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Emergency Meeting.... Changes afoot. **TRIGGER WARNING**

Posted on Wed Feb 7th, 2024 @ 6:55am by Lieutenant Commander S'hib & Commander Kyle Reece & Lieutenant Colonel Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant Commander Aurelia Taylor & Lieutenant Commander Rin & Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson & Avalon [ADMIN NPC]
Edited on on Wed Feb 7th, 2024 @ 7:14am

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD8 12H00
2773 words - 5.5 OF Standard Post Measure

OOC: This post has required a TRIGGER WARNING Around suicidal ideations ***

Phoenix led, Lieutenant Rin and Colonel Azhul into her ready room, calling over her shoulder for "Commander Reece, Summon Lieutenant Commanders Taylor and S'hib to my ready room and then join us within please."

She waved the two women to enter her office and followed them in.

Rin, unflappable as always when on duty, entered, awaiting this new briefing and orders.

Lia had heard her name being mentioned, she was on the bridge standing a duty simply to keep her hand in. Moving slowly towards the ready room, she wondered just what was happening now. So many changes so many new faces in places you didn't expect, entering the ready room she found a spot in a corner and waited.

Kyle looked over from his Tactical station and nodded. "Aye, Ma'am." He then looked over at Lia and dipped his head towards the ready room as he contacted S'hib via the comms. He then stood and made his own way to the ready room, curious as to what this was about.

Naxea remained standing as she waited for the meeting to start. She wondered what was going on now. In the period of seven days, hell had erupted on the ship.

That was when S'hib arrived carrying Slee, she was fast asleep with her limbs dangling freely "Apologies Commodore, I couldn't find anyone at such short notice to look after her." He said in a hushed tone that only made the sheepish look on his face stand out even more than his dishevelled and hastily thrown-on uniform.

"All good Commander" Phoenix replied.

Looking over at S'hib as he entered, carrying his infant daughter, Kyle smiled softly. It was a wonderful thing that, even in the dangerous situation they were in, life still continued on.

Phoenix looked around at the group she had gathered. She was not happy about this situation but it needed to be done.

She took a deep breath. "okay here is the current situation. Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi-Tonelly is currently in emergency Stasis. Reasons unknown as to why she got sick so fast. Thus we now no longer have a Second officer. Also, I just received word that Captain Taylor is currently in Quarantine, due to an unknown illness as well." She paused to let that all sink in. "So here is what we are going to do."

She looked around again. "Lieutenant Commander Taylor, You are hereby reinstated to Chief of Security, but you will remain a Lieutenant Commander. You will serve 3 months probation in the position and will continue to complete the courses at the academy as previously stated, any issues during those 3 months and you will be removed."

Upon hearing the statement, Lia looked at Phoenix. "Certainly Commodore, I understand." She stopped but then continued, "Thank you."

"Lieutenant Commander S'hib, you are of course reinstated officially to Assistant Chief of Security. Same rules as applied to Commander Taylor, goes for you."

The news caught him off guard, even if he was in the middle of juggling his catatonic daughter while attempting to fasten his uniform collar. "Uh, Yes... Of course Commodore." He sputtered out before looking over at Naxea, wondering what the hell had just happened.

"Lieutenant Rin, It had been my intention to make you Third Officer, but with the illness of Captain Taylor, you will be Acting Second Officer, and are promoted to Lieutenant Commander effective Immediately." Phoenix held out a small box to Rin.

Rin's gaze had moved from Lalor to Aurelia to S'hib as the commodore had addressed each of them. Now her attention was once more on the commodore. Third officer? That was unexpected to say the least. Wait, acting 2nd? Did her brain just glitch? This did not compute.

She took the offered box and opened it, finding the black and gold pip inside. "Thank you, sir."

"Lieutenant Colonel Azhul, with the Captain's illness you are now in overall charge of the away team, replacing him. You will need to select another officer to go, and you and Lieutenant Commander Rin will need to get them up to speed as soon as possible."

"Understood," Naxea replied simply as her mind raced as to who to add to the Away Team. It was just one more thing to add to her already growing to do list.

"Now to who shall be acting Executive Officer. Commander Reece. You have the requisite experience, You know this ship's tactical systems like the back of your hand, and you would have been made Second Officer when Baeyrn got ill. Thus, you will be Acting executive Officer until Captain Taylor recovers."

Kyle was happy for everyone when they received their individual good news. He even gave Rin a congratulatory, gentle, pat on her left shoulder. However, when he heard the Commodore speak to him, he was speechless. While it was true that he knew the Elysium more than the rest of them, he never expected to be given the honor of the position that was being bestowed upon him. "Until the Captain is well enough to resume his duties, I will be honored to serve."

