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Posted on Mon Oct 16th, 2023 @ 7:24pm by Captain George Charles [Reece] & Hendor Charles [Reece] & Staff Sergeant Leilani Charles {Kelea-Salik}

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: USS Elysium, Charles Family Quarters
Timeline: MD 01 / 0235 hours
1102 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Moving through the dark caves quickly, Hendor was trying to get away from his pursuer. He didn't know exactly what it was, only that it was trying to kill him.

As he continued his attempt at escape, the tunnel started to shrink, growing more and more confining, until there was just enough room for him to keep moving forward without turning.

Suddenly, he came upon an old wooden door. At first, he was confused, as he couldn't remember a door ever being in the caves. His moment of hesitation quickly evaporated, as he heard the creature approaching quickly behind him. He attempted to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. As the creature got even closer, he started to pound on the door and called out for help.


Unfortunately, his pleas went unanswered as he continued to call out, his fear growing as he heard the creature get closer and closer.

Finally, the beast was close enough to him and it leapt to make the kill. As its fangs and claws started to gain purchase in his flesh.....

......he was suddenly in a large ballroom, complete with a marble floor, appropriate furnishings and a large chandelier, which hung unlit, over the center f the dark room. Suddenly, a light appeared at the far end of the massive room.

At first, the light was an amorphous blob. Then, it started to coalesce into the shape of a woman dressed in a sparking light blue ballgown. Though Hendor could not make out her face, something deep in Hendor's young mind, old him that she was very beautiful. From what h could see, his thoughts came up with one possibility.

"MAMA!!" He cried out as he started running towards the woman bathed in light.

Unfortunately, he quickly found that, as he ran faster to reach her, the room seemed to stretch, putting her further and further away.

"NO! MAMA!! HELP ME PLEASE!!" Tears started to flow from his eyes as he ran even faster, stretching his arms out. He could almost...reach....

.....he was back in the tunnel again. It took his confused brain what seemed like seconds to register the hange of scenery.

That was when he heard it again.

The creature was closing on him again!

Out of instinct alone, he fled in the opposite direction, down the ever-constricting tunnel the gnarled wood and steel-banded door again.

He started pounding on the door again, but with the same results. No one answered his pleas for help.

The creature got closer....and leapt, reaching out for him with claws and fangs exposed. Just as it was about to make the kill....

Hendor woke up screaming.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!! MAMA!!!!" He was instantly raked with uncontrolled sobs as he started balling his eyes out.

Leilani heard Hendor’s cries, and felt his anguish as well. Racing out of bed, she quickly checked her sleeping daughter, then raced out to Hendor.

“Hendor? Sweetheart!” She moved quickly to his side wrapping him in her arms, cradling him. “It’s okay, I’m here now!” She picked up a tissue from a box on his bedside, handing it to him to dry his eyes. “It’s okay, you’re safe.”

Hendor buried himself into the protective embrace of his mother, clinging tightly to her. He continued to cry for several more minutes, before slowly starting to calm down, though he still continued to breath in deep, ragged breaths.

George moved to the doorway, then came closer, wrapping his arms around Leilani and Hendor. "We have you, bubba," he said soothingly. "You are safe."

Leilani looked worriedly at George, she’d never seen Hendor like this before. She hugged Hendor, gently swaying back and forth. “What happened sweetheart? Can you tell us?”

As he fought to calm his ragged breathing, Hendor clung tightly to his mother. He shook his head, apparently afraid to speak.

George moved to sit on Hendor's bed, his son between himself and Leilani. Wrapping both in a loving and protective embrace, George gently spoke directly to Hendor's mind, asking him to show his parents what happened.

“It’s okay sweetheart, if you can’t tell us, show us,” Leilani looked down at Hendor. “We’re not going to let anything happen to you I promise!”

For a few beats, Hendor didn't reply. Then, his young mind started to open to his parents, showing them what he had just experienced.

Leilani closed her eyes, wrapping her son lovingly in her embrace as she witnessed his horrors for herself, now she understood his distress but didn’t understand what might have set off his worries. “Ohh Hendor! I’m never going to leave you, and nothing will keep me from you that’s a promise!”

Fresh tears started to flow from Hendor's eyes as he heard his mother consol him. Looking up into her loving face, he asked, his voice small and fearful. "C-can I sleep with you and Papa tonight?"

Leilani looked at George then at Hendor. “Of course you can Sweetheart, Nothing will ever harm you. Those bad dreams can just go away right now!” She offered a warm smile.

George nodded as well, agreeing with Leilani. "Of course you can, bubba! You will always be safe with us!" He then guided his wife and son back to their feet, and sheparded them back to the master bedroom. Once inside, he pulled the sheet and covers back on the bed, allowing Leilani and Hendor to climb in first.

Once they were in and cuddled up Leilani motioned for George to join them, she was obviously worried about their son. “Close your eyes little man, you’re safe now, no one can harm you.”

Hendor, now more calm, nodded to his mother. He then snuggled against her, his head on her left breastplate. Hearing her strong heartbeat started to calm him even more.

Once his wife and son were comfortable, George covered them with the sheets and blankets. He then moved around to his side of the bed and climbed into it. Snuggling up behind Hendor and next to Leilani, he closed his eyes and started to gently probe their son's mind, providing soothing images to calm him further.

Leilani was worried, so much so she didn’t close her eyes for some time. She was wondering if the arrival of his baby sister had unsettled Hendor, she certainly hoped not. Turning her head to visually check on her sleeping daughter she turned back again and gently kissed Hendor’s head as she held reassuringly onto him.



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