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Something Wicked This Way Comes Pt. 2

Posted on Mon Nov 1st, 2021 @ 8:48am by Captain Garrett Lovejoy [ Taylor] & Commander Gary Taylor & Lieutenant Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen [Taylor] & Lieutenant Scott Gregory [Taylor] & Commander Sthilg & Commander T'Kara & Lieutenant Colonel Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik & Lieutenant JG Damien Blackford & Lieutenant JG Edward D'Gracefull & Corporal David Tonelly & Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Kaden Ross & Lieutenant Commander Jessica 'Valkyrie' Vaii [Vantar] & Corporal Winnston [D'Gracefull] Gernaldo III

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Holodeck 1
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Jessica smiled as she watched the Marine Transport land neaby the fighter she once used when she was mortal. She watched as her faithful hounds came to her side. She petted both of them and smiled. "You two know what to do."

Both beasts growled and then set off, heading in opposite directions, circling the newly arrived prey. Their mistress allowing them to feed, so long as two special prey were left untouched. They quickly disappeared into the night and growing fog. The two of them were pure alpha predators. And it was time to feed.

Jessica smiled wickedly and began walking through the fog, She suddenly moved fast.

—- USS Elysium —-

Alicia had managed to sweet talk her way out of sickbay, smiling as she looked at Savar as he escorted her home. “I’m fine Imzadi, it was just a bite the medical staff seem to think the wound was clear.

Savar nodded, "I am greatly relieved Alicia, that the medical staff examined you and was satisfied the would was clear."

As they arrived home she waited until the doors were closed before unleashing a passionate enslaught, kissing Savar passionately she could feel the blood pumping through his veins.

Savar was taken back by Alicia's passionate onslaught of kissing, "Alicia, are you alright? This display is not like you."

Alicia smiled. “I’m fine Imzadi” she ran her fingers over his body before her kisses moved to his neck. “You know how much I love you Savar, we’ll always be together.” No sooner had she said it her urge to feed took over, sinking her fangs into Savar’s neck, she held him with supernatural strength as she drank his life’s blood away.

"Alicia!" Savar gasped as Alicia's fangs bit into his neck. He tried to push her off him but her strength was too much for even his Vulcan strength. He drew a hand back and punched Alicia in the face again and again in an effort to break away from whatever this thing Alicia had transformed into.

Alicia recoiled, she was surprised by Savar’s reluctance to be with her in this new afterlife but now she’d infected him it would only be a matter of time before he’d join her anyway. She gave him a watery eyed look before backing away and disappearing out of the door, she had a whole ship to infect.

Savar managed a final "Alicia" before he fell to the floor and convulsions overtook him. His body shook, jerked and arched as the virus spread through his system like wildfire. After several seconds his body stilled it's shaking and he lay still. After several more seconds, his sapped open and he sat upright. He felt refreshed, stronger than ever and surprisingly hungry. Standing up, he didn't see Alicia. His hunger knawed at him, so leaving their quarters and their young children he set out to satisfy his growing hunger.


Reaching the crash site, Naxea scanned the crafts. Vaii's fighter was in tact next to Lieutenant Charles' mangled fighter. "Colonel Azhul to Vaii. Respond."

Naxea wasn't thrilled that she didn't get a response. "It's not like her to not maintain contact," she noted.

Naxea could see the image of Jessica in a blood red dress in the corner of her eye, when her head turned to face Jess. She was gone.

Gary came alongside Naxea, "Colonel, something wrong?" He asked as he looked about the barren landscape.

Damien looked around the crash site, a shiver running down his spine. “Abandoned ships. Missing people. No answer on the comms… this has all the classic signs of a horror movie.” He muttered. “Where’s the holy water when you need it.” Signing softly, he glanced up at the two senior officers. “Everything okay sirs?”

Kaden's ship passed over head and landed nearby. Putting his PADD away he started his way down to the crash sites. "They could be hurt I am heading down to get a look."

Gary suddenly heard Jessica's voice "Gary?" There would be nothing when he turned his head to look in the voice's direction.

