She said, thinking that it would be nice to be private with him.

Nodding, Kyle turned back to the console. Once everything was set, he offered his left elbow to her again. "Shall we?"

Harper took the arm offered and let him lead her into the holodeck. The interior was very nice. "L'Opera?" she asked naming the Parisian Opera house.

He nodded. "It seemed the most appropriate, as Les Mis was started here." He then escorted her to their private booth, closing the door behind them, and allowing her to sit first, before taking the seat next to her. "We will be watching the presentation from the 1984 season."

"Perfect." she smiled and shifted so their knees were close while still be able to watch the performance.

As soon as they were settled in their seats, the lights dimmed and the performance began. As it did so, Kyle reached out and took Harper's left hand in his right. He leaned in and said, "If I haven't mentioned it yet, I think you look absolutely stunning tonight!"

"You mentioned it," she smiled. "And you are extremely handsome, its hard to believe you do not have women lining up for you."

"Thank you," he blushed slightly, though his beard hid it. "As for them lining up, I wouldn't know about that. I've only been intimate with three women so far in my life.

Harper tilted her head. "There was a rumour about you and your sister in law?" she asked curiously.

This made him chuckle softly as he nodded and replied. "It was before she met Liam. We met each other when we collided in the corridor of deck eleven one night. I thought she was attractive, and asked her to dinner. It was a nice night, ended by a kiss. It was at that moment, we both realized that we would be better friends than lovers." He shrugged and grinned. "A few weeks later, she met my baby brother and they are living happily in love."

"Ah that makes sense. Every time I see them, they look like you would need explosives to get them apart."

Kyle grinned and chuckled softly. As the performance had begun, he leaned closer to Harper, his lips a bare few inches from her left ear, as he replied, "And given he is a sapper, that might be difficult to do."

Shivers ran down her spine at his breath on her ear. She turned her head so they were almost nose to nose. "What's a sapper?" She asked softly.

When she turned her face towards his, Kyle was momentarily lost in her hypnotic eyes. It took him a couple beats to find his voice again. "Um..he's a...a demolitions expert." In that moment, most of his brain was screaming to kiss her. However, the part that was his honor told him to wait, do the right thing, don't rush it. Though, he did steal a glance at her full lips, currently covered in strawberry red lipstick. He licked his own lips as the thoughts rushed through his brain, all in the fraction of a second.

Harper nodded as he spoke, but she did notice the affect their closeness was having on him and, as she was very honest about herself, on her as well. She slowly drew back a little and placed her hand on his knee.

Kyle swallowed the knot that had formed in his throat. When he felt Harper's hand on his knee, he felt a slight zing run through him. He placed his hand over hers and gently squeezed it. "Harper..." he whispered, though there was no need, as they were the only two real people there. "These past few weeks together have been wonderful. I know, when we started, we just wanted to be friends, but..." he took a quick breath, then continued. "I'm finding it more and more difficult to keep to our original bargain. I...I am growing to love you, quite deeply."

She stared at him in silence for a moment. "Well we have known each other for what? 4 months?" She asked "It could be said we have already gone slowly... and my feelings are also growing."

"Perhaps..." he whispered, as he started to lean closer to her. "It's time to stop going slow.." As soon as he finished speaking, his lips met hers and they kissed, softly at first, then the passion between began to grow like a brewing storm.

If they were telepathic he would have heard her ~thank god~ thought as she slid from her seat into his lap as they kissed. She wrapped her arms around his neck in the darkness of their balcony booth and ignored the show on stage.

Kyle inhaled deeply through his nose as Harper moved to sit in his lap. His arms slid around her body and his hands moved up and down her back. When his left hand reached her hair, he felt a single hair clip. Pulling back from their kiss, he bit his bottom lip a little, as he opened the clip. He then watched as her red locks started to unwind and fall about her shoulders.

Harper watched his face. She was watching for signs of disapproval or disappointment. She was cautious but also had a strange sense that she was safe with him. Gently she cupped his cheek as her hair fell.

If she could read his mind, Harper would not see any signs of disappointment or disapproval. Instead, she would see ablossoming flower of love and devotion, a dam of feelings buseting at her gentle touch. She would see that he saw only her in the world. But he was also still a bit cautious, not wanting to get hurt, yet again.

"By god, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," he managed to whisper. He then pulled her back to him and kissed her deeply.

She kissed him back and shifted closer to him, pressing against him in the dim light.

It was a good thing that they were alone, for in that moment, all Kyle wanted to do was devour the woman in his arms. After kissing her passionately for what seemed like hours, he broke the connection and pressed his forehead against hers, his breathing ragged and heavy. "I want you so badly!"