Lia turned towards Kyle, "Commander Reece, I will report to your office as soon as this meeting is over. I think we have much to discuss about the department, and the personnel within it." She then turned to S'hib, "Commander S'hib, I think you should also attend, this involves you also." Finally she turned to Lalor, "Sorry Commodore, but as we're all assembled here. I took the opportunity to pass the message along, please continue."

"So kind." Phoenix could not help that sarcastic reply from coming out of her mouth. "But I have nothing else to discuss. You are all dismissed."

Outside the ready room, Lia stood thinking. She had picked up Phoenix's sarcastic attitude, did that woman still hold a grudge against her? It was something she would have to address at a later date, right now there were bigger fish to fry.

Kyle exited next. "Walk with me, Lia." He had of course heard the tone in the Commodore's voice.

S'hib stood for a moment, watching everyone leave, even gently nodding to Naxea with a smile to let her know everything was ok.

Once the door had shut he turned his attention to Phoenix.

"Commodore, would It be possible for you to look after Slee?" He asked with a nervous smile. "Just um, just until I'm finished with this other meeting?"

Phoenix narrowed her eyes at him. "You know i love babysitting S'hib but I have no experience with infants of your species, I am not sure I would be a good choice, add to that, that her mother may have an issue with it."

"Don't worry about Naxea, she takes issue with a lot of things I do... and if I didn't think you'd be a good choice I wouldn't ask." He said as he reorientated Slee in his arms.

"Do I have sucker on my forehead?" She asked him. "Fine, hand her over. 30 minutes though, I have more meetings to get to."

"Thank you," S'hib professed with a sigh of relief, passing his daughter over who immediately began reaching for things on Phee's desk. "Um, If she gets restless just put her on the floor, she likes to move about." He added already retreating towards the exit.

"Oh, and uhh... she might try and eat that." He added, pointing at a tall leafy plant atop a large ornate pot. "Ok? ok... I'll be right back."

And with that he left, hitting the back of his head on the doorframe as he stumbled out of her office.

She watched him go and sighed. Males, they didn't differ at all. "Okay little Miss, lets see..." She walked to the replicator and replicated a number of toys for Slee. She then used the computer to prepare a play pen for the child, including chew toys, books and a rope puzzle for the inquisitive child.


As they rode the turbolift down to the security offices, Kyle spoke, his tone polite, with a hint of concern. "Lia, first off, please pass on to your husband my deepest wishes that he gets better quickly." Then he sighed heavily as he continued. "What possessed you to do that? You spoke up while the Commodore had been briefing us on the situation, then instead of just apologizing, you gave her permission to continue?? She just gave you back your department. Are you trying to destroy the good will you have created these last few weeks already?"

Looking at Kyle, Lia then glanced at the floor. "What would you say if I told you I don't care about getting the department back?" She raised her face to look straight at him, "I've been through hell and back, and what if anything did that woman do to stop the comments and the hate? I'll tell you what she did, NOTHING!" Lia took a deep breath and continued, "I thought of ending it, do you realise how low and depressed someone has to be to even contemplate that? And what did anyone of you do to help? NOTHING!" Taylor glanced back at the floor, "Now my daughter is troubled over who her mother really is and what she really is, and my husband is now in quarantine. The Commodore didn't want to hand me the department, even a blindman on a galloping horse can see that."

Looking back at Reece, Lia just shook her head. "You got the prize, the jackpot. I wasn't even considered, hell even Lieutenant JG's get promoted on a whim around here." Anger and frustration now began to surface, but Lia kept them in check. "Lets be honest, both you and Lalor want S'hib in place. You think I can't see that? Do you both think I'm that much a dumb blonde?" Taylor turned and faced the wall, she didn't want Kyle to see the tears. "I'm done on this ship, Lalor, S'hib, and in part you have seen to that. My own conduct hasn't helped, but that's anger at being treated like some schoolkid who doesn't know any better." She now turned back and faced Reece again, "So go ahead, shout and berate me for disrespecting the Commodore. Or tell me I'm wrong about S'hib, or that you don't think that way. I'm sorry Commander, I just don't care anymore. My life, my career is over. And given the right time and place, I just might leave, and screw the whole damn Federation."

Reaching over, Kyle pressed the lift controls, pausing their travel. Now he was getting angry. "Lieutenant Commander Taylor, as you were!" He had finally had enough of her crap. "Since we came to this galaxy, you have been pitching and moaning about what others have or have not done for you! You have continued to act in a way that does nothing to gain back the favor of your friends and fellow cremated! Worse still, you continue to act as a petulant child, instead of trying professional officer that your personnel file shows you should be!" He took a breath, then continued.