Gary heard Jessica's voice but when he turned there was nothing. "Jess?" He called out.

Damien looked up, heading the Commander. “Sir?” He asked, walking over to him. “Is everything okay?”

"Gary... Help me." Another whispered voice came to Commander Taylor. Drawing his attention to a young woman that walked in the distance. Walking around what seemed to be a building. Gary couldn't catch her eyes, only her black hair and deep red dress. "Gary... I'm counting on you... Please help me." Another whipser came... "Come to me." The whisper was alluring.

Gary shook his head, "I'm not sure Mr. Blackford, I keep hearing I hear Commander Vaii's voice and I caught a glimpse of a woman in a red dress but she's gone now."

Damien followed his gaze, biting his lip. “I don’t see anything, sir.” He said. Shouldering his Phaser Rifle, he ran a hand through his hair, before speaking again. “Perhaps we could check it out?” He suggested.

Kaden was halfway down when he caught sight of a figure in a red dress going around some sort of structure. "You guys see that?"

"See what Mr. Ross?" Gary asked, his mind focusing on finding Jess and the other missing pilots.

Kaden pointed in the direction he saw the figure in the red dress noticing it was gone. "What the? Commander, I swear I saw someone out there that way." He scratched his head confused. "I was certain of it."

Suddenly, a loud howling was heard in the darkness.

The howl galvanized Gary, "Everybody stay together. No one goes anywhere alone. Got it?"

Kaden pulled out his phaser and throwing knife. "Don't have to tell me twice."

From the rear of the group, a junior enlisyed security crewman suddenly yelped in pain, then was gone from the group. All that was left was his weapon and a puddle of blood.

Almost immediately. Jessica closed the distance with Kaden and picked him up by his jacket. She moved fast. "Think those weapons will help you." Jess then threw him to the ground and turned towards Gary. Walking forward. "Commander Gary Taylor." Jessica noted. She then closed the distance, Vampire speed. "Too bad Aurelia isn't here to see this, but then again... Mmm... I think I'll save her for you. You're going to be quite... hungry soon."

Kaden flew a good fifteen feet crashing on the ground rolling like a log for a woman Jess was quite strong actually she seemed stronger then a woman.

To Gary's credit he didn't panic, he took his phaser and fired it into what had once been his friend Jessica Vaii but now was something evil and dark. The burst from his phaser temporarily blinded Jess and he scrambled away, yelling to Kaden, "Run!"

Gary didn't have to tell Kaden twice he got to his feet and made a run for it.

She held her eyes but then managed to regain her sight. Hissing at them as they ran. "Run, run, run.. as fast as you can." Jessica noted. "I'll find you soon, Gary. I'm going to go have a few drinks with Nax. Oh wait. She is the drink." Jessica replied in a seductively wicked tone of voice. "See you soon." Jess suddenly turned into a bat form and flew into the sky. "Enjoy my dear hounds, I think you will know them too."

Gary did indeed run and as he did he was thinking, "What the frack was that? What did Jess turn into to?" he racked his brain searching for an answer, when it came to him. Vampire! How do you kill a vampire? A crucifix, that was no crucifix down here, a wooden stake through the heart. There was wood around but how could they get close enough to us it. Garlic? No that repelled but didn't kill. Holy water, again out. Fire, they could make a fire with their phasers but again they needed to get close enough to use it. Silver, his brain suggested but he couldn't remember if that worked on vampires. He knew it worked on werewolves but it was academic as they had no silver. So he continued to run.

Damien's eyes widened as he saw Jessica suddenly close the gap. Bringing his Phaser rifle up, he fired a few shots off. None of them hit, but it was enough to cause a distraction. Following the commander's instructions, he turned heel and followed after him. Jesus wept. He'd played as a Vampire enough times in the Holodeck, but actually coming face to face with one wasn't exactly high on his bucket list. There didn't seem to be much of a plan right now, other than 'run.' So that was exactly what he did.

Fernando heard Commander yell run and then he and Lt. Blackford and Mr. Ross were gone. He move up to Naxea. "I have a bad feeling about this Colonel."

