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Posted on Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 @ 5:59am by Commander Sthilg & Ensign BF 345078 (john Snow.) [Sthilg] & Captain Garrett Lovejoy [ Taylor] & Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Aurelia Taylor & Commander T'Kara & Lieutenant Colonel Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik & Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi & Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D. & Lieutenant Rin & Lieutenant JG Damien Blackford & Lieutenant JG Myne Redal & Lieutenant JG Edward D'Gracefull & Ensign Miraj Derani & Corporal David Tonelly & Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Dr. Katherine Taylor [Vantar]

Mission: Season 5: Episode 3: CAPETOWN
Location: USS Elysium
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"Chief medical officers log stardate ..........." the gorn began before pausing as he looked at the walls of the changing room where he and the members of the away team were dressing in the evo suits for the mission.

As the ship had approached his home the signal had begun affecting the ship. Now even audio communication with the Moonshadow was impossible the two crews having to type messages to each other.

Now he was going to have to lead the team down to a world he'd thought he'd never see again.

Rin nodded in acknowledgement of the doctor's presence as she arrived, found her assigned suit, and slipped it on, doublechecking each seal. She introduced herself to each new face as they came into the room.

Naxea fished donning her Marine EVA suit as the suit's computer went through an automatic systems check. Life support, emergency sealant gel, tactical sensors, and the magnetized boot system all registered in the green. She picked up her pulse rifle and checked the energy cell, ensuring it was full. She then slid extra energy cells into the cell pouches attached to the gear belt around her waist. "How is everyone?" she asked, looking at the others.

Dr. Taylor walked in with some hover sleads along with John Snow. "Alright Ensign. I'm counting on you to make sure I get the blood types and drug allergies for Gorn correct. A reptillian species.. so they're cold blooded. That means a very slow metabolism. I'm wondering if their biology is similar to various types of Monitor Lizards on the Southern Continent?"

Liam stepped inside, alreasy wearing his suit. As the mission prep and getting to know his squad and the rest of the unit had taken the most of his time, his EVO uit was still painted in the arctic white that was the normback at Camp Falkirk. He had alreasy doublechecked his gear: explosive charges, spray gel corrosive, det cord, blasting caps, fuzes, two claymores, three incendiary grenades, three fragnentation grenades, a collapsable entrenching tool, his K-bar, Type 1 phaser pistol, fully functioning replica M-1911, with three magazines of hollow points, and his old friend, a Mossberg 800 sawed-off 12 guage pump, in a sheath behind his right shoulder.

Winston followed his Squad leader into the room. He looked down at his suit to triple check seals , equipment and a dozen other things. This was a routine that was drilled into them, designed to keep them alive. His suite was dark colored cammo. He had a type Three compressed phase rifle over his right shoulder, and his schrema sticks over his left. He had dozen's of pockets, rations, tools, weapons, explosive's, he carried part of his load out for squad mate's. Explosives for the Demolitions expert, ammo for the heavy weapon's expert, tools for the combat engineer. He was slightly stronger than the average human, even though he was shorter than his brothers. He still carried twice what the average person in his squad. His back pack alone was almost 100 kilo's. He looked down at the old fashioned chemical propellant pistol on his right hip. It was large old, but in good condition. He practiced at least ten hours a week in the range, to keep it a extension of his self. He was a marksman, with all of his weapons. He walked behind his squad leader, quiet, calm, waiting for orders. He always liked the calm, pity it never lasted.

*Yay, suits! This is not claustrophobic at all!!* Myne thought to herself as she entered as well, nodding to those already present. Though, after seeing Rin, she did wave quite enthusiastically. "Erm, which one of you is Doctor Taylor?" The Trill asked as she began to put on an EVO suit quite unpleased.

