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Posted on Sun Feb 11th, 2024 @ 7:02pm by Captain David Tonelly [Reece] & Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Colonel Azhul Naxea & Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: USS Elysium, Main Sickbay
Timeline: MD 5 / 2343
1476 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure


David was laying in bed with Baeryn, who was currently fast asleep, curled up against his chest. Like many of the crew, she had not been sleeping well of late. And what's worse, the nightmares were getting worse, the closer they got to the slaver's systems. As he barely slept, he had been lucky enough to not experience any nightmares of his own.

While Baeryn slept, she started to twitch slightly against his his side. Gently, he squeezed his left arm around her, to try an show her subconscious that she was safe where she was.

Suddenly, she started to shake violently in his embrace. "Baer!" He cried out as she started to shake even more, as if she were having a seizure.

"Baeryn!" He cried out again as he quickly moved to protect her head from banging against anything. He then called out to the computer. "Computer!! Medical emergency! Tonelly to sickbay! Medical emergency in my family quarters! I think my mate is have a seizure!"

" On my way." The gorn replied as he grabbed his medical kit and teleported straight to the quarters. " What happened?" He asked calmly as his artificial arm turned into it's scanner mode which he began running over Baeryn.

While still holding Baeryn's shaking form in his arms, David replied. "I don't know! One moment, she's sleeping peacefully in my arms, the next she starts seizing!" In the other room, the sound of Samanthanna crying could start to be heard. David's eyes shot up to look in the direction of his daughter's room, then back down at Baeryn. He had a look of being torn between the two on his face.

Sthilg eyes widened at the reading. " All motherssss,,," he began before reaching for Baeryn. " Sssthilg to sssickbay i need an immediate transssport to the cryo ssstorage sssection."

Before David could say anything, the CMO and his mate were gone in a swirl of energy. He sat there, lost in the moment, then Samanthanna's cries brought him back. Jumping to his feet, he moved quickly to her room. "Its okay, little one...Papa is here.." he gently scooped her up into his arms and cradled her protectively.

Sthilg was running before he had even finished transporting in. " Clear the way!!!!!" he yelled as he ran to one of the room cryo tubes which he carefully placed Baeryn within before quickly closing the tube. He breathed calmly as he saw her life signs stabilise. He knew he would have some explaining to do to David when he arrived in sickbay.

===A few minutes later===

The doors leading out of Sickbay slid open and David hurried in, his daughter, now calmer and bundled in her favorite blanket in his arms. "Doc?!" He called out as he looked both for the CMO and Baeryn.

" In here." Sthilg called from the cryo lab were he was hard at work at the pod's controls.

A few beats later, David was standing behind Sthilg, his eyes wide, full of fear and locked on the cryotube that was currently containing the brightest star in his sky. "Doc..." he gasped, his question left unasked.

" It'sss okay. Ssshe'sss ssstableisssed. " The gorn ressured him his grandfatherly look on his face. " David I'm ssso sssorry if i hadn't gotten her froze immediately ssshe mossst likely wouldn't have sssurrvivved. "

Stepping closer to the tube that now held his frozen heart, he asked quietly, "What...what's wrong with her, Doc?" As he asked the question, he tried to see Baeryn's energy swirl, but only saw empty space where it had once shone brightly.

" A major intracerebral hemorrhage. How it happened i honessstly can sssay i don't know. " The gorn answered as honestly as he could. He honestly had no idea how it could have happened.

Considering that David was currently cradling his and Baeryn's daughter in his arms, he took the grim news rather well. "What? Can....can you heal her?" His eyes, having moved to Sthilg whe he asked the question, swung back and locked on Baeryn's beautiful face.

" Fedration tech can heal her, but not with what we have here. If i had doctor Oranix with usss I'm assure i could come up with something, but......" the gorn responded weakly as he looked over towards where his brain specialist desk was. Now the Betazoid was a mangled corpse down with the others who had died in the crash. " Bessst thing to do isss keep her in cryo till we reach home."

"How long would she survive if the cryo tube failed?" David started to have a drawn look to his face as he asked the painful question.