"We cover the others," Naxea said as she put her armor into scanning mode--it was the one advantage that she had over the others in the group. The sensor information was immediately relayed into her helmet's HUD. "Come on, she said as they followed behind Gary and the others.


Jessica transformed back from a bat and began to watch Naxea's Marines from a distance. "Semper fi.... do or die..." She noted. "Well, not in your case, jarheads, you're just going to die." She said to herself quietly as she began stalking them. "My do Marines look yummy."

Along the perimeter of the remaining Marines, Private Holstein was nervously looking left and right. He had just joined the unit, fresh out of boot, three weeks ago. All of the training he had received did not prepare him for monsters! He was freaking out and shaking so hard, he was sure that his instructors, back on Earth, could hear his bones rattle.

Suddenly, a sound came from his right. In a panic, he spun and started to fire wildly. That's when something hit him from behind, knocking him several feet forward, into the fog. It had felt like a wall of fur!

When he landed face first in the darkness, he lost his grip on his rifle. But, even scared, like a well-trained Marine, he jumped back to his feet and pulled out his trusty ka-bar, the Marine's best friend. Phasers could go dry and become useless. A Marine's ka-bar survival knife, that was a weapon of the gods.

Turning in place, he tried to see anything in the fog and darkness, but couldn't even see his hand a foot in front of his face.

Suddenly, he felt a presence directly behind him. Then heard the dead, menacing growl, like a dog that was eight feet tall. While his brain was starting to short circuit in fear, he slowly turned to face the threat. The first thing he saw, were the fangs, dripping with blood and gore. Then he saw the shredded pilot's jumpsuit. It was Captain Charles!

Without a another seconds hesitation, the beast was on Holstein, taking him to the ground, fangs digging into his flesh as his trusty weapon fell away from his hands. In the last beats of his life, Holstein thought that Charles's callsign was Demon. Then he was gone and the beast enjoyed its meal. Until, that is, when it heard the sound of approaching feet. Looking up, his enhanced vision saw the main group getting close. He was dangerously outnumbered. After taking another big mouthful of Holstein, he leapt away, melting back into the fog.

Nenaa was the first marine on the scene firing off her Tr-116 at the creature disappearing inti the fog. She heard something connect but nothing else. " Holstein gone." She said trying not to throw up at the sight of the pile of meat and shredded gear on the floor. What was left of him even turned her veteran stomach.

Naxea approached the grisly scene behind Nenaa. "Damn!" She then spotted the large claw prints in the ground. "What the hell was that thing?"

" No idea, but it took a TR bullet and didn't even slow down." The marine said panning her rifle around trying to see a target.

Two howls could be heard in the distance, one to the east, the other to the south.

"Hey Nax." Jess held a bottle. "Wanna have a drink? Just like we used to do when I was mortal? We can still be friends." She cooed evily.

Taking a quick shot at Jess, the shot missed Jess as it was intended and obliterated the bottle in her hand. "This isn't you, Jess!" she called out before looking around. "We're surrounded. We need to get to some high ground and someplace more defensible."

Phaser fire came down in front of Naxea and the remaining members of the away team. "This way! Up here!" Gary yelled to them from of the abandoned structures.

"Oh no you don't Gary. Wait your turn." Jess zipped to different places using her speed and then grabbed Nax's rifle, beginning to crush it in her hands. "No silver, No stakes, no fire... What ever will you do when your marines have to fight a Vampire, Nax? I'm afraid they're just going to have to die now."

The two beasts, which had been circling the group in the dark, suddenly turned in and charged, taking out the junior ranked Marines in the group, each one screaming in pain and agony, until they were silenced.

Then, when just the core of Marines remained, several altered beasts started to take up position around them, each one wearing shredded Marine uniforms. On either side of Jessica, moved the two original beasts, one tall, with black fur and seemingly very protective of his Mistress. The other one, smaller, golden fur and much bigger ears than the rest. Both of these beasts wore shredded Marine pilots jumpsuits.