Harper nodded. "Same... I want you Kyle." She slid from his lap. "Here? Now?"

"Computer!" He called out. "Freeze program! Change the scene to a bedroom in a paradise local. Large, four post, king-sized bed, covered in luxurious linens."

As he spoke, the holograms around them shifted and changed yo what he had requested. Once it was completed, he stood up and, while keeping his eyes locked on Harper's, started to undress. When he got down to his undershirt, she finally saw the scars that he still carried on his body from his years of service in Starfleet. The nastiest being the disruptor burn that he received from the Borg attack he survived when he was a young lieutenant. There was also the several knife scars from when he fought Tal'Shiar agents. She hadn't seen the scars on the beach, as he had been wearing a sleeveless t-shirt at the time.

She stepped up to him and stilled his hands. Raising her eyes to his she pressed her lips to his chest. Harper let her fingers trace his scars gently.

Kyle sighed softly, as he felt Harper's warm, soft lips gently caressing his skin. If he wasn't fully aroused before, this simple act of tenderness definitely did the trick.

Harper felt his arousal and smiled the stepped back and shrugged her shawl off then unzipped her dress from behind, letting it drop, revealing her matching dark green lacy underwear.

Kyle's eyes grew as he took in every square centimeter of her form. "Wow!" He saidly breathlessly, as he absentmindedly ruppled the muscles of his powerfully-built frame. He slowly finished removing his clothes, until he was wearing nothing but his burgundy-colored boxer-briefs.

Harper let her lips curved and stepped back up to him. She ran her hand down his chest and stomach. "Are you sure?" She asked softly. "I know I am not her, but I will do my best to make you happy Kyle."

A look of confusion crossed his face momentarily, then awareness struck. He features melted into compassionate softness, he raised his arms and gently scooped Harper up off her feet. As he carried her to the bed, he leaned in a whispered, "I don't want anyone but you, Harper. And neither one of us could ever made the other happy. What we can do, is be happy together. And being with you, makes me feel very happy!" He then kissed her deeply, before lowing her to the mattress.

Harper found the sensation of him against her, his form firm while the mattress below her was soft, it made her moan and press up against him. Her hands running down his back as they kissed. He was right, this was making them very happy and Harper felt sure that this was the right path.

Once Harper was down, Kyle laid down with her, first atop of her, his knees between her spread legs. As he braced himself on his hands, by her head, he started to move his kisses, first to her neck, then her full breasts.

Harper's hands gripped at his shoulders and she moaned his name softly. Internally she told herself to stop acting like someone who had never had sex before, but their kisses and touches were enflaming her and she could not help it. She hooked her ankle over the back of his leg and ran her foot up and down it.

===a while later===

Kyle and Harper were laying together, still in the holographic bed. He was on his back, and she was curled up against him. As he gently ran his fingertips up and down her spine, he had a soft grin on his face. "That was amazing," he whispered happily.

She nodded in agreement. "Hmm indeed." she murmured. She nuzzled his shoulder as she lay there, her hair was slightly tangled. "So much for the show" she added with a grin.

Glancing down at her, he grinned suggestively. "Oh, I don't know. I certainly enjoyed watching you enjoy the evening."

She raised an eyebrow and slowly sat up. "Really?" she asked impishly.

He grin grew broader, as she sat up. His eyes moved to feast on her perfect curves. "Definitely," he replied, desire clear in his eyes and features.

Harper's lips curved and she shifted so she could straddle him, bracing her hands on either side of his head. "Like this?" she asked innocently.

His eyes moved over her bare skin again as he replied. "One of my favourite views, actually. " Hunger started to fill his features again, as he felt a renewed stirring below.

She smiled a bit more. "Oh.. well I guess I can stay here like this to make you happy..." she straightened up and raised her arms above her head in a stretch that made her hips move slowly.

A hungry growl vibrated deep in Kyle's dark-haired chest. He slowly slid his strong hands up her thighs, to her smooth, toned belly, and up to her full breasts.

A breathy moan escaped Harper's lips. "Do.. do you want me to continue?" She asked almost innocently.

Kyle answered her moan with one of his own. "I...I do.." he gasped as she continued to move against him. He gently squeezed her breasts in his hands as she did so. He was really enjoying the reaction he was getting from her when he touched her.

"A-are you sure... we were... going to have dinner... right?" she shifted her hips a bit more and rocked slightly, feeling him enjoying it.

He gasped again, his manhood fully reawakened. "I'm only hungry for you!" He released her breasts long enough to position himself to reenter her center, moaning softly as he felt her again.

