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The future is nigh - part 3

Posted on Thu Jun 9th, 2022 @ 3:19am by Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik & Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen [Taylor]

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Sthilg family home.
Timeline: The future
1769 words - 3.5 OF Standard Post Measure

Sthilg's white eyes were on his daughter as the shuttle touched down with a slight bump. Giving her hand a squeeze he headed for the ramp and opned it allowing the fresh mix of mountain and sea air heavy with pine into the shuttle bay.

Looking back he let out a smile. " Were home my dearsss."

Savar stood beside Alicia, he was ready to help her any way he could, no matter how long or what he had to do to see to her well-being.

Alicia smiled the biggest smile she’d smiled in a long time as she smelt the fresh countryside air. She looked towards Savar. “Let’s get outside, I can’t wait to feel the sun on my face!”

Savar nodded and moved behind the wheelchair. It could move on its own, but he preferred to push it. "Your wish is my command, Alicia." He answered as he pushed the chair down the ramp and out into the sun, as he did he bent over the back of the chair and said. "The sun pales in comparison to your smile Alicia."

“It feels so good to be outside again!” Alicia closed her eyes simply enjoying the feel of the gentle warmth on her skin. “I know I had to stay inside until my body was healed and ready to avoid infection, but I missed this so much!!”

"It is in the past Alicia. You have endured the darkness and conquered it. It is now time to once again enjoy the light. As you and we move forward." Savar answered. "It is time for you to start living again and enjoying life."

A smile was on Sthilg's face as he opened the door for his daughter as he looked over the home he'd built his family. For his many centuries in space, the thought of settling down was still odd to him yet here he was.

His smile dropped as he saw the other shuttle coming into land. The insignia of the presidential security forces upon its hull. " Letting out a sigh the lizard walked past his family. " Nothing to worry about everyone Ossslod being over cautiousss again." Sthilg had been proud when soon to be president Oslod Breilut had asked him to be his secretary of Health and Human Services despite the pushback he had gotten from it. The first none federation member alien to hold such a post. Who'd have thought it.

Alicia gave her father a worried look, she was concerned as to why the security forces would be worried about Sthilg being home with his family.

Sthilg talked with the obvious leader of the protection team for a couple of minutes before walking back with a sad look on his face the team filling out and heading to positions around the property. " Sssorry about that looksss like we'll be having guessst for a while. "

Alicia nodded. “What’s going on father? Why do you need a security detail?”

" Intel intercepted chatter from sssome group calling themssselvesss the sssonsss of khan." The lizard explained. " Osssload not taking any chancesss. "

Alicia nodded she was concerned for the safety of her own children, not that they weren’t already grown up and able to take care of themselves.

" I'm sssorry about all thisss you need peace to heal." Sthilg said opening the door into the family home. The inside carried the gorn's personal style looking like someone had transplanted an out of place early colonial era American statehouse entrance.

“You have nothing to be sorry for father” Alicia smiled feeling more relaxed now she was home. “We’ll get through this, just like we always do.” She held out her hand to Savar.

Savar took Alicia's hand in his and gently squeezed it. "We are family, and our strength lies in the unity we have. Much like the Three Musketeers. All for one, one for all."

Sthilg smiled as he opened the door to Savar and Alicia’s room. " Can you handle thingsss from here Sssavar I'd like to make sssure are guessst know where everything isss?"

“I’m sure he can father” Alicia smiled at Savar. “I promise not to be awkward.”

"You are never awkward Alicia. You are my wife and my soulmate. Awkward is not a word I associate with you. You are graceful and elegant. Now, what would you like to do first?"

Alicia smiled the biggest smile yet. “I’d like to get out of these hospital clothes and into something nice. Would you mind helping me to choose a dress and get changed?”

"I would be glad to Alicia." Savar answered as he move the wheelchair close to the bed, so Alicia could stand and walk the few steps to the bed and sit down, without tiring herself out. "Has this is a sunny day, your dress should reflect your mood. Do you agree?"

Alicia nodded and smiled. “I just wish I could walk instead of being in this chair!” She sighed.

"Alicia." Savar said as he came around to face her. " You will walk again. You walk now. You tire easy and that is because your leg muscles are weak. We will improve the strength in them and you will walk without tiring." He bent down to kneel next to the chair. "You are the most determined woman I know and I know you can do this."