Naxea muttered a curse, recognizing that her Marines were being turned into these creatures. With the turned Jess holding onto her rifle, she pulled a photon grenade from her armor and pulled her self on top of Jess with the other arm as she moved into a choke hold with all her strength, pressing the grenade against Jess' skin.

The beasts dropped into agressive stances, growling and snarling at the Maines while the leader held their mistress. They wouldn't attack unless the lead beast did so. And he held fast until his mistress gave the order.

Nenaa cursed as the last of her bullets was spent having had no effect on the beast. Reaching for her combat blade and drawing a magnesium flare she ignited the burning orange light that seemed to banish the shadows. " Well come on then. Who wants to be the first to get the s££$£'s." She yelled at the beasts.

"Is that all you got Nax?" Now now... you're being difficult. Jess grabbed Nax and threw her to the ground with her strength with just enough time to grab the grenade and toss it towards some of the team with its pin pulled. "Oh too bad the corps did not issue you garlic or stakes. You could have used them." Jess grabbed Naxea and made off with her.

The Alpha snarled to his pack, and they attacked, taking down both Damien and Nenaa. However, instead of killing, they were held firmly in place. The Alpha stalked over to the two of them, struggling against the strength of their captors. Without hesitation, the Alpha first bit Nenaa, then Damien. Not severe enough to kill them, just enough to infect them and turn them into the newest members of his loyal pack.

Then, sniffing the air, he snarled again, instructing them to hold the new pups here, while he and his Beta followed their mistress.

Nenaa screamed as green blood fell on the ground as the beast that bit her lumbered away as one of the smaller beasts held her down. She could feel her body burn as bones, tissue and organs began to move as the virus coursed through her system.

As her armor broke as fresh muscles pulsed through her arm burst from the young beast's hand stabbing upwards and raking it's groin and genitalia with long jagged claws.

It moaned and collapsed to the floor howling in pain as a semi-transformed wolf rose behind it still vomiting in agony from the pain of transformation.

Three of the other recently turned Marines tackled the new pup and pinned her to the ground. Never before, in their collective memories, dating back thousands of years, had a pup ever attacked a member of the pack. The Alpha would need to discipline this one.

As they were suddenly attacked, Damien swung his rifle up but wasn't quick enough. Whatever these creatures were, they were fast. And before he could even think about pulling his Phaser out, the creatures were on him. He struggled as they held him down, crying out in pain as the teeth sunk into him.

As the other creatures held him down, he cried out again as he felt his body undergoing a dramatic change. Bones cracked and popped under his skin as they elongated, and his body burned as the virus changed his physiology.

Minutes later, the change was complete, and Damien arose, sniffing the air, before letting out a howl.

The former orion marine still struggled as the virus spread through her systems as it struggled to adapt to her Orion biology. As her new body settled she struggled to try and stand up her wolf body releasing a heavy dose of modified pheramones.

The pups that surrounded her started to sniff the air and then began fighting with each other. They all had the same goal in mind, mate with the new Alpha female and they would be able to overthrow the current Alpha.

Tag Were-Nenaa(does she allow them to win her, or does she go after the established Alpha? Lol)


Jess stopped in some secluded woods and held Nax up. "Now that drink we usually have every now and then. Don't worry. we're going to be best friends forever and ever." Jess opened her mouth and showed her fangs, biting into Nax and savoring her blood."

Naxeas let out a scream as she struggled against this creature that used to be Vaii.

Jess then scratched open her wrist and placed her arm near Nax's mouth. "Drink up, my friend... Eternity awaits.

The Alpha moved to Jessica's side as she turned Naxea. He and his Beta howled happily and hungrily.

The smell of Vaii's blood made Naxea's stomach churn as she fought the growing hunger within her. She felt a strength flow though her as sounds and sights became more clear to her. "N--no..." she struggled, stumbling away. Pain throbbed in her mouth as she accidently bit her lip with her new growing fangs. Whatever was happening to her was happening fast.

Kaden turned to the others howling and screams being heard all around them certainly made him feel rather scared out of his mind. "You, know I am really starting to hate this place!"

