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Confrontation and such

Posted on Tue Jun 11th, 2024 @ 1:27pm by Cadet Junior Grade Gérard Dirsye [Reece] & Miran Lalor [Lalor] HRH & Cadet Junior Grade Triston Montgomery [Lalor] & Cadet Junior Grade Clary Henderson

Mission: Season 6 HIATUS
Location: Deck 21
Timeline: MD7
1360 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Tension swirled in the corridor outside the various cadet cabins on deck 19. Several cadets stuck their heads out of doors at the sound of raised voices. Several was smirking with glee at the sight of Clary being in trouble.

Clary stared at Triston who stood there, his face set and eyes almost glacial. “Triston..”

“Do you deny it?” he asked coldly.

She couldn’t really not when he had found her, in the lap of that ensign. She shook her head sadly.

“Then you know that this is the end.” He said his face seeming to get harder.

“I didn’t sleep with him Trist!”

“No but you were sucking face with him. That’s just as bad!” He snapped. “I don’t abide cheaters Clary and you know it.” He had told her early on, that cheating was not something he would tolerate.

“You said it was never going to be long term!” She snapped back at him.

“Long, short, cheaters never get where they want to go.” He turned on his heal and stalked off. Leaving a red faced Clary staring after him. She glared at his back. It had been fun, kissing that ensign from Medical but she had not known she would be caught when Triston had come back from his class earlier than normal.
And now she had lost him. She knew he would never take her back.

Angry she stalked off in the opposite direction. As she walked the halls, she thought about how to get through this. She knew going after Triston directly would end in her tears. He had a number of powerful people on his side.

As she walked she fumed. Then she saw someone. Her lips curved, perfect.

Miran was walking down the halls, heading to visit Gérard. She was not really paying attention but drew up short when Clary stepped into her path. Miran gave Clary a cool look up and down as if she was something under her shoe.
“Yes?” she asked coldly.

“I wouldn’t if I were you.”

“Wouldn’t what?”

“Knock on your boyfriends door. He is… ah… busy.”

Miran rolled her eyes. If Clary was trying to tell her that Gérard was betraying her then she was insane. Miran knew better, their link was proof of that. “Grow Up Clary. Your attempts are pathetic.”

“And you are nothing more than a parasite.” Came the reply from Clary. “You don’t scare me. I am not scared of your sister either. Both of you got where you are by screwing men.”

“As I am still a virgin, I do not see any proof to what you are saying. And frankly Clary, you should be scared of me. I am not my sister. I do not care for Starfleet rules. I am not a cadet nor will I be. So I am not going to be bound by their constraints. Now get out of my way.” Miran pushed past her.

Clary watched her go and sneered. "Once he fucks you, you will be worthless to him. He and Triston just use women."

Miran flipped her a rude hand gesture and continued walking.

Gérard was in his cabin, studying for his latest exam. As things had started to return to some level of normal, Commander Reece, who was still filling in as Academy Commendant, had resumed classes, at least in a minimal level.

As he finished the page he was reading, he felt Miran, over their link, suddenly get angry. He knew it wasn't aimed at him, though, he felt that he was part of the subject. He then felt her getting closer. As he had already programmed his door to recognize her biosigns and allow her unrestricted entrance, he knew she would just walk in when she arrived.

She entered moments later and gave him a smile as she did so. "Hello Gérard."

Gérard turned to look at Miran. "Hello, Imzadi. I take it, there was some...excitement out in the corridor?" He stood and moved to the replicator and got them a couple drinks. Once he had them, he carried them over to where Miran was still standing, and offered her one.

"Clary accosted me. Said you were cheating on me." She scoffed. "She must have had a fight with someone."

"Did she now?" Gérard looked around the small cabin. "Alright, you can come out now, the gig is up!"


"Well," he said with a grin. "I guess it's just you and me in here. "

"Oh please, like I believed her. Our link may not be strong, but it is strong enough that I know you would not do anything like that." Miran took the drink and sat down. "Bet she and Triston had a fight."

Gérard smiled and joined her on the couch. "Imzadi," he said softly. "Even if we weren't linked, you can know that I would never disgrace you like that." He took a sip of his drink, then leaned back in the comfortable couch. "I wonder why they were fighting?"

Miran shrugged. "Maybe he woke up," she said as she leaned into his side. "Maybe she said something he didn't like?"

Gérard nodded. "Or maybe, he caught her making out with an ensign and he broke things off." He grinned yo her as he explained. "While I didn't enter their minds without their knowledge, their thoughts were so loud, a deaf man could've heard them."

Miran had to smile at that. "That slut. Makes sense why she was trying to project it around. I will deal with her later though."

"She isn't worth your attention or energy, my lovely princess." Gérard said in a soft, soothing voice.

"She is an insulting piece of trash. And Erisian honour demands satisfaction."

"I agree about her character," Gérard replied. "However, why stoop to her level, when you are the better woman?"

"Because she thinks she can get away with things. She went after Tristi and my niece kicked her butt. It's my turn." She shrugged.

"Has she gone after you in a way that indicates she was wanting to get into a physical altercation?" He asked her as he turned his head to look down at her face. There was concern in his voice.

"A few sly comments, and such. Nothing much towards me. Her actions towards Tristi have been a bit more but she won't dare attack her again after the last time."

"So?" He asked, feeling his point had been proven. "Then what good would it do to go after her? You've already beaten her, Imzadi."

She huffed and crossed her arms. "Because the Erisian in me wants to see her bleeding." she admitted.

Gérard couldn't help but chuckle softly. "Don't you think there's been enough blood loss on this ship to last us for years?"

She sighed "Yes" she mock whined and then she put her glass down and turned to face him. "Ok bored now with talking about the slut."

Grinning, Gérard put his glass down as well. Sitting back, he looked deep into her eyes. "And what would you like to talk about?"

"Hmm not sure. Have you finished your studies for the day?"

He nodded. "Yeah, my brain was starting to turn to mush. I was gonna stop, even before you arrived."

"Hmm...well then, do you want to go for a walk?"

Nodding, he smiled softly at her. "I'd love to, Imzadi." They got up, he returned their drinks to the replicator and recycled them. He then turned back and walked over to her, taking her right hand in his left. As they started out of his cabin. "Where do you want to go?"

"Hmm Arboretum? Deck 10?" Miran shrugged. "Any place works"

Gérard considered the options and replied, "Let's go walk around the Promenade, maybe get something to eat?"

"Sounds perfect." Miran smiled. She turned for the door, looping her arm through his. "Shall we?"

Smiling back, Gérard nodded. "We shall!" He then led her out of his cabin and through the ship, as they made their way to the Promenade.



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