Harper smiled and as he entered her, she groaned his name. She then began to move, slowly at first, letting his hands guide her in the pace.

At first, Kyle held onto Harper's breasts as she started to move. Then, he moved his hands down to her hips, to brace her as she kept moving. He grunted and inhaled sharply as the pleasure started to wash over him.

Harper let her eyes close as she let the emotions swirl and build. She kept her pace steady, drawing it out almost teasingly, wanting to prolong their actions.

Kyle enjoyed watching her immensely. Even as she teased him, it all made the experience very enjoyable. He moaned softly as she moved against him. "Fuck...!" He growled slightly at her teasing.

A soft laugh escaped her as she continued to move, rocking slightly as she did so. "Do you want me to stop, Kyle?"

"Don't...mmmmm...don't you dare!" He exclaimed between moans of pleasure.

She did as he wanted and continued before slowly but surely upping the pace to see how long he could last.

The increase in speed illicited a deep rumbling growl. Then, in a few quick movements, Kyle had rolled them over, putting Harper on her back. He grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head. "My turn to drive you wild! He then began thrusting deep into her, slow at first, then he started to pick up speed.

Harper's back arched and she wrapped her legs around his hips as she moved with him eagerly. She was feeling so many sensations and she was moaning his name softly.

As he continued to drive into Harper, Kyle released her hands and braced himself by planting his hands on either side of her shoulders. He leaned down and kissed her deeply as they moved together.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, enjoying the feel of his skin rubbing against hers.

For the next hour, the pair continued devouring one another, readjusting to several different positions.

As Kyle slammed into Harper from behind, he suddenly felt his end rapidly approaching. "I'm...I'm..." before he could finish speaking, he finally explodes inside of her.

She cried out into the pillow as this set her off straight after him before she sagged into the bed.

Kyle carefully pulled clear from Harper and collapsed onto the bed next to her. "Holy shit!" He gasped as he fought to catch his breath.

Harper, face down on the bed, slowly lifted her head and looked at him. "Agreed" she slowly pushed her red hair from her face.

Turning his head to her, he smiled and said, "I love you, Harper o'Leary!"

She raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?" She asked "Because if so, then I love you too, Kyle Reece."

Kyle turned onto his side, facing Harper, as he reachedout and tenderly moved some of the hair that had fallen across her face. He looked deep into her eyes, then nodded slowly, as he replied, his voice full of conviction, "I do. This is not lust or rebound...I genuinely and completely love you. I am yours and no others."

Harper gave a soft smile. "You are no rebound for me either Kyle. " She shifted slowly as she was still coming out of the haze they had enduced with their actions, she rolled so they were face to face. She placed her hand on his heart. "I love you, I didn't expect it, but I am happy it happened."

Hearing her return his feelings made Kyle's heart soar. He was about to say something, when the computer signalled that their alloted time in the holodeck was coming to an end.

"Shit!" He exclaimed with a happy grin on his face. Guess we enjoyed ourselves all the way through dinner." He gently careessed her face. "After we get dressed, and since the kids are still being watched, shall we go get a snack?"

"Hmm sounds like an idea, you did say dinner" Harper shifted and slid from the bed. "My hair is now a total mess" she added with a smirk at him.

Kyle grinned and asked, "Will you accept a sorry/not sorry apology?" He gave her a cheeky grin as he started to get up as well. He found her undergarments on his side of the bed and handed them over to her. He then started to get dressed. "Is it worth trying to figure out how to fix it, or just do something else with it?" As he spoke, he uses his fingers to fix his own hair, then tried to brush his beard down.

She dressed easily and then finger combed her hair and shook it out. "It should be fine" She said as she finished dressing in her dress.

Once they were both as presentable as they could make themselves, Kyle deactivated the program, leaving them in the empty holodeck chamber. He offered his left elbow to Harper. "My lady?" He said with a grin.

She laughed and lopped her arm through his. "My Lord," she replied. "Lead on."

As they left the holodeck, he asked her, "So, as we missed our dinner reservations while we were consuming each other, what do you have a taste for now?"

"Greek?" she suggested.

Kyle thought about it, then nodded. "I could go for some pork suvlaki." They then made their way up to the promenade deck, to see if the Greek restaurant was still open.

Harper was feeling very comfortable with him as they walked. She would need to tell him more about her past when they got time. She didn't want to hide things.

As they rode the turbolift up to deck 10, he started to speak. "While you know about Vanessa, did I ever tell you about Elizabeth?"

Harper shook her head. "No."

He nodded sadly as they walked. "Liz was my first true love, as an adult." He chuckled softly as he continued. "Actually, we met on this ship, back during her maiden voyage. We might not ever have met, had the Q not been interfering with us at the time."