" Lesssss than an hour." Sthilg replied honestly with a very sad sigh. "But the cryo not going to fail my friend. Thessse things are built to lassst."

Nodding wordlessly, David looked from Baeryn's sleeping form to the face of their daughter. Samanthanna waa quietly watching her father, a look of concentration on her face, as if she had something very important to say.

"I know, Little One," he spoke softly, lifting her closer and kissing her little cheeks. "Your Mama is going to be sleeping for a while. In the mean time, it's you and me. We have to stay strong for Mama." He then looked over at Sthilg. "Thanks, Doc. I know you'll do everything you can for her."

" And you. My door will always be open if you need help." Sthilg reassured him

David nodded. He now had to make two calls. Moving over to sit next to Baeryn's cryo tube, he reached up and tapped his commbadge. "Commodore Lalor-Richardson, Colonel Azhul, this is Captain Tonelly. Would you both come down to Sickbay at your earliest convince. It is very important."

["On my way"] Came the reply from the Commodore.

["Be there soon"] Naxea stated.

Five minutes later, Phoenix entered the medical bay. She looked around and was directed to where the Doctor and Captain Tonelly was. She entered the room and paused. "Gentlemen."

Hearing her voice, David turned to face her, Samanthanna looking over at the new arrival. "Commodore," he said respectfully. "I have have terrible news." He swallowed, trying to find the words. "Baer...Baeryn is in a medically induced cyro freeze. Sthilg...he said..." a tear broke from his right eye and fell down his face. "He said that she has to stay like this, due to a major intracerebral hemorrhage. There's...There's nothing he can do to treat her. She'd live...maybe," his chin started to quiver as he continued. "Maybe an hour out of the tube."

Naxea entered. "What is it?" she asked tiredly as she came to a stop before Captain Tonelly.

Looking over at his friend and Commanding Officer, David felt a mix of emotions. As he repeated what he had just told the Commodore, Samanthanna smiled and reached out for Naxea, having already met her, when David brought her down to Marine Country a few weeks ago.

Phoenix held back her curses as Naxea was filled in. She looked at the CMO and despite the fact that the Gorn was normally unreadable, she could see it in his eyes. The situation was dire. This galaxy was destroying them in more ways than she could count. She took a breath and took a moment to figure things out while the others spoke.

Naxea was getting a headache. First it was Woolheater stabbing Adele, now this was happening to Tonelly. "I'm sorry," she said sincerely, grabbing Samanthanna's hand and returning her smile. "Take some time off. Warrant Officer Man'darr can fill in until you're ready to return."

David was torn. On one hand, he needed to be here for Baeryn and Samanthanna. However, he also knew that the ship needed as many warriors ready to fight as possible. If they were in a safer region of space, it would be easier. The conflict was clear on his face.

"The Colonel is correct," Phoenix stated. "You need to take time Captain. Take care of your child."

Looking down at Samanthanna, David felt his heart swell with emotion. Nodding slowly. He looked back up at both women. "Thank you, both of you. I'll take some time, make sure Samanthanna is settled, figure out a routine for the two of us, then I'll be back to work, Colonel. You both need every available fighter, in case things go sideways."

Phoenix nodded. "Take as much as you need and check in with counseling as well." She gave a small smile and left the room.

"Anything you need jussst let me know." Sthilg pressured him.

"Same here," Naxea stated. "You know where to find me."

David nodded to all three senior officers, then he moved to sit down in a chair, which was provided by one of the medical staff, and started to pray quietly for his mate's survival.



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Comments (1)

By Captain Samuel Woolheater on Wed Feb 14th, 2024 @ 5:50am

Oh dear. How scary for poor David! How utterly scary for him. The whole not knowing while your significant other lies there flailing about like a backyard water hose on a summer's day.

We are concerned that this is a terrible weight to carry on all by himself. And hopefully a JP might be composed with one of the Counselors to help him deal with this unwelcome loss of his companion. Even if she is just "in storage" it is a terrible blow. Especially for a species like poor David that relies on and thrives on listening and communication. We are concerned for poor Baeryn. I hope that the author can return soon.