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Senior Staff - And now....

Posted on Mon May 3rd, 2021 @ 7:20am by Captain Yasmine Carrington & Avalon & Commander Garrett Lovejoy & Commander Aurelia Taylor & Commander Sthilg & Envoy Gary Taylor & Lieutenant Colonel Azhul Naxea & Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik & Lieutenant Gallia Norris & Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi & Lieutenant Victor Barclay de Tolly & Lieutenant Siora Carberos & Ensign Miraj Derani

Mission: Season 5: Episode 2: Operation Save Humanity
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: MD1 - 16h00
3680 words - 7.4 OF Standard Post Measure

The following was announced to the crew over the comms at 11h00.

[[“The Crew of the USS Elysium is hereby recalled to the Elysium on Starbase 1. All senior staff are to report for departure briefing at 16h00. Elysium departs at 05h00 tomorrow! Please make your way to SB1 for departure!”]]

"Well, isnae that jus the way." Gallia lowered her head and swore, she was getting Tayalas gifts and needed to stop now, but she would do it, "I swear, there isnae any time for yeself."

=Briefing Room=

Baeryn entered the briefing room with her nose in a PADD and rolling her tender shoulder. The new workouts were doing wonders for her mind set but she now felt sore all the time. Once a few feet in she lowered the PADD, realizing she was extremely early she took a seat on the far side of the room and continued reviewing her report.

Upon entering, Lia looked about the room. A Lieutenant sat on the far side using a PaDD, "Your either very early or very keen Lieutenant". She moved to the bottom of the table, wanting to be as far away from the Captain as possible. Sitting down she now removed her own PaDD and continued her review of the action the ship had just undertaken, so far she'd spent two day's going over everything. Still in the back of her mind, she felt she'd missed something.

Baeryn chuckled at the commanders comment, looking up briefly to find her already immersed in her own PaDD.

Alicia walked into the briefing room one hand on her back, she was only a matter of around 7 weeks from the birth of hers, and Savar’s daughter. Her back was well and truly feeling the stain of carrying a fair sized bump around. Although she was on maternity leave she had attended all briefings to keep up-to-date with what was going on. “Good Morning” she offered a smile to Whavi, and Lia.

"Morning." Baeryn smiled to the pregnant female, surprised she was here at all and not resting in her quarters.

Looking up, Lia smiled. "Morning Alicia, how are you today?" She placed her PaDD on the table as she spoke, "You can't have long to go now, are you all prepared?"

Alicia smiled as she gently took a seat, even that was a feat without plopping down in an awkward manner. “I think so, we’ve got the nursery all set up ready. Only another 7 or 8 weeks now, that’s if the baby goes full term for a Betazoid. I guess only time will tell. To be honest I’ll be glad to get the weight off my back!”

Naxea entered the briefing room at a slower pace than normal. Physical Therapy was still kicking her ass and although she had been released from Sickbay, she was still not cleared for full duty--she was forced to do more administrative roles. She wanted nothing more than to be out training with her Marines, but that was a role that was currently assigned to her XO, Warrant Officer Man'darr. "Ugh, thankfully Bajorans' full term is five months. I don't how Betazoid and Terran women can stand to gestate for so long," the weariness evident in her voice though she tried her best to hide it.

Victor walks in as he sees a few. "Good day everyone. Alicia, so two months. Many blessings to you this wonderful day."

Alicia looked at Victor in surprise, considering he wasn’t in the room when she told Lia she wondered how he’d guessed so precisely. The question wasn’t one for debate though so she let it pass. “Thank you Victor.” She looked to Naxea. “Trust me Colonel, it’s not easy but at the same time carrying for so long is enjoyable in its own way. I’d like to catch up with you later if that’s alright?”

Sitting at her chair, Naxea nodded. "Sure."

Next in was the chief MD wearing what looked like a thick apron, goggles, and with a small cutting saw on his belt. " I apologissse for my ssstate of dresss. Ensign Azanrak is molting and he'sss needing a little help getting out of his old exoskeleton. How is everyone today."

Arrianna walked into the room and proceeded to a random chair in the room. Usually, she'd sit at the Captain's left during these meetings. But now she didn't take her usual seat. Add to that. She was pissed off, and ready to kill the next person that walked into the room. She stared at the crew and then zeroed in on the Doctor. "Doctor. Stow that equipment in the officer's wardroom." Arri stated.

" But I have to go back he's still...." the doctor began to explain.

