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Posted on Thu Feb 1st, 2024 @ 8:54pm by Harper o’Leary & Commander Kyle Reece & Lieutenant JG Zac Smithson & Senior Chief Petty Officer Emily Charles {Kelea-Salik}

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Das Alpine Haus
Timeline: MD4?
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Because Harper believed that everyone needed a break, she asked Tristi Richardson to babysit her children and hounded Kyle to get a babysitter as well so they could go out and take a break. She all but dragged him from his cabin, telling him "You need to breathe, as do they. And it is good for you to take a break. And I got us a booking at Das Alpine Haus."

Kyle grinned ad chuckled softly as he allowed Harper to steer him away from his quarters and towards the nearest turbolift. Finally, he reached down an gently took her had into his. He thought he felt a quick thrill run up his spine, but didn't comment on it. "Fine, fine! You win!" A relaxed look filled his eyes when he looked down at her. "You know? You're real cute when you're being pushy." He winked playfully at her as they entered the turbolift.

She rolled her eyes at him. "Yeah yeah, i am pushy but it helps you to get out of the cabin and the children are very safe."

Kyle grinned and nodded his head, as he held out his left hand to Harper in a silent request to hold her hand.

Harper considered it and then smiled and held his hand as they walked to the turbolift.

Feeling the warmth and softness of her hand in his put a gentle smile on Kyle's face. His thumb rubbed the back of her hand absent-mindedly as they entered the turbolift. After telling the computer their destination, the turbolift car began its journey the the promenade deck.

When the car arrived, they exited in comfortable silence. The deck was fairly busy, as the crew tried to get some normality back in their lives.

*Zac and Emily's Cabin*

Zac grinned at Emily as he told her they had reservations at Das Alpine Haus. "We don't want to be late Emily." He stressed. "We still need to drop Leana off at the sitter's as well."

"I'll be right with you" Emily smiled as she finished off putting Leana's teddy ib the little back pack she was taking to the sitter's. "We'll only be a few hours, I'll come back and pick you up okay?" she gave Leana a hug and held her hand as they walked out to Zac. "We're ready."

Zac smiled at the pair, He bent down in front of Leana, "Want me to bring you back a cupcake?"

The little girl nodded excitedly.

"Will do pumpkin." Zac replied with a smile.

"We won't be too late back sweetheart, I promise" Emily smiled warmly at Leana. "Now let's go or we'll all be late."

"Right, you are Emily." Zac replied as he held his hand out for Emily take as they exited the cabin looking like a proper family.

It didn’t take long to drop off Leana, hugging her daughter goodbye Emily smiled as she and Zac headed for Das Alpine Haus.

-- Das Alpine Haus --

There was no line as Harper and Kyle approached the doors to Das Alpine Haus via one of the small bridges that crossed the small stream that ran down the deck's length. "It's good to see people are coming back to the businesses," Harper said as they approached the door.

Nodding in agreement as he glanced around, Kyle replied. "It really is. It helps the rest if the ship get back to some semblance of normalcy. And speaking of businesses reopening,"he leaned in and whispered to her as they neared the doors to the restaurant. "I haven't forgotten about coming to your store and checking out some of your wares."

He then reached out and pulled on the large, ornately carved door handle, opening the dark wood door to swing open towards them. "Ladies first," he said.

"Why thank you Sir" Harper said with a smile as she stepped past him.

Arriving at their destination Emily smiled as she looked at Zac. “Wow, this place looks amazing! I can’t wait to get in there.”

Me neither Emily. Mu mouth is already watering." Zac replied.

Harper and Kyle gave the name of the reservation to the waiter who looked the name up as the door behind them opened.

As the door opened, Kyle, out of habit, turned to look. He saw Zac, one of his officers from the Tactical Department, enter first. "Hey, Zac! What brings you here tonight?" He gave his junior officer a friendly grin as he asked the question.

Zac looked up as he heard his name, looking around he saw Commander Reece with an attractive woman. "Hi Commander! Fancy seeing you here. "Emily and wanted to have a special dinner, so here we are." He replied as he gave the waiter the name on the reservation.

Harper who had not been paying attention really, as she had been looking around the restaurant, turned when Zac spoke and when he said 'Emily' she finished her turn and froze. Her gaze fixed on Emily for a second before she made herself turn to Kyle without even greeting the other woman.

Seeing Harper's reaction, Kyle remembered what she had said about her former relationship and connected the pieces as to who her ex was. Dropping the grin on his face, he leaned in and whispered to her. "Do you want to go somewhere else to eat?"

Harper shook her head. She refused to run and hide. "No let's just get to our table"

Kyle let out a quiet breath, then nodded. He turned back to the hostess and asked for their table.

Nodding with a polite smile, the hostess grabbed two menus and led them their table in a private booth.

Emily meanwhile had picked up not just on Harper’s facial expression but her feelings as well. She hadn’t intended to hurt Harper the way she had, their previous relationship had hardly gotten off the ground before Emily had realised that a female to female relationship wasn’t for her, and that her heart belonged elsewhere. She placed her hand on Zac’s arm. “Zac, can I talk to you a minute?”

