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Down to Business

Posted on Tue Jan 16th, 2024 @ 3:00am by Captain Gary Taylor & Lieutenant Colonel Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant J'airesh Mora-Heath & Lieutenant Commander Rin & Lieutenant N'vok Holv & Lieutenant JG Miraj Derani & Teevs Dosivi & Lieutenant Carly (Charlotte) Morrison & Lieutenant Nicholas Reece [Reece]

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: After Preparation-JP
2459 words - 4.9 OF Standard Post Measure

After the initial meeting of the combined teams, they were now broken into their respective teams The Bridge team and the Infiltration/Rescue team.

Gary looked over the bridge team. "Okay, you are going to learn about the controls of the ship we're going to use for this mission. Lt. Derani, will be instructing you. Pay attention. There will be a quiz later."

MIraj gave the XO a strangled look. They hadn't even got a full translation of the Minx's system that wouldn't glitch out every five minutes. There was nothing to teach because half of it wasn't even figured out. They'd all be guessing together. She gave Myne and Teevs a nervous smile.

Gary saw Miraj's strangled look and he sympathized with her. "Do your best in explaining what we know of the Minx's systems Miraj."

"Well we think we know what each panel does," she began stumbling over her words a bit. Tactical is in a weird place, but ops and engineering we think are port and starborad on the bridge, with con to front. Tactical is kind of in cupboards in the back. I think. So the first thing we need is to get a link to the UT, and check if the guess is right."

Gary looked at Myne, Teevs and Morrison. "Okay, enough talk. Miraj will take the pilot's position. Teevs, you take what we call the captain's chair. Myne, please go to the ops position. Morrison you take engineering and I'll handle tactical."

It was one thing to quickly learn about another vessel's systems, but to then be in charge of the vessel he had to quickly learn about?? Teevs was uneasy, but he reminded himself of Kerilia and kept her in mind when he nodded. "I will do my best, Captain Taylor." Logically, it made sense, since Teevs knew the most about this area, but the idea to even stay close to Thaih'ea territory, let alone go into it, and lead them though it, kept him hesitant.

"If you've got any tips on how the people who fly ships like this fly, that could be useful too," Miraj added. "If it looks like a native at the wheel that would help."

"Indeed, tips are most welcome or even helpful hints." Gary chimed in. "We're particular at this stage of the game."

The Infiltration team was under Colonel Naxea's leadership.

While they waited for the Colonel to begin her briefing, Nicholas sat by himself honing the already incredibly sharp blade of his survival knife.

N'vok adjusted his stylish cloak and opened a case that contained eight small, discreet items each about the size of a deck of cards.

Naxea looked at the Infiltration team. "Everyone here knows how to fire a phaser but phasers draw attention which is something we can't afford so I want to see how well you can use small melee weapons such as clubs, batons, or knives, etc. in close quarters. I will then offer advice should I feel you need it. Any questions?

N'vok holds up his hands, showing fingerless gloves, he flexes his hands and they are wreathed in pale blue energy. "Stun gloves, a useful backup to have in certain social science research." He flexes his hands again and the glow vanishes. "I have undergone Federation self-defense training and follow Vulcan Khimeik practices. While I can defend myself, I am far from an advanced combatant."

"How would you like us to demonstrate, sir?" Rin asked.

Nicholas looked up as the question was asked. With his extensive training and experience as an Infiltration Specialist, he didn't feel that he had to prove anything to anyone. However, he would do whatever he was ordered to do.

As discussion continued, Rin discreetly made her way over to where Nicholas sat. "Please tell me you did not bring a real knife into the holodeck," she muttered.

Looking up at his department chief, Nicholas nodded. "I carry this blade everywhere I go," he replied quietly. "It is within regs, Ma'am." His tone was both polite and non-confrontational.

"And the show you're putting on with it right now?" Rin asked almost conversationally.

"Not intended as a show, Ma'am," Nicholas replied honestly. "I was taught to always ensure my gear is clean and ready for use at all times."

