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Remember Me [Hold]

Posted on Thu Jun 9th, 2022 @ 5:43pm by Captain Kyle Reece [Tonelly] & Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar

Mission: Kintsugi - An Arrianna and Josephine Subplot
Location: Secured Medical Room
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Arrianna had finished her repairs to Jospehine's painting when she recieved another visitor. She looked at the doors. Kyle Recee knew instantly something was not right with Arri. In fact, that was an understatment.

Kyle had heard that his friend and former lover had been rescued and returned to the Elysium, but was being held in a secured medical room for observation. Stepping up to the observation window, he pressed the call button to speak to her.

"Who is it?" Arrianna asked as she was repairing Josie's painting.

"Arri, it's Kyle," his voice was full of concern for his friend and former lover. "I came down here as soon as I heard you were back. I am so sorry that you had to go through that hell!"

"Come in." Arri said. Curled on the bed. Clutching a pillow.

Kyle entered his clearance code and opened the door. As soon as he stepped inside, the door slid shut and locked again. As soon as he saw Arri, his heart sank. He moved over and knelt in front of her. He reached out and gently caressed her face, love and concern in his eyes. "Oh, Arri.."

"Doryan would hate me if he saw me... Give in..." Arri stated. "I couldn't take the torture, Kyle."

Kyle shook his head slowly. "No he wouldn't, sweetheart. He would be proud that, not only did you hold on as long as you did, you came back to heal and kick ass another day." He then turn more serious. "I told you, the day we graduated and were shipping out to our new assignments, no matter where life takes us, I will always be there for you, Arri. I promise you, if it takes the rest of my life, I will find those responsible for what happened to you."

Arrianna spoke. "They tortured me for days, until a new persona took over my mind. They gave her a... disgusting name for an Alindari.. She enjoyed every moment of whoring herself. Then they made her... made me... assist them in breaking Josie.. She broke too... I saw her when they were selling me."

"Come here," he said soothingly as he stood and sat on the edge of her bed, with his arms spread open for her to move into, if she choose to.

She embraced him. "Thank you Kyle.. We've been together since the Academy. I think even when we applied." Arrianna noted.

He chuckled softly. "Yeah, how can I forget? You came barreling around that corner so fast, it was all I could do to catch you from hitting your head on the deck, when you bounced off of me." He smiled, recalling the fond memory. "That was certainly an exciting time for us."

"I excelled so much in my studies. Whenever people would ask me out, it was also for help with their homework. It annoyed me. So I avoided men and women until I meet you... Then I met Josephine.." Arrianna noted. "Now that was a story."

Kyle smiled softly. "Oh? Do tell? I'd like to know more about the woman who won your heart so completely."

"We were exploring a strange area of space known as... The VOID." Arrianna noted. "Apparently it's out on the far side of Cardassian Space. Both the Federation and the Cardassians sent ships in, never to return. I assumed it was some kind of cloud of inert dark matter. But I was incorrect. It was not just Dark Matter, but around a temporal anomaly. We ended up back in 1664 orbiting Earth."

Kyle nodded slowly. He had heard of the Void, had even sat in on a few meetings to discuss it while stationed at Starfleet Command.

"So while trying to repair our ship... I picked up something interesting.. A standard starfleet emergency beacon. Captain Lalor beams me down with a team to investigate... in the middle of a courtyard of a castle. And there I saw her." Arrianna noted. "Elegance, Poise, Intelligence.. A castle filled with books and a telescope. Truly a woman beyond her time.. Unlike most of the women one would find in that period.. She commanded respect and dignity. I fell in love with her like I had found a princess in a fairy tale romance." Arri noted. "She had lived alone, for two years, in an abandoned castle. Staying out of the way of history while her Commanding Officer gorged himself with power and authority." Arri noted. "When we got back, they wanted to try both for violating the temporal prime directive. But I knew Josie wasn't involved in such things, so I represented her at the tribunal. I managed to convince the Judge Advocate General for a lighter sentence." Arri noted.

"That was very honorable of you. Not that I'm surprised. You're one of the most honorable people I know." He paused and then asked, "So, I take it, after the tribunal, the two of you started to see each other?"

"Not immediately." Arrianna noted. "The Mirror Universe incident." She swallowed. "Commander Taylor's alternate managed to kidnap Phoenix, including her two unborn twins.. She was tortured for days... Kyle... Only they used some sort of medical technology to keep the twins alive, and Phoenix in pain. I had to help Phoenix.. The impostor they sent to masquerade as Phoenix was lined with explosives. So I had to make a decision.. Surrender." Arri noted.

"i couldn't risk Captain Taylor destroying the bridge and taking the ship anyway, Enslaving the Crew, and I had to save Phoenix and her children. It was the decision I had to make. I was taken by my mirror alternate so I could become an... extension of her mind. That was when Josie saved me.. I was convinced only my alternate could love me through mental manipulation. I broke myself out of it when she told me her feelings."

Kyle listened quietly, remembering his own experience in the Mirror Universe. "I'm glad that she saved you, Arri. And I'm very happy that you found that perfect someone." He held her a little tighter, as he repeated his earlier oath. "We will find your Josie, bring her home to you, and punish those responsible for all the pain that you've had to endure."

"Know this well, Kyle Reece.." Arrianna noted. "Kyle Cragen is a match for even my profound intelect. And I say this without ego. If he went to Starfleet Academy, He could match me in every way." Arri noted. "Never underestimate him, and if you must kill him... kill him."

Kyle turned serious at Arrianna's comment and warning. "I've survived against the Borg and Q. Believe me when I say, I never underestimate my enemies." He gave her another hug. "Rest assured, the time comes, I will kill him."

"He had me as a willing slave, Kyle. I'm just glad you didn't have to endure seeing what he turned me into." She hugged him. "Now would you ever see me being sold."

Kyle held his close friend and former lover tight to him, if only to give her strength and comfort. He would give anything for her to feel safe again.



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By Captain Samuel Woolheater on Fri Jun 10th, 2022 @ 3:16pm

The mirror universe is a terrible place. Not anything like in the brochure. Yuck. I'd rather be in line at the DMV than visit the mirror universe. I'd rather be standing in line at the groshittery, waiting behind someone paying for their stuff with a check than go to the mirror universe. I think a timeshare presentation would be better. I feel bad for poor Arri and glad she has a friend like Kyle.