Zac stood looking confused as he glanced at the woman with Reece and then back to Emily. He nodded to Emily, "Of course Emily." He answered then looked to Reece and the woman. "Excuse us for a moment please." As he took Emily's hand and moved a few steps away so she could talk to him.

Emily offered an apologetic glance. “Long story short, Harper and I...we started a relationship a while ago. I’d never had a relationship with a woman, and we weren’t together long, but I...I left her.” She sighed. “She hates me Zac! I wish she didn’t, but she does, I guess I can’t blame her.”

Zac listened as Emily gave him a quick a explanation of the current situation and the other woman's reaction to Emily. "He took her hands in his. "Well, I don't hate you. Though I think it would be good for the both of you to talk at some point about this. " He looked into her eyes. "Would you like to leave and go elsewhere?"

Emily shook her head “No way! I’m going to enjoy my evening with you. Though I’d like to be at a table that’s out of the way.” She offered a smile. “I’m not going to let this spoil my evening.”

Zac smiled broadly at her, "Thatagirl Emily! I think we can arrange for a table that is out of the way." He smiled again. "Let's have a great evening and enjoy the food and each other's company."

Emily nodded. “Agreed, and you’re right I do need to talk to Harper if she’ll ever sit down and listen.” She offered a brief smile. “Anyway, let’s get back in there I’m not letting this spoil my evening.”

Zac nodded, "All you can do is try Emily and hope Harper agrees to talk to you. However, you are right, don't let others dictate how you feel. So, let's get on with what we came for. Good food and a good time."

Emily nodded as she held onto Zac’s hand. He was her world, she wasn’t going to let anything, or anyone spoil their night out.

When Kyle and Harper reached their table, he pulled the table aside, giving her room to scoot into the booth.

Harper gave him a smile and took her seat, scooting over so he could join her. She chose not to speak on Emily and her escort, and said "So, have you eaten here before Kyle?”

After sitting down in the booth next to Harper, Kyle pulled their table back in. Noticing that she was not seeming to want to talk about what had just happened, he decided, for now, to respect her wishes. Instead, he replied to her question as he shook his head. “No, I usually eat over at Paddy’s Loft, when I do eat out. Though I have heard a lot of good reviews about this place. What about you?”

“Sometimes when it's slow I take a long lunch and come here. They have good choices.” Harper smiled.

Smiling in reply, Kyle asked, “So what do you recommend? Actually…” his smile grew a bit broader. “Forget I asked that. I'm going to trust you to order for us both.” He smirked playfully at her as he finished speaking.

Harper had to smile at that. “Really? The ...” she paused. “Hmm” she picked up the menu and considered it. “I like their Spanner Crab Linguine. And it's Always nice with their cocktail, a Lemon Drop Sour.”

Kyle nodded and smiled. “Then that's what I'll have as well.” He gave her a little wink as the waiter came over to their table.

They gave their order and settled into the booth to wait. Harper considered things as they sat there and chatted. She was no fake and after a few minutes she said, “I am sorry about before.”

Reaching over, Kyle gently laid his left hand atop her right. Giving it a slight squeeze, he replied. “It's alright. Everyone has relationship baggage. If and when you want to talk to me about it, I'll be glad to listen.”

Harper nodded. “I really should be over it, it just happened so suddenly after the accident and without warning. I should know better though.” She smiled as their drinks were brought and the waiter headed off. “I really shouldn't let myself get sucked into such things.”

“You can't help it if you start to care about someone,” he replied as his thumb rubbed gently over her hand. “And the fact that the breakup hurts so much, only goes to show how important it was to you.”

She gave a shrug. “It was slow because of who she was and I put a lot of effort in and it just seems that my effort was ignored or used and discarded. I won't put myself in that position again. More so now that I have the children to take care of. Yes, Kendra and Edward will go back to their families when we get home.. If we get home, but Niamh, she is mine and I won't go into things without proper consideration.”

Kyle nodded in understanding. “I feel the same about Zhavna and Jassirc. While I will always be there for them, no matter what, when we get back, should their grandparents, their father’s parents were still alive when we made the crossing, wish to have them back, then by Orion law, I'd have to relinquish my guardianship of them.” A note of sadness filled his voice as he said the words.

Harper nodded. “You and Vanessa wanted the best for them. They know that.”

“And I still do,” he replied softly. “I know they are not my biological children, but, in the short time I have been their adoptive father, I only see them as my babies. And I will never stop fighting for them. Nearly everything I do now, is for them.”

The waiter returned with their meals and placed them before them.

Harper thanked him, with a smile and he left them alone. Harper looked at Kyle. “You know they know that you care for them. If they push your boundaries it's because they feel comfortable with you.”

This brought some happy color to his cheeks. “Oh, Zhavna has already started.” He chuckled softly. “I'd hope to have a little girl growing up, before she becomes a hormone-driven teenager. Instead, I'm starting right in the deep end.” He smiled slightly as his eyes seemed to focus on something in his thoughts.

