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Home once more

Posted on Thu Oct 26th, 2023 @ 1:15am by Lieutenant JG Damien Blackford

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Damien’s person Quarters
Timeline: MD2
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Damien sighed as he walked down the familiar halls of the ship, running a hand along the bulkheads, feeling the smoothness of the ship under his fingertips. It felt strange, being back here. After months being planetside, being stuck in freezing cold temperatures, being back on a ship, where the temperature was whatever he wanted it to be, it was… strange.

Still. Getting back to normality, getting into the swing of things, regular shifts once again, he was slowly starting to feel like things could be normal again. And yet, things weren’t normal. When he had first heard the news about Commanders Taylor and S’hib, and being removed from command, he couldn’t believe it. Granted, he hadn’t known them as long as some of the other crew members, but he still found it hard to believe what they had done.

Running a hand through his hair, he quickly marched the remaining few feet back to his cabin, letting himself in and taking a deep breath. The temperature was set high at the moment. Probably a bit too warm for most people, but after the ice planet, he wanted warmth. Walking over to the small drinks cabinet, he poured himself a small glass of brandy, and leant against the nearby wall.

Ever since getting back to the ship, he thought he’d be happy to be back in his own quarters. Part of him had hated sharing a sleeping space with so many other people, but now that he was back by himself, he strangely found himself missing them all. It had almost been comforting, hearing other people sleeping nearby. He’d felt… safer. Maybe he could put in a request to have a roommate?

Or maybe… he sighed. He’d been thinking about it for months now. Ever since he and Myne and talked about it, what felt like an age ago. There was one person he could ask. When the ship had been in the accident, he hadn’t been able to find Vira for a long time. He had never looked over the list of deceased crew members. Too afraid of seeing her name there. But when they’d found each other again, he’d never wanted to let her go again. And now they were back on the ship, and she was in her own quarters. And every time she left, there was a horrible, whispering voice in the back of his mind:

‘She’s going. She’s leaving you again. You’ll never see her again.’

He shook his head, quickly downing his drink, grimacing at the slight burning feeling it left as he swallowed. Putting the glass down, he let out a shaky sigh, as he glanced down at his now shaking hand. Grabbing it with the other, he closed his eyes, and took a few deep breaths.

“Everything’s fine.” He muttered to himself. “You’re alive. She’s alive. You’ll see her again tomorrow.” Opening his eyes, he took another deep breath. He couldn’t live alone for much longer.


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