Jess smiled as she was siring her new child. "Go find a mortal that lives. She'll need something to eat." Jess walked to Nax and grabbed her again. Forcing her to partake of more of her blood.

The Alpha and Beta nodded in compliance with their mistress' commands. The Alpha turned and sniffed the air. He picked up the scent of prey that smelled terrified. It would for nicely for the new mistress.

The two predatorseapt out into the murky night and soon were stalking their prey. They both began to circle the man, moving as quietly as death itself. It would not know what hit it.

Kaden despite being scared with all the things going around him he couldn't help but take out his sword he kept on his back and placing the tip of the blade into the ground. Before kneeling down to meditate he knew he was being hunted and those things was circling him.

As soon as the big man knealt, the Beta launched her attack. When she was within eight feet of the prey, she leapt towards him, claws outstretched and fangs glistening with drool and blood.

Without even facing the monster Kaden's assassin skills kicked in naturally moving in a elegant motion dodging the creature bringing up his blade. As he flowed with grace and speed cutting off the creature's hand.

The Beta howled in pain. The appendage would grow back, it still hurt like hell regardless. Green blood squirted from the stump when she crawled back to her feet.

Suddenly there were several howls and snarls, coming from all around the man who had hurt Beta. Easily a dozen recently turned Marines, all snarling and hungry for their first meal. Suddenly, they all looked to a spot behind the man.

Through the fog, the Alpha strode into view. He towered over the man who hurt Beta, and as such, stared fiercely down at the prey.

Kaden looked at the towering brute whipping his sword in his hand out green drops of blood flying everywhere. His leather trench coat whipping in the wind he planted his feet firmly gripping the hilt of his sword tightly. "You want me... come get me!" He said defiantly.

Suddenly a flare landed between Kaden and the beast. Lighting the entire area up.In brilliant white light. "This way Ross!" Gary's voice rang out from one of the structures as phaser fire sprayed the area.

The Alpha roared angrily, but the phaser fire kept him back. Instead, he growled commands to his pack and the rest of them pursued the man that hurt Beta.

Glaring at the new prey, Alpha recognized it's scent on the wind. This one was for the Mistress alone. So, he stood there, snarling up at the other man.

Gary gave the beast a humorless smile. increased the setting on the rifle and shot the beast squarely in the chest.

Kaden was certainly glad to see the Commander again as he ran to his side in the structure. He grabbed an abandoned TR-116 rifle along the way blasting a beast in the face with a smile he put away on his back joining in in popping off the oncoming monsters.

"Commander, glad to see you!" Kaden fired his rifle into another beasts chest. "Thanks for the assistance back there."

There was a tremendous howling, which seemed to surround the two men. It sounded like hundreds, perhaps thousands of the beasts were approaching them at high speed.

From the ground below, the Alpha suddenly stood back up, the burn mark on his powerfully-built chest slowly healing. He desperately wanted to feed on that one. However, the control his Mistress had over him kept him from attacking those she claimed as her prey. He instead stared the man directly in his eyes, the amount of pure hatred was palpable in those fierce eyes.

"Good to see you as well Mr. Ross. Have you seen anyone else?" Gary continued, "Grab as many weapons, flares, grenades you can. I'll do the same. We need to find somewhere better fortified."

With a frown, the bartender shook his head he hadn't seen anyone else but the Commander which meant they were probably the only two left. He was gathering all the TR-116 ammo and grenades he can find intending to massacre these bastards all way back to the Elysium.

They were going to get home to Lia and Freya that he intended to do. Taking a few extra moments Kaden even grabbed broken weapons and pulled certain parts and chemicals from them. Returning to Taylor's side he began to mix chemicals together assembling makeshift new weapons.

Seeing a beast coming at Gary he tossed one of his makeshift chemical weapons into its face. It was acid already the flesh was dissolving as it let out a dying roar before its lifeless carcass fell at both their feet. Becoming a mound of bloody mush the acid still eating it in areas.

"Nicely done. Let's move." Gary said as the pair moved deeper into the structure.

