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The return

Posted on Fri Feb 26th, 2021 @ 3:35pm by Lieutenant Gallia Norris & Lieutenant JG Kara Hoffman

Mission: Season 5: Episode 1: No Exit
Location: To be determined
Timeline: Present
690 words - 1.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Gallia was coming back from Tay's doctor's appointment, Tay going to town on a sucker given to her by the Gorn cmo, when she swore she saw someone there was no way she could have. She muttered, "Hold onte yer lolly, Tay." And ran to catch up to the woman with the long black hair wearing the white uniform, "Excuse me, are ye who I think ya are?"

Tay looked and didn't need to ask, she knew it was her, and announced, "Mommy Kawa!"

Kara knew who was behind her. She turned on a dime and picked Tayalas up into her arms into a great big hug. "Tay! am so glad tae see ye sweetie!" She emphatically yelled. Grabbing onto Gallia and pulling her into the hug aswell. "A've be'n lookin' everywhere for ya's! I'm back!" She yelled, kissing Tayalas on her cheek, as she held the cutest girl in the world in her arms. "I'll have tae fill yous' in on my training. That can wait though, let's get some lunch maybe?" She enquired, as her stomach was growling.

"Yay! Mommy Kawa's back!" Tayalas said again, everything she said taking on the tone of an announcement, "She neber weave us again!" Tayalas stopped for a moment, considering lunch, then said without further ado, "Nuggies?"

Gallia, still in shock, had yet to come out of it enough to take it all in, said, "Hold on a minute, Tay, an' we'll go for nuggies. So what's the meanin' of this, Hoffman? Ye just leave on us and then come back and expect to just be in our lives? Tha's not how it works."

"Mommy, be nice." Tayalas said, she didn't want mommy saying anything that might cause Mommy Kawa to leave again.

Kara stared into Gallia's eyes. She dropped to the floor maintaining eye contact and she began to cry. Kara couldn't contain herself, she erupted into a howling serenade. "I'm... So sorry!" She said in-between breaths. "I... I... I..." She couldn't explain, she was so overwhelmed by the emotion, there were no words at that time, that would make any sort of sense. "She held tight to Tayalas. "I just... I just... it's... all my fault!" She eventually proceeded, after clearing her sinuses loudly, snorting.

"It's... all my fault. The training..." She panted. "It was a test. I had... no idea..." She continued panting heavily. "He...he tricked me, I... lost my temper, I got mad. I hit him. The admiral... I... without... the... captain and commander..." She continued, panting heavily.

"Oh my god, I don't care, thank the gods and goddesses I can see you once more, i... please... it's..."

She strained, she didn't know what to do, or how to express her sorrow for the pain she caused Gallia and Tay.

"I... I... I...... I just...." She couldn't say anymore. She was spent, her emotions just couldn't handle any more, Kara broke down in tears, and she slumped to the floor in front of Gallia, letting Tayalas off her shoulder safely.

"Mommy, pwease." Tayalas said, hurt by, by Kara's tears.

"A'right, love." Gallia said, taking Kara into her arms, "Come on, Kara me love, don't cry, we're together now. Look, " She said, slipping her ring from her necklace to Kara's hand, "I still got this, just need it put on is all."

Kara sighed, regaining her composure. "I won't be going anywhere again. One good thing came from my time away, I was put through an intense Engineering course. Rack up even more experience and qualifications." She smiled. "School and learning, is very important Tay, never stop learning."

"Awight, mommy." Tayalas smiled, happy that her mommy was back, "We get nuggies now?"

Kara nodded, "Of course we can sweetie." Taking Tayalas's hand. She felt so happy to have been reunited with her family.

"A'right, love, dinnae fash yeself." Gallia laughed as she quoted Kara's favorite thing to tell her, "Le's go eat."

Kara laughed heartily. "Aye, let's go eat."

"Yay, I get to hab nuggies wif my mommies." Tayalas said happily, her family was together again, what more could she ask for? Besides she already had it all.


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