Alicia nodded her eyes twinkling with tears as she leant forward to kiss Savar. “You have always been my rock Imzadi. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Savar took her hand in his as he leaned forward to kiss her softly. After all these years the love still was as passionate and caring as it was when they were first married. "I am the fortunate one Alicia. Your love and caring not just for me but are children, is a truly wonderful sight to witness." His hand came up to cup her cheek. "I am indeed fortunate to have a wife and friend such as you and the children are equally blessed to have you as their mother."

“Thank you Imzadi, I am truly blessed to have you.” Alicia smiled before pushing herself up. “Let’s get organised, I’d like to go outside in the garden for a little while.”

"Of course, Alicia, I think that is an excellent idea. The garden has missed your presence in it."

~ A few mins later ~

Emerging into the garden, Alicia held out her hand for Savar to help her up. She wanted to sit on the garden swing enjoying the shade from the heat of the sun. She waved as she saw Sthilg. “Father! Why don’t you join us?”

Sthilg nodded and finished talking to the protection officer he was talking to. Picking up two coolers he walked over to his daughter and son in law. " I think some food and drink would help don't you?" He added.

Alicia nodded and smiled as she relaxed back in her seat, “Sounds wonderful to me father.” She looked towards Savar. “Don’t you think Savar?”

"Indeed, it does My wife. Please join us, Father." Savar replied sincerely. "What would you like to drink Alicia?"

Alicia paused to think about it. “Anything... surprise me!” She grinned feeling happier now she was home.

Sthilg opened up the cooler which began levitating a selection of beverages. With a click of his wrist computer, one of the stone pannels slid away as a barbecue rose from the ground. " What would you two like to eat?" The doctor enquired.

“Hmmm most definitely a hot dog!” Alicia smiled. “I’ve missed barbecues with the family while I’ve been at Starfleet Medical.”

"Make that two hot dogs as well. I confess to a liking of them." Savar answered as he handed Alicia a mint julip. "Here you are Alicia."

“Thank you Savar” Alicia smiled as she took her drink and sipped it. “Mmm... that’s nice and refreshing.” She looked towards Sthilg. “Is there any news on what time mum will be home? If these sons of Kahn are such a threat shouldn’t she be protected too?”

Savar looked at Sthilg, "Yes, I quite agree, should Deanna not be protected as well?"

" Ssshe'sss being brought back by ssstarfleet medical persssonnel. " Sthilg said with a grin. Being the boss did have some perks. " Though it ssseemsss odd that a group like thisss sssuddenly appearancesss out of nowhere."

“They may not have come out of nowhere” Alicia gave her father a concerned look. “Before the explosion aboard my ship I was summoned to a meeting regarding a new threat that needed investigating. It seemed there’d been several incidences of sabotage, fires, explosions...” She paused. “What if what happened aboard my ship wasn’t an accident?”

"Perhaps Alicia's 'accident' and the sudden appearance of these security personnel is connected." Savar remarked his voice low, "Perhaps a call to the President elect would be wise." He said to Sthilg. "Just as a precaution."

" I think he already knowsss, but isss trying to keep it quiet. " Sthilg replied sipping his drink as he attended the hotdogs. " Lassst thing he needs before his inauguration is a new terrorissst cell."

“That’s true” Alicia nodded. “I’ll feel better when mum gets here safe.”

Savar nodded his head, "As you wish."

" Hey, we have the local sssasquatch to protect usss. " Sthilg joked as he handed his family their food.

“Well in that case invite him for some lunch!” Alicia grinned.

" I don't think i have enough hotdogsss." Sthilg grinned as he looked over his family. " We're going to get through thisss." He said ressuringly.

Savar nodded as he took two plates and handed one to Alicia. "For you Alicia. Do you want any mustard or ketchup on your hot dog?"

“Thank you” Alicia smiled as she took the hot dog. “I’d love some ketchup please.”

"Certainly." Savar answered as he applied some ketchup to the hot dog. "Would you care for some chips as well Alicia?"

“Are you kidding!?” Alicia grinned. “I never turn down chips!!”

Savar nodded, a smile on his face as he shook out a healthy handful on Alicia's plate. "If you desire more Alicia of either food or drink, please let me know."

“Mmmm” Alicia nodded as she chewed on her hot dog. She’d missed this while she was in hospital, now she intended to enjoy it.

Sthilg put his arms around his daughter and son in law as he looked over the horizon at the beautiful sunset. Things were going to be all right


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By Captain Samuel Woolheater on Fri Jun 10th, 2022 @ 2:54pm

Nicely done. A pleasure to read. And it felt good to be home too as I was reading it. I could just smell the pine mountain air and imagine the home. Grilled hot dogs too. That made it a great post.