"Just do it!!!" Arri snapped. "You'll thank me later. To use that human expression; 'the shit has hit the fan.' Go to the wardroom, and put your equipment into it, Doctor."

"Okay okay okay keep your hair on." the gorn said as he vanished into the wardroom before returning quickly.

Miraj arrived at the tail end of the harsh moment, and sensing the tension, wished she could turn around and leave. She barely counted as senior staff right? Knowing that that probably wouldn't wash, she slid into a free seat next to Lia and tried to look inconspicuous.

Alicia had watched Arrianna’s exchange with her adoptive father with interest, making a mental note to speak with Arrianna later to check if all was alright. She offered Sthilg a smile, “To answer your question, I’m fine apart from feeling like a space whale!” She grinned.

Lia now looked back up at the two Commanders, "Stow it you two, anyone would think your a pair of Cadets. There's enough grief to go round without you pair of numbskulls adding to it, and in case nobody has worked it out. Lia Taylor is not a happy bunny, now sit your butts down and wait like the rest of us".

Gary came in next, his face a blank mask but his eyes were full of anger. He didn't look left or right his eyes focused straight head. He bypassed his usual seat at the head of table and to the right of the Captain's chair. Instead he went to the end of the table and took the seat on the other side of Lia. He gave a short curt nod to Miraj as he sat.

Baeryn peered up from under her lashes, keeping her face pointed down at the PaDD she was failing to read. The tension and energies in the room were a bit intoxicating, even more so with the fierce exchanging of words between personnel. After watching Commander Taylor walk in and forego his usual seat, she set the PaDD down, done pretending she wasn't listening. The room was steadily becoming more and more uncomfortable for the hybrid.

Gallia slid in and sat next to Baeryn Whavi, giving her hand a squeeze as she did, "Tha's from Tay."

Watching Gary move past his usual seat, caught Naxea's attention. Had she missed something? What exactly was going on? 'Marines are always the last to know,' she thought with a shrug as waited for the captain to arrive.

Alicia watched Gary with interest there was definitely something going on that seemed to displease him. No doubt they’d all find out what it was when Phoenix arrived.

Siora walked into what only could be described as a sea of tension, the frustration and anger in the room was most palpable and instead of speaking she simply gave a small nod and slight smile as she took a seat at the table. She had read plenty of rooms like this and sometimes words made matters worse unless they came from the right person.

Lia turned to Gary and spoke quietly to him, "You ready for the funny farm to arrive? I know I don't have to tell you, but just give them the rope and let them hang themselves". She held his hand as she spoke, taking a deep breath she returned to her PaDD and waited.

Gary gave Lia a tight, humourless smile. His hand tightened around hers. "I'm ready and no you don't but I appreciate the reminder. I am going to get a great deal of satisfaction out of watching them fail gloriously." he finished as his eyes went to the door to await the Captain's arrival.

The Senior staff were still missing a member when the door opened and two officers entered the room.

One was female, with brown hair and brown eyes. She wore red with Captain's pips. The other was male, nearly 6f tall with Brown hair and Blue eyes, he too wore red with Commander pips.

The female took up position in what was Captain Lalor's Chair. She looked around the room. Her eyes were cold and hard.

"I am Captain Yasmine Carrington. I am the New Commanding Officer of the USS Elysium. My Executive Officer, is Commander Garrett Lovejoy." she announced her tone cold.

Baeryns attention shot to Gary for some kind of confirmation this wasn’t a joke. The tension in the room made sense, but she could tell it was just the beginning....

Gary met Bearyn's look of inquiry and gave a short nod of confirmation.

Yasmine ignored the looks going around and continued. "Commander Gary Taylor will now head up the diplomatic department, one I hear that really needs people in it. And, Commander Salannis au Vantar is no longer Second officer."

The only thing Arrianna did was stare at Lovejoy. Any telepath in the room would feel something very concerning from Arrianna; betrayal. Betrayal that stemmed from Lovejoy and the new Captain. Though Arri displayed an impressive amount of self control with these two in the room. But Arrianna never even acknowledged Yasmine half the time unless the bitch gave an order. But there was one thing Alecia would have felt.

Arrianna was furious enough to kill Garrett Lovejoy.

"Lieutenant Whavi?" Carrington asked looking at the group.

Whavi lifted her hand to signal her placement among the gathered crew, keeping her face neutral of any emotion.

"You will be second officer from now on. Commander Salannis au Vantar is currently clearing that office, but you should be able to move in tomorrow." Yasmine announced.