"You are the only one here who is ruining your career and your life. How dare you try to pin that on others!" He paused, then finally came to a decision. "Fine. You don't want to regain the position that you worked so hard to achieve? Then, as of now, by my authority as acting X-O of this ship, I am relieving you of duty. I will inform the Commodore that it is my recommendation that Mister S'hib be given the position of Security Chief. You will report to the counseling department and start working through your personal issues." He raised a warning finger to her. "You have threatened ending your life and you have threatened leaving this ship and the Federation. Those are serious words. Avalon!"

["Yes Commander Reece?"]

"Please ensure Miss Taylor makes her way down to the counseling offices. Should she attempt to evade in any way, inform security and she will be remanded back to the brig."

["I shall do as requested."] The AI replied calmly.

Kyle nodded. "Thank you." He then looked back at Taylor, his gaze softening some. "Lia, it's clear that you are in pain. Get the help that you need. Both for yourself and your family. They will be far worse off if you leave their lives." He pressed the controls again, and the lift resumed its journey. "Counseling offices," he said aloud, causing the lift car to slow briefly, then move to the new destination.

Lia stood looking at Kyle, "You asked a question but don't like the answer, you say I'm a petulant child while acting like one yourself." She shook her head and looked at the floor, "I once looked at you and thought, yeah maybe this guy isn't just another Lalor gang member. Seems I was wrong, if I'm such a bad Officer such a useless member of this crew. Why the hell are you worried what I do? With respect Commander, perhaps it would benefit everyone if I did leave."

Taylor now handed Reece the PaDD she'd been holding, "Before you go any further in your analysis of me, please read this." On the PaDD was a list:- 1) Inform Kyle that you don't think you're ready to resume Command of Security. 2) Propose S'hib to take over until problems are sorted out. 3) Make appointment to see Alicia.

Kyle took the PADD, but didn't look at it. "Lia," he began quietly. "I don't know what happened to you, that you now are blaming everyone else on this ship for your failures. You are not the same woman I had fries with, at Paddy's Loft, after I first came back to the ship, during the Greene Incident. You need help finding yourself again. I hope you are able to accept the help that is offered to you. I know you are an excellent officer, you just lost your way. I hope you find it back, both for yourself and for your family." As soon as he finished speaking, the turbolift came to a halt and the doors slid open, revealing the corridor leading to the counseling offices.

Taylor made to move then stopped, "Do you want to know what happened to me? Really happened? Or are you just making sure I don't do anything to damage this ship?" Lia glanced along the corridor she now knew so well, "I trusted you Commander, something I don't do often. You've managed to break that trust, just as Lalor broke that trust. That's why I'm the way I am, most of my adult life I was abused and taken advantage of. My husband had to teach me to trust people, the first person outside of my family I trusted was Lalor."

"She managed to break my trust almost the moment I gave it, and that hurt me and cut very deep. S'hib was the second person I trusted, and we both know how that's turned out. You were the third, I even tried to make excuses for you. You didn't know me that well, you only saw the bad side of me." Lia looked back at Kyle, "Now your actions have killed off any trust that may have lingered, I hope you're happy with that result."

Taylor now stepped into the corridor, "Your a soldier at heart, you know what trust in your comrades means. I don't have that trust in anyone here, so I'm constantly on the defensive. Living that way breaks you down, kills your spirit and your love of people and life. So go tell your princess she's won, I surrender and she can stick this whole fucking command where the sun doesn't shine. Because I don't care and I don't trust her, you, or any of the command staff."

As the doors closed Lia threw up a military salute, then turned and headed down the corridor.

When the doors slid shut, Kyle stood there, dumbfounded, for several beats. Then he started to get angry by Lia's insubordination. However, as quickly as that anger grew, it was replaced by sadness. He felt sad for Lia. And pity. She had destroyed her own professional life, by her own hands. There was nothing more he could do for her.


Phoenix was playing with Slee when Avalon announced. "Commodore, Commander Reece has removed Commander Aurelia Taylor from Duty, and promoted Lieutenant Commander S'hib to Chief Security Officer, effective immediately."

Phoenix swore in her native tongue. WHAT THE!?!?!



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By Captain Samuel Woolheater on Wed Feb 14th, 2024 @ 5:59am

Oh dang!

So much drama-rama. And rather unfortunate. With a capital "U" I'm afraid. Unfortunate. Oh gosh...this whole scene is so awful. Well written and drama filled. But it is also very much "hair-in-my-soup" as well. I mean it just spoils so much more. The whole thing is just like discovering that you accidentally washd your red mitten in with your white unmentionables. And opening the washing machine you now have a whole load of pink unmentionables.

We are greatly concerned about the doin's that are a transpirin' here. We think none harm, we wish none harm, we do none harm and yet here it is all fall aparting before our eyes.

Like pineapple on a pizza yall. Like pineapple on a pizza. :|