"What happened?" she asked softly.

Kyle sighed softly, his eyes taking on a look of sadness. "We were great together, enjoying life and every free moment we could. When I was court-martialed for saving her, and a handful of marines, she stayed right by my side. Afterwards, I proposed, and she accepted." He swallowed the emotions that the next memories were bringing up.

"During the Nimitz' next mission, we had responded to a planet on the far side of Cardassian space, that had sent out a distress signal. There was this insane scientist, who had gone there to work on devastating tech. He had even hijacked and overwrote the programming for the cyborg protectors of the native species. During the battle, Liz..." he choked up a little. "I watched as Liz, put her life in danger to safe a group of kids that one of the Guardians was targeting. While they got to safety, she was caught and was killed, horribly." He paused to stop walking and collect his thoughts.

"We all thought she was gone. But then, somehow, her body became host to four separate...souls, of the locals elders, that the scientist had be harvesting. With the help of those consciousnesses, we were able to revive her, but at a cost. They demanded to stay with her, in her mind, sharing it with her own consciousness. It took a lot of adjustment, but, I had her back. We even resumed planning for the wedding. Until one day, I woke up, and she was just gone. She left a note, stating that it wouldn't work and that she never wanted to see or hear from me again. That was about a year before I came back to the Elysium."

Harper squeezed his arm in comfort as they walked to the restaurant. "That's horrible."

He nodded in agreement as he reached over and gently squeezed her hand. "Then there was Vanessa...and you know how that ended." Again he got quiet, the pain of his recent loss still hurt when he thought about it.

"She was an innocent victim of that mess," Harper said softly. "Everyone knows that."

He nodded slowly. "After that, I wasn't sure I'd ever be with anyone again." He looked over at her and smiled warmly. "Then you came into my life. These past few months have been both cathartic, and extremely happy. I'm glad we found each other, Harper. I hope we are able to keep bringing joy to each other for a very long time to come."

Harper smiled at that but before she could answer they arrived at the restaurant and after they were seated and had ordered, she said "You need to know about my past too."

He gave her his undivided attention. "I'm all ears, love."

"I was basically abandoned at 16 by my mother." She waved it off. "I grew up in a traveling circus. I grew up then and had to make my way. So by the time I was twenty-two, I had developed my range of soaps and lotions. And when I was 23, I met Matthew Harringan. I married him and was divorced by 24. Catching him in bed with his business partner kinda made it a moot point of staying with him. I cleaned him out let me tell you. I think that's why the thing with Emily hit so hard. I thought what we had was going well. But it was like the accident that got us here was tailor made for her to go with others. I don't like cheaters."

Kyle nodded as he listened. "I'm sorry that you had to experience the pain of those situations. And I agree with you. I detest cheaters. Speaking for myself, I am a one-woman man." He paused briefly, before a dark chuckle rumbled in his throat. "Probably why I've only been with three women up to now."

Harper smiled at that. "I just wanted you to know my past."

"I'm greatful and honored that you shared it with me. Thank you, Harper." He reached across the table and gently squeezed her hand.

She was about to speak when their food arrived. Once the server had left she continued. "It needed to be said. Oh and do not worry my mother is not going to come out of the woodwork or anything. If she didn't when I was married then I do not expect to see her anytime soon."

Kyle nodded again, then replied dryly, "If she managed to just show up, out here, I think I would have reason to worry." He then gave her a wink, to let her know he was just teasing her.

"Yeah, you and me both" Harper smiled.

Grinning, the pair enjoyed their meal, and each other's company. Finally, at a little past 0100 hours, they returned to her cabin.

"Not to sound obvious, but I did have a great night with you,' he stated with a loving grin. "I hope to spend more time with you soon."

"I think that can be arranged Kyle." She said with a warm smile. "I look forward to it."

Before she opened the door, though, he pulled his into his arms and kissed her again, deeply and with great passion.

Harper pressed against him, returning the kiss, only the thought of the fact that there was a teenager inside waiting made her break the kiss. "Good Night Kyle."

A bit breathless, he reluctantly released his hold on her. "Good night, Harper. Sleep well."

"Hmm I will" She promised with a sly smile. "Sweet dreams"

Kyle smiled as he replied. "Oh, I will." He then stood there and watched her as she moved into her cabin, his eyes moving over her delicious curves.

She blew him a kiss as the doors closed. She found Tristi asleep on the couch, and tucked a blanket around the teen before heading to her own bed.

Once her door slid shut, Kyle turned and made his way home, smiling brightly as he did do.



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