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Meeting Arri

Posted on Thu Jun 9th, 2022 @ 5:42pm by Captain Mattias Richardson [Tonelly] & Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar

Mission: Kintsugi - An Arrianna and Josephine Subplot
Location: Secured Medical Suite
1020 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Arrianna waited at the medical suite. She has to heal the wounds one of her alternate personalities caused with Mattias. She also had a peace offering; a white rose.

Unsure as to why he had been summoned, Mattias entered the medical suite. After looking around, trying to figure out what was going on, he turned and saw Arrianna staring at him, her pale eyes seeming to see into his core.

"Mattias Richardson." Arrianna spoke in a tone Mattias barely recognized. It wasn't the sweet submissive tone of Flossie nor the hatefull raging tone of Kate Daniels. This was calmness, intelligence, serenity. "I have wronged you." She said. "And the black watch. My mind was not well, it still isn't. I needed help. Rest assured it was not entirely my action. My mind was at war between three personalities. Both sought to dominate me. My mind is still unwell." She held the white rose to Mattias and bowed her head. "I was wrong, If you can forgive me, I will be grateful. If not, I will understand."

For a few beats, the former gunslinger of the Black Watch said nothing. Then, slowly, he reached out and took the rose. "I...I forgive you, Arri." He let out a softly ragged breath. "I know now that you weren't yourself when you said those things." He reached out and gently lifted her eyes back up to his. "I am sorry that I didn't realize it at the time."

Arri's eyes started streaming tears. "I'm not a violent woman Mattias. I was forced into hatred and rage these last two years when the Elysium was captured by the mirror universe." Arri mentioned. "What you see is the true me, and Phoenix was right. I am not a killer." Tears streamed from her.

Mattias moved forward and embraced Arri, holding her in a friendly, loving embrace, like how one would hug a good friend.

"I want so much to find her.. to help her... But I fear deep down I've already lost her." Arrianna noted. "I've paid so much Mattias.." She noted. "I need to tell you what I had to do to save Phoenix.."

Releasing his hold, Mattias moved to sit in one of the chairs that were in the small room. "I'm listening," he said patiently.

"The Terrans had kidnapped her, and were torturing her. The Mirror Alternate of Captain Gary Taylor tortured her for fourteen days. I barely lasted a day before breaking... I had to surrender the Elysium." She told Mattias everything. "Later on, I realized that maybe it might have been better to fight until the death. My weakness spared Phoenix... and her unborn children... at the cost of my soul."

Mattias was breathing heavy with emotion. Hearing the pain that the woman he loves more than his own life had to endure, his rage was building. He wanted to kill every one of those mirror versons of the people be knew. "Those bastards!" He whispered. "They better stay on their fucking side of the dimension. If I see any of them, I'll kill them first, ask questions never."

"I didn't know what to do, Mattias. I wanted to save Phoenix.. And her unborn children. It came down to my decision." Arrianna noted. "I should have fought, but I wasn't going to waste lives on an ill-conceived rescue that would have ended with all of our deaths. I had to surrender... so the crew could fight back. Any other choice would have meant Captain Taylor detonating the bomb inside Phoenix's alternate, or Phoenix's death. That is the day that cost me my soul, Mattias." Arri noted. "And since then I have been raging inside, ashamed of being weak. I broke, because I was weakened."

Mattias understood rage and weakness. They were old bedfellows of his. It was only through Phoenix's love and devotion that he was able to remain sane. "You did what you had to do to survive, Arri," he replied quietly. "No one can ever think less of you because of it. And if they do, then they are fortunate. Fortunate to not ever have had to experience what you survived through. Take solace in the fact that your sacrifice, as painful as it was, was something that helped save the crew. Helped Phoenix have her twins. Help her live long enough for us to reconnect and finally hold tight onto each other. For your sacrifice, I am forever in your debt."

"I am a woman with a lot of unfinished business Mattias... I have to save Josephine. I have to... But... I have a list of people in that alternate realm that will need to be given the appropriate sanctions." Arrianna noted.

"Well, hopefully, we won't be experiencing any incursuons from the MU," Mattias offered. "As for Josaphine, I'm sure Phoenix is going to do everything she can to find her and bring her home."

"Give the rose to Phoenix and the Black Guard Crew... Tell them I'm sorry... And I would very much like to meet them... But my mind is not safe, Mattias.. It will take some time for me to re-establish my mental integrity.. Months even."

Nodding slowly, Mattias replied. I will, Arri. You have my word." He paused briefly, then asked, "Arri, I'm still confused about something. Why ask for me to see you? Why not Phoenix? You have known her longer, afterall."

"Because I wounded you first.." Arri stated. "I betrayed you first. I could not control my own mind... It is shameful for any of my people to loose control." She noted. "We pride ourselves on the greatness of our being.. our mental and physical development. Even the care we put in our physical form is prized.. To let you see me at my worst.... It's tearing me up."

Mattias was quiet for a few moments. Then, he nodded slowly, finally understanding. "Thank you. As I said, I forgive you. Please take that to heart. There is no more animosity between us, Arri." He embraced her warmly again. "I hope you find the peace that you're searching for, my friend."



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By 1st Lieutenant Samuel Woolheater on Fri Jun 10th, 2022 @ 3:04pm

What great character building you two! IDK what happened but reading this feels really poignant and terribly hurtful too. I mean, the poor dears. Thoughtfully written and genuinely felt. Thanks for an excellent post.