Rin just gave him a look which made it very clear she thought that was a bullshit answer. He didn't feel a need to sharpen his knives at his desk. She suspected he didn't feel a need to do it at lunch or a million other places either. But he felt a need to do it here. He felt a need to show off he had a big pointy knife with the implication he knew how to use it. Which made her guess he felt he didn't need to be here. It was passive aggressive bullshit, and while she was not going to pursue it at the moment, she did make her opinion obvious to him.

Nicholas was a good judge and reader of people, and he could tell that, for some reason, Rin felt he was bullshitting her. Of course, as she was his department chief, he wouldn't make a scene here, in front of everyone, out of respect.

Naxea placed her hands on her hips. They didn't have enough information to get a full replication of the enemy. "Computer, recreate a Romulan Security Guard for confined space melee training." The computer chirped as a corridor with a Romulan guard was recreated. She nodded at N'Vok. "Begin."

N'vok approached the guard with no attempt at stealth. "Excuse me, sir," he said.

The guard pivoted and attacked with a baton. N'vok caught the blow on his upper arm, activated the glove and sent a wave of energy through the guard who collapsed unconscious.

"Is that enough or should I do more?" the Vulcan did not sound winded or concerned.

"That is enough, Lieutenant. Thank you," Naxea replied with a nod of approval. "Computer, rest simulation. Next!"

N'vok nodded politely and returned to the group.

Naxea spotted Rin speaking with Nicholas who wore an unimpressed look while sharpening a knife rather than giving his attention to her and the others. "What is it?" she asked.

Hearing the Colonel speak, then realized she was addressing them, Nicholas sat a bit straighter (while he was not a Marine, the Colonel was still a higher-ranked officer) as he replied. "Ma'am?"

"You don't appear very interested in my class, Mr. Reece." She had a hunch as to why he was behaving the way he was and she wasn't going to stand for any of it if that was the reason.

J'Airesh looked uncomfortable to have been assigned to this group because her Hippocratic oath made all training of this kind an awkward situation. She would accept and obey orders of course, but she would be very unhappy at being asked to learn how to hurt others. It has always been this dilemma. She knew she needed to be able to defend herself otherwise she could become 'baggage' that might hold back or even endanger her own comrades however, it was still something she preferred to limit the violence at the same time.

Looking across at the knife that there seemed to be some disagreement over, J'Air shuffled uncomfortably in her seat. She had learned the Vulcan Nerve Pinch and some very important Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan both of which offered very effective self defence techniques.

Whilst it would obviously be very useful to know how to disarm a knife wielding attacker, what she had already learned from both the Marshall Arts she had studied, offered their own ways with which she was already familiar. Her faintly conflicted thoughts did not show on her 'Doctors' Face' (other form of self defence for a totally different type of situation) but she was watching all around herself and waiting to see how she could best fit in what she had practiced over the years, and what this new training was going to offer to add to her armoury of ways to do what she needed to.

Slipping the knife back into its sheath at the small of his back, Nicholas replied politely and correctly. "With respect, Colonel, I gave been paying close attention to everything around me since we started the training. As I have been trained to be an Infiltration Specialist by Star Fleet Intelligence, part of that training is to blend in and seem as if you are not paying attention. While Lieutenant Rin confronted me about my kit, I could tell that she did not belive my reply. Also, though Lieutenant Holv's actions towards the holographic guard are textbook, they don't have the feel of someone comfortable with having to make things up as you go. Also, though she hasn't said a word, the good doctor over here," he tipped his head towards J'airesh with a polite grin. "She is clearly uncomfortable with the idea of deliberately injuring someone, no doubt holding firm to her Hippocratic Oath." He took a breath before continuing.

"If my demeanor seems off, then I apologize, Ma'am. Before joining the Elysium, I had been a prisoner, following a failed mission I had been a part of. I am working through my demons as best I know practicing every part of my trade, not just the hand to hand." While he knew his reply had been long winded, he hoped it had helped everyone involved recognize his state of mind. He was ready to work, but apprehensive of the future of that work.