Damien walked into the changing room, nodding to each member of the away team as he did, stepping up to his assigned suit, quickly pulling it on, double-checking all the seals and vitals, before making sure his Phaser was secured to his waist, before grabbing his Phaser rifle from his locker, ensuring it was fully functional, before strapping it to his back, and then turned around, awaiting further instructions.

Freya and Leilani walked into the room together, Leilani having given Freya a hand with her suit. Leilani had to admit she hated wearing these suits but better protected than not. She had come equipped with what she needed, but had no doubt there’d be plenty more to set up and organise.

Katie made sure her suit was on. "Hey, Can one of you guys make sure I've put this helmet on." Katherine noted.

Sthilg stood up and walked over and began doing his checks. " You need to move it till you hear a clicking." He said slightly moving the helmet to make sure it's airtight seal was on.

Looking at Katie and Sthilg, Myne approached. "Excuse me. Doctor Taylor? Hi, Lt. Redal, I will be tagging along with your team." Myne said offering a hand to shake to the doctor.

"Very well then." Dr. Taylor noted. "We'll be heading to a hospital, and I'll need as much help as we can get. I want to get it ready in case there's any wounded. Which a hospital should be." She smiled.

"Yes ma'am. I'll make sure things are up and running and you get the tech you need and all that working." Myne nodded to Dr. Taylor looking determined and eager to help.

The gorn gave Myne hand a good shake. " Glad your with usss Myne."

"Thank you Chief Doctor! Glad you didn't eat me when we first met!" Myne chuckled nervously as the Gorn shook her hand, offering him a brave smile while trying to lighten her own mood with some humor.

Baeryn gave a small smile to those she passed while entering the room. She noted those present, some familiar some new, and mentally noted those yet to arrive. Unlike most of her fellow crew mates, Whavi enjoyed the EVA suits, she relished any chance she got to don one. Once suited she turned towards the others.

Freya smiled as she made her way over to Baeryn. “Hi there, I’m Freya Ross. I don’t think we officially met.”

Baeryn studied the woman's face for a moment before responding, "No, I don't believe we have. Baeryn Whavi." She extended a hand.

Freya shook Baeryn’s hand with a warm smile, “It’s nice to meet you Baeryn. I’m on diplomatic exchange learning the Starfleet ropes so-to-speak, I’m looking forward to learning all there is to know.”

"Well if I can help you in anyway, please don't hesitate to reach out. Good luck down there." Baeryn gave the woman a reassuring smile.

From her place not far from Baeryn, Tate had donned her own suit, partly fighting her own feelings of claustrophobia and her own racing thoughts about the mission. It had been sometime since she had been part of an away team, and while she was looking forward to being of use, it was never easy to walk into the unknown. ALike Tate, she knew Baeryn had a job to do, but because the counselor knew of her very tenuous pregnancy, Sullivan couldn't help but wonder how she was holding up.



Vise looked concerned from the medical station looking over at coms where the officer was struggling to communicate with the gorn dreadnaught. The crackly SOS signal was now playing on almost every short way ship-to-ship communications device other than the com badges thankfully.

Jess spoke. "Captain, I could take a wingman out and do a fly-by."

Garrett turned to address Jess, "Make it so Jess and keep in contact with the ship. You spot anything out of the ordinary, you report it. You don't go and investigate it. This whole affair doesn't add up and I don't want anyone taking undo chances, understand?"

"Roger, that Elysium Actual." Jess turned to leave and tapped her combaged. "Vai to Charles.. Suit up and get Tink ready. We're going to get some eyes on the situation here."

George's voice came over her commbadge in a quick reply. "Aye, Ma'am! We'll be ready by the time you get here. Demon out!"

Alicia arrived on the bridge, having left Connor and N’Vea with her mother, who was thoroughly enjoying herself. She couldn’t help but wish she was going with her father, if only to be there as moral support, but he was right when he said she wasn’t yet fit enough after her rough birth and surgery.