Baeryn's lips parted as she struggled to keep her eyes on Carrington as she digested the news. The tension in the room spiked to a near unbearable level. Snapping out of her trance she nodded, "Aye Captain." The title tasted like bile in her mouth.

Standing up, Lia gave Carrington a frosty stare. "Can I ask if there will be any changes in the way I run my department, now that your in Command?" Her tone was quiet but laced with subtle sarcasm, she was making clear to all that life would be different now. For Carrington to react, it would show just how fragile her ego really was. Lia knew this, because as she had run her simulation she had also run a background check on Carrington.

"I only ask as most experienced Captains have their own idea's on Security, I wondered if you wanted any changes made?" Again subtle sarcasm which if Carrington reacted to, would make her look weak and unable to do her job. The path Lia trod was risky, but she didn't really care for the new Command staff and this was her way of showing it.

Yasmine was not stupid, she knew people were pissed. But they could very well get over it. Or they could bloody well get off her ship. "Commander Lovejoy assures me Commander Taylor that the Security Department on the Elysium is second only to the Enterprises in competency and that your department, like others has been under utilised. I am no green princess Commander. I know what I am doing and I know that your department is fine as it is."

Lia nodded and looked at Lovejoy, "Nice to know you learned something on your last visit Commander, I suppose an inspection will be made at sometime?" This was a barb against the XO and his so called inspections, but made in a way to show him that the Security Chief wasn't his ally.

Lovejoy for his part maintained his silence and gave Lia a cold, humorless smile that didn't reach his eyes.

Alicia had no prior history with this Captain, or her XO but it was obvious some people did. That and the fact that this change of Command wasn’t going down well. “Captain” She offered a polite smile. “Do you have any specific requests for the Counselling department? I’m currently on reduced duties now I’ve started maternity leave, but Lieutenant Sullivan, Commander Savar, and the rest of the department have my full confidence to handle anything requested of them.”

"I would like all your reports on the crew, Commander, And I want a listing of people who have avoided your department, same with Medical Doctor" Yasmine said to the Gorn.

“Yes Captain” Alicia nodded respectfully, she wasn’t going to get on the wrong side of this Captain.

The gorn was quiet as he heard the news. This didsn't make any sense. Even still he nodded and replied, " Yes captain."

Naxea watched the exchange with interest. Why had the captain and XO been replaced? Even for Starfleet this was FUBAR as she had heard many humans call it. Why replace a Captain and XO that the crew was already familiar with? She personally did not know these two officers but the reactions from the other senior staff told her most of what she needed to know--they were likely a royal pain in the rear.

Victor had met the new Captain from his reality but only professionally. She was one without distractions which he respected. He was impressed then as he is now how she conducted her mannerisms. He waited his turn to speak. One thing he asked himself, is she the same way in this reality or has her past caused her to be the opposite. As always, Victor gives one the benefit of the doubt.

Yasmine looked at them all. "I want this clearly understood. I will have no tantrums, or outbursts of any kind You are all supposedly Starfleet officers, and the allowances granted by the traitor Phoenix Lalor are now null and void. This ship will follow all operational guidelines and procedures, Anyone with issue with that, you have 15 hours to leave. Inform your departments." Carrington said "Ensign Derani, we depart tomorrow at 07h00, I expect my chief of Helm to be in the pilots chair,"

"Yes Ma'am." Miraj said. The sheer level of tension in the room made her absolutely sure that she wasn't going to drag this out any longer than necessary. Deciding she wanted senior staff on bridge a hour before their shift started was just territorial pissing, and she wasn't the sort to challenge a superior officer over anything, even that sort of pettiness.

Alicia’s view turned curiously to the new XO, there was more to him than there appeared to be, he was holding back emotions that much she could feel. She had a feeling he didn’t like Captain Carrington as much as it appeared.

'Not like this...' Arrianna thought to herself. 'You and your stooge will not rule the emotions of an Alindari. I must thank you... Captain... It wasn't until now that realised the amount of irrational hatred that was boiling inside me... But I will find Phoenix Lalor. Now I have a new battle to fight.'

"That is all I have for now, Are there any other... issues or queries I should be aware of?" Yasmine asked.

Siora too had not worked with Lalor that long to form a great bond with her. She was sad to hear her go and would definitely look into what had happened quietly if only for her own curiosity. She had ways of finding information. "No issues Captain. I will continue to run the intelligence department the way I have been doing unless you deem change necessary." She spoke.

"I believe that changes in your department will not be needed Lieutenant. I have reviewed all the senior staff files. I know what you are capable of." Carrington said calmly.