Naxea gauged the man for a moment before replying. "First off, these officers aren't Security or Marines. I don't expect them to be comfortable, just proficient. We don't have the time frame to get them comfortable. Secondly, while I empathize with your past, I'd like to see you make better use of our time and your skills by helping out with advice and training the others."

Nicholas considered the words of the Colonel for a few beats, then nodded. "It would help if everyone on the Infiltration team had at least a passing knowledge of how to blend into the background of any situation. The best action to take, in a situation like this, is to be a hole in the wall. We need to be forgettable by any who we encounter."

"Being forgettable is not the same as being 'a hole in the wall'," said N'vok. "To fit in we will have to act as others do, being too submissive, such as by hiding, will tag us as slaves or formerly enslaved, not what we wish to convey."

"We must appear as potential buyers, people who are suppose to be there," continued the Vulcan. "The best way to blend in is to appear to be just another set of customers. The demands of commerce will make us fit in."

Teevs and I have worked on a cover story," Rin added, following up on N'vok's statement. "Nothing complicated. Mostly our answer to personal questions will be 'none of your business.' We will pose as Lonians, which is Teevs' species. While they tend to keep ties to their homeworld, there are those who live completely outside its boundaries because they do not share Lonian ethics. This includes the keeping of slaves and and the use of certain technologies, including most non-lifesaving physical implants. Which means I do not have to go in wearing a eye patch."

"Remember that most if not all Humans, Vulcans, Bajorans, etc. are probably slaves in this galaxy," Rin continued. "We cannot be ourselves. But with this cover story we don't have to be particularly Lonian either, other than physical appearance. Behaving unlike other Lonians will not be suspicious. What will be suspicious is if we don't look like we're comfortable with the market."

While Nicholas listened to everyone speaking, he almost spoke out about individuals not being trained in how to blend in should not try to tell him how to do his job. However, when Rin, his department chief, spoke, he kept his mouth shut. He would follow her orders, whatever they were. He would ensure, however, that the rookies stayed alive.

"But I feel we've verged from the Colonel's original exercise," Rin said. She gave a nod to Naxea. "Apologies, sir."

N'vok nods apologetically and steps back.

"No apologies necessary," Naxea replied, grinning slightly before moving on to another member of the Away Team that she saw sitting by herself.

"J'Airesh, is it?," Naxea asked.

"Yes Ma'am" she replied looking up smartly when spoken to and, within split seconds, she decided in favour of a 'when in doubt, go for the most formal available' approach and stood up to attention.

"At ease," Naxea waved dismissively. "You've been rather quiet. Everything ok? Are you ready to test?"

"I'm a little reflective Ma'am, trying to balance my 'do no harm' rationale with setting it against the need, and indeed the desire, to assist with defending my colleagues and fellow crew against attack or infiltration." J'Air took in a breath, realising this was a bit controversial so she was feeling the need to explain it aloud to all.

"I won't be useless baggage to any away team nor to any defenders that I might find myself amongst during an attack, Ma'am, I'm determined of that, so I have learned and will gladly learn more means of being an active defender in the moment.

I'm here with an open mind and full willingness to learn all I can, as a controlled and able defence is the way I would like to present. So I believe that the more I learn the better I'll be able to function without losing ground to the emotion and adrenaline that combat evokes.

I'm sorry to go on Ma'am, I was just thinking that I wish I were Vulcan at times like these, that kind of control would come in handy!" She smiled with a slight blush at being so effusive in her reply which no doubt should technically have been about a tenth as long as it had actually come out.

Naxea gave the woman a pat on the arm. "I believe the saying do no harm also means that as a doctor, to use whatever means necessary to protect your patients. "Why don't you show me what you've got against a standard Romulan guard and I'll see what pointers I can give you. "The important things are to not panic and focus on your opponent's movements."


Bridge Crew: (5)
• Gary Taylor
• Miraj Derani
• Myne Redal
• Carly Morrison
• Teevs Dossi

Infiltration/Rescue: (6)

• Rin
• M’turri
• Nicholas Reece
• Azhul Naxea
• N’Vok
• Lieutenant J'airesh Mora-Heath


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