Lia stood at her station, her sensors showed her nothing, everything seemed to be ok. But she knew that couldn't be the case, so either someone or something was interfering with her sensors. And for the away teams safety, she needed to find out just what was going on.


Down in the cargo bay the teams had assembled in front of the four runabouts. Sthilg was giving everyone one last check on their suit's integrity before adressing the group.

" Okay....." He started before a slight bump indicated the ship had left warp. " Sssory about that. I'd like to thank you for all agreeing to do thisss. Asss you'll have read in the missssssion brief thisss planet hasss been under quarantine for nearly two hundred years. Other than the two native ssspeciesss we ssshould be the only people down there. "

He paused as behind him the brown world appeared through the hanger sheilds. A few ancient-looking ship's and orbital platforms hung around the world clear remnants of it's shipbreaking past.

"Team one will be landing at my home village and proceeding to the wreck of the Capetown to ssswitch off it's distressssss beacon. Team two will be landing at the hossspital of the major city to ussse it asss a bassse in cassse we'll need it. Any questionsss." he asked to the assembled faces.

Liam spoke up first. "Would it be prudent, once we are done with the shipwreck, to set a few charges in her, to both keep others out and help bury any other brewing issues from her?"

"Probably not," Miraj said. "You don't know what you'll shake loose." She was suited and ready to go. "Are you sure you don't want to be dropped in closer. I can do it entirely by eye, no need to worry about dodgy sensors."

" You've not seen thessse moauntainsss my dear or how they can messss up the enginesss" The old doctor replied.

"and you've not seen me fly," Miraj shrugged. flying around wrecked vessels, flying in wrecked vessels, she'd been doing this since she was old enough to reach the conn. Flying blind with shonky engines wouldn't be anything new.

"That's enough," Naxea spoke up sternly, taking a step forward next to Sthilg. "We follow the Doctor's advice as he knows this planet better than anyone else here. Until we know what we're dealing with, no risk taking."

"Don't worry Miraj, we all know what your capable off." Baeryn told the Ensign reassuringly. Though she only had a glimpse of the ensigns ability to fly was could tell she was talented.

" Asss do we all. We all know what you're capable off Miraji, but you don't know how dangerousss flying in thessse mountainsss isss. There a reassson my fathersss team and myssself hiked up to the crasssh sssite. " The old gorn replied camly.

" Now I have two final thingsss to sssay. Firssst isss that one of the native ssspeciesss isss a giant Brachyura. They don't eat meat, but they have a habit of clinging just above the doorwaysss ssso make sssure to look up when exiting a building. The final one isss rather grim. The sssuvivoursss of the virusss did are bessst to find all the deceasssed, but i can't rule out there may be remainsss of gorn ssstill out in the open. The planetsss environment will mossst likely have mummified them."

"Understood Doctor" Leilani nodded as she looked towards Sthilg.

"Dr. Sthilg.." Katie spoke. "Do we have the virology reports form this strain. I'd like to study its effects on multiple species and the Gorn remains post-mortem. Is the Hopsital's isolation ward intact?" Katie was way too intelegent to have lived on New Canaan. "I'm concerned about it's half-life."

" We have a partial one. It was being ssstored in Ssstarfleet medical ssstorage and was mostly lossst when the breen attacked earth." The gorn said as he pulled out the padd. " Asss far asss I know the hossspitals isssolation ward ssshould be intact. "

Katie spoke. "Excellent. I'll make sure our environmental suits are secure and i'll begin with Mister John Snow here to isolate this Virus. Even if there's no one to save from it. It will be valuable to fully catalog this strain. Furthermore, I believe Mister Snow will be uniquely qualified in this task as he will be uniquely resistant to infection. If he can provide me with Samples from the deceased."

"Of course doctor." The Excom responded as he replicated a DNA collection module under his chassis.

With that finished the gorn nodded to everyone. " Take your ssseatsss everyone. " he said taking one last look at the brown world before moving to take his seat next to Miraji in the cockpit.