Gallia had worked with Phoenix for three years, she loved her, Kara's gorgeous captain remark of so long ago not withstanding, and she was not about to let this go down, especially not with that bastard Lovejoy, but she'd stow it for now, "I'll have readiness reports far me department within the hour." With that, she nodded curtly and left them.

Garrett realized he had to do something, to show Carrington he was on her side. "Get back here Lieutenant!" He snapped at her, "You haven't been dismissed yet. To something like this again and you'll spend some time in th brig."

She considered saying something to him about that, why she was singled out, but she decided not to. She knew that bastard would love that if she was in the brig, she'd no doubt be keeping Kara company for the duration of her stay, she merely stood and waited for Capt. Carrington, the pretender to Phoenix's throne, to dismiss her.

Lia sat watching the way Gallia was being treated, then slowly stood up. "Excuse me Captain, but since when did insulting Star Fleet Officers become standard procedure?" She turned to face Lovejoy, "Even you can not fail to see that no infraction was committed". Slowly walking over to the new Command Staff, she stopped in front of Lovejoy. "If you wish to flex your discipline skill's Commander, I would suggest you read the rule book again. Lieutenant Norris simply stated her intention and left to do so, if our Captain felt insulted it was up to her to say something".

Turning to Carrington Lia continued, "With respect Captain, but in reality. Did the Lieutenant disrespect you in any way?" The clearly loaded question was designed to pitch one against the other, to back Lovejoy would place her at odds with the old Command Staff as it would show favouritism towards Lovejoy. But could she even allow herself to back Lia against her only ally on the ship?

"Leaving a meeting prior to dismissal is against regulations Commander. Take that tone again, and you will find yourself in a cell" Yasmine replied coldly.

"The meeting was finished Captain, others were making ready to leave. The only thing the Lieutenant may have been guilty of is jumping the gun slightly, which is hardly a crime and her rebuke should not have been carried out in the fashion it was". Lia now took a deep breath and continued, "As for my tone, I find it impossible to overlook the condescending way in which both yourself and Commander Lovejoy have addressed the other members of this meeting". She took a step back, "Now with your permission, I will report to the brig. As it appears the right to defend one's self and fellow Officers, has been removed from this vessel". She waited to see if Carrington would carry out her threat, hopefully common sense would prevail.

Alicia had sat quiet for long enough, tensions in the room were reaching a crescendo. “Captain” She looked to Carrington. “With all due respect, it’s obvious that both yourself and Commander Lovejoy have a prior history with this ship, and some of her crew. Tensions in this room are running at an all time high, which maybe a reason to allow some leeway.” She looked towards Lia then back at Carrington.

"I personally have no history with this ship. I just know how incompetent someone has to be to not see a traitor under their very noses. Commander Aurelia Taylor. 6 hours confined to quarters. The rest of you are dismissed." Carrington turned on her heal. "Bridge crew are to be on the bridge at 07h00." And she left the briefing room.

Alicia shook her head, this was one Captain she’d be glad to see the back of. Her eyes fell on Lovejoy. “Commander may I have a word with you ... in private?”

Lovejoy looked her up and down. "At your convenience Counselor."

Looking at Alicia, Lia shook her head. "Commander Kelea-Salik, please stand down. There is no point in both of us being in the brig". She turned to Lovejoy, "With your permission Commander, I will now report to my quarters".

"Permission granted Commander." Lovejoy replied coolly.

Alicia looked towards Lia, “Very well Commander.” She sighed and pushed her seat out ready to depart.

Naxea stood, sighing. "Well this is going to be one big clusterfuck," she commented moving away from the table. She despised the way he snapped at Gallia as she had indeed been dismissed. Respect was earned, not given and so far these two new officers were not on her good side. 'As long as they keep away from my Marines and Marine Country, things will be fine,' she thought.

Victor was confused about the major point. When was the alleged incident in which his former Captain committed to cause her to be dismissed. She was a good Captain and she would be missed. In the other Reality, he had been counselled several times when things like this happened, unless he had personal knowledge of what happened, he should stay clear. Things often or not what they seem to be.

Gary stood and he spoke clearly, choosing his words carefully. "I'll escort my wife to our quarters with your permission of course Commander Lovejoy."

"Be my guest Commander Taylor or should I call you Envoy now." Garrett asked.

Gary just shook his head and moved to Lia's side.

Lia simply shook her head, "One day Commander, you will regret your actions today". Turning to Gary she simply said, "Take me to our quarters, the company around here isn't the kind I enjoy."



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