With a nod, Kaden followed Gary on his heels proving cover fire as they worked their way deeper. He needed to make more acid-based weapons for both of them was the only way thus far to kill these horrors of the past.

Seeing the men scurry away, the Alpha gave pursuit, staying out of range of their weapons, but never loosing sight of them as they fled through the night.

A few moments after it was hit with the acid weapon, the dissolved beast started to reform. It was a painful and slow process, but it continued to reconstitute itself.

As Gary and Kaden moved further into the structure, Gary asked, "Have you seen Master Chief De La Rosa?"

Kaden merely shook his head he lost track of the poor guy during the chaos. "No, but I hope we run into, Fernando, and he is okay."

Fernando had gotten separated from the others and in the chaos that had followed avoided being spotted by those big wolf things and whatever Commander Vaii had turned into. He was holed up lying under a piece of wreckage. He had seen Commander Taylor and the civilian run into a structure. Now, he had to figure out how to get to them without being eaten.

Out in the darkness, several pairs of eyes were watching the lone man, their heightened senses allowing them to follow his movements easily. As he started to move, they did as well, stalking him for the final kill.

After a few meters, the beasts suddenly advanced rapidly, taking Fernando down to the ground easily. But, before they can kill him, the Beta joins the hint and bites him. Not a fatal bite, just enough with which to turn him.

Fernando tried to run, tried to run but the monsters were too fast, too strong and he was taken down and pinned to the ground by strong claws that dug into his skin, further immobilizing him. He looked up into the drooling mouths and the yellow eyes and whispered. "Heather." before a wolf bent down and bit him ending the life he knew.

As the wolves tightened the circle around Gary and Kaden preparing to attack the pair. An announcement could be heard, " All hands man your stations, this is not a drill." As the holo program faded into nothing to be replaced by the yellow and black color pattern og the holo deck.

USS Elysium, Marine country berthing:

Winston had a pair of Eights, and nothing, and the chips on the table, were not in his favor, he looked over at Corporal Tonelly, and said, "I see your two chocolate covered pretzel's and raise you a candy bar"

David considered the raise currently sit]ting in the kitty. Looking at his cards, a pair of nines, a three, a seven, and a king. His face was completely unreadable, having been playing human poker for nearly three hundred years now. "I'll see your candy bar, and raise you the replicator credits."

The door to the berthing opened and the out of breath Sargeant said, "One of our fighters has crashed under suspicious circumstances, and the Bridge has raised shields. This is not a drill, Marines to Yellow status, Pull your gear and outfit everything but weapons."

The rest of his speech was uninterrupted by secure incoming comm's on his head set. The Sargent heard everything clearly but to everyone else in the room, it sounds like scramble alphabet soup with random sounds ans click's and beeps throw in. He stopped hit his com button for All Marines, then then began yelling, "Boot's and Saddles!"

Boots and Saddles...This was the age old call to arms dating back to the mounted cavalry of the wild west. When the Army had soldiers on horse back, and this was their get up, we have enemy to fight call.

The Sargent continued, "Landing party under heavy ground assault... Man your Combat action station posts."

Winston leapt to his feet, grabbing his cammo top and hurriedly started dressing.

David looked over and almost jumped up, but stayed where he was. As he was still on medical leave, he was not officially on duty. Looking over at Winnston, he shrugged. "Guess the game's over." He tossed his cards down, face up. "Watcha got?"

Winston, threw his cards on Davids hand, face up, then said, " Nothing on a silver platter, you get to clean up!" Then Winston ran to his locker to grab his combat kit, and start dressing. He inserted his Escrima Stick's into his vest slots, just in case he ended up in close quarters combat.

Chuckling, David did clean up, taking his winnings and placing them in a plastic bag. Baeryn might enjoy the chocolate later. "Be careful out there, yeah?"


Suddenly, Jess was interrupted. "T'Venn to Vaii." Jess spoke up. "What is it?"

"We need you in the squadron tactical planning center."

"Roger that." Jess spoke. "Well, I guess eternity in darkness will have to wait until next week guys."

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