“You should talk to Phe.. Commodore Lalor. She is raising two.” Harper said as she picked up her fork. “From what I hear she is doing ok.”

“That's right!” Kyle responded with a nod. “She has both her younger sister And the girl she and her husband adopted.” He chuckled softly as he continued. “I suppose I shouldn't complain too much then.” He then realised what Harper had started to say. Looking at her as she put her drink back down, he asked, “How well do you know the Commodore?”

“A couple of years. I met her in Paris, she was window shopping with Miran in one of the many street markets after they returned from Andromeda. She bought some of my products. When i was looking to move to Starships... she offered me a place here.” Harper said. “I didn’t know she was starfleet. Hell, she looked like some lady of leisure when they came to buy. No uniform. Was a real surprise when she came back as a Captain to offer me the position. I was her supplier of lotions and such for a few years.”

Kyle nodded as he listened. While he had only met the Commodore after she returned from the Black Watch Mission, he hadn't had the opportunity to spend much off-duty time with her. However, from what he had observed, he would agree that she was as much a lady of class, as she was a warrior. He was glad to have her as his Commanding Officer. Though she was younger than he was, he felt he could learn a few things about command from her.

“So, you two are good friends then?” He asked with a polite grin.

“Friends? Yes I guess, but not close.” Harper said. “She likes what I make. As does her sister and mother. I guess it's an Erisian thing.”

Kyle nodded again, clearly impressed by the woman sitting next to him. “Do you make things for men as well?”

Harper grinned. “Yes. I do.” She replied. “Not as many but they get good reviews.”

“Would you suggest anything in particular for me?”” He asked as he leaned a bit closer.

Harper twirled some pasta around her fork and considered him. “Maybe.” She said considering. “Maybe you should drop by and have a look.” she took a bite of the food.

"I will," he replied with a soft smile. "I'll stop in in a couple days." He took a bite of his food, then made an approving sound. "This is delicious!" He smiled brightly at her after he finished what was in his mouth and swallowed. "Thank you for ordering it."

She smiled. "You are welcome. I sometimes get it for take away."

"Perhaps, next time, I'll take you to Paddy's Loft. Their burgers and beer are delicious!"

"Sounds like a plan." Harper agreed.


Meanwhile Emily and Zac had managed to arrange for their booth to be well away from Harper and Kyle's, Emily didn't want to be rude to either Kyle or Harper, but for now it seemed best to stay well clear. "This is lovely Zac" she smiled warmly.

Zac smiled at Emily. "I am glad you like it Emily." He replied, happy to see Emily wasn't going to let her encounter with Harper ruin her (their) evening. "Have you got any idea what you are going to order?" He asked as he looked the menu over.

"Good question, it all looks delicious" Emily smiled as she looked over the menu. "Any recommendations?"

"Hmmmm. I was thinking of getting the prime rib." Zac answered as he lowered the menu to look at Emily.

"Then prime rib it is" Emily smiled warmly. "I quite like ribs so it'll do nicely."

"Good deal Emily." Zac said smiling at her. "Now, I can't wait to order it and for it for to get back to us so we can taste it."

"Likewise" Emily nodded. "I think I'll have a Risan sunset with that. It's a sweet. juicy, refreshing drink. Not to mention an aphrodisiac!" she grinned a wry grin.

"Oh Emily. I do like the way you think. I certainly do." Zac answered with a smile. "I I think I may go with a rum and coke, no," He shook his head. " I'll have Risan sunset as well."

Emily grinned a wry grin. "Then two Risan sunsets it is then Imzadi." she smiled as the waiter came to take their order, placing their food and drink orders she turned her attention back to Zac. "Thank you for this Zac."

"Emily, you are most welcome. It is nothing you don't deserve. You deserve happiness and peace and all that goes with it. I'm going to do my best to see that you get it."

Emily nodded happily. "You already give me that, and so much more. I couldn't wish for anyone better than you Zac!" she gently reached across the table to hold his hand.

"You are very kind Emily." Zac replied as he held Emily's hand in his. "I think you are the finest woman I have ever met."

"Fine? me?" Emily grinned. "I've never thought of myself as fine before, but thank you."

Zac smiled and continued to hold her hand. Well, I do. So, that has to count for something right? I mean something good."

Emily nodded. "Something very good. You've made me happier than I've ever thought possible."

Zac leaned back and smiled. "That makes me very happy to hear you say that Emily."

Smiling Emily sat back as their food and drinks arrived. "Mmm that smells divine and looks delicious."

"Oh, my gosh!" Zac gushed as he stared at the mound of food heaped onto the plate of food before him. "It looks delicious and smells fantastic."

"Let's not just stare at it" Emily grinned. "Let's eat!" she picked up her knife and fork, she was going to enjoy this."

Zac laughed at her comment. "An excellent idea. Emily." As he picked up his own knife and fork, ready to enjoy this meal.


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