Leilani took a seat nodding to Freya as she took a seat next to her. "Which team are you on?"

Freya smiled politely, "I'm team one, I'm taking the climb to the crash site you?"

"Team two" Leilani smiled. "I'm a combat medic so it makes sense for me to be on the medical team."

The shuttle got a channel from Commander Vaii. "Shuttlecraft, this is Valkyrie. I and Demon will escort you down to your LZ, then we will stand-by and fly overwatch."

Rin took a seat with Team One. After strapping herself in, she pulled out a PaDD to review the original Capetown report.

Myne herself nodded and took a seat with Team Two. This was her first away mission, so she was quite a bit nervous, not sure what to expect. Strapping herself in, she closed her eyes and began working on her breathing, hoping to calm her nevers down.

Liam waited until everyone else was seated and secured in. He then took his seat, closest to the hatch. As a Marine, it was his job to be first out, and provide protection to his part of the team.

Naxea took a seat across from Liam. "Just know, if you get killed, I'm holding you personally accountable, Sergeant," she teased with a grin as she strapped into her seat.

Liam chuckled softly as he replied to his commanding officer. "You and my brother both, Colonel."

Baeryn moved to take the seat beside Myne whom still had her eyes closed. The hybrid could feel a slight uptick in the Trill's nerves as she sat down. As she buckled herself in she spoke softly, "No worries Myne, just a little trek planet side. Nothing to be anxious about."

"Oh, hey chief!" The Trill said startled by her chief taking a seat next to her. "Erm, this is my first away mission in this host. Erm, thank you chief, hope I will make you proud down there." She smiled weakly at Baeryn, doing her best to relax and earn the approval of the person she's easily growing to look up to.

Baeryn gave Myne an encouraging smile, "I've all the faith in the universe you'll do excellent. Just keep your eyes and ears open and aware of your surroundings. You were briefed of the mission objective correct?"

"What? The universe is a religious icon? Why have I never heard of it before?" She asked finding the idea fascinating enough to distract her from her nerves. Baeryn's mile and comforting presence did most the heavy lifting for her though. "Yes, I was briefed. I am just going to assist the doctor for anything her team needs, cover all bases."

Baeryn chuckled at the religious comment but simply smiled and nodded.

The runabouts took off with a bump as they headed towards the planet. " Oh Miraj I worked out who that watch belonged to." The doctor said as they took of towards the planet

Miraj grinned. "I'll bite. But no re-enacting its discovery in my shuttle."

"It belonged to Captain Damien Bucanan. I mussst have ssswallowed it when i was helping him down the mountain or when we were going back up to the Capetown. Rather funny i'll be able to give it back after all this time." The doctor replied.

Miraj looked at him, surprised. It was bad enough the lizard man had puked up a watch in her vomit-comet, but surely it wouldn't have been there for a hundred odd years? Surely he would have seen it on however many scans he'd had since then. Or pooped it out by now? Which was possibly worse. Could gorn hold it for a century? "Well, make sure you wash it off first." she replied with a wink

The door dropped down, and sealed with a hiss of pressurising air, and they lifted up gently and drifted slowly out of the ship until they were cleared enough to accelerate into a wide arc throught he upper atmosphere. As they approached the landing sight, the lower atmosphere was clearly thick with something. "Ladies and gentlemen," Miraj began. "We're about to pass through a substantial debris field that may or may not cause things to get a little rough. Anyone who doesn't like it, is welcome to get out and walk." And she dropped into a storm of dust.

Physical visibility dropped instantly from clear skies to an artificial twilight and the scouring air could be heard as it whisked itself across the hull and the wind buffeted the vessel beyond all its repulsors could cancel.

During the flight down, Liam had actually fallen asleep. It was something that always amazed his fellow Marines. In a steady, calm shuttle flight, he'd stay awake, no problem. However, throw some turbulence into the mix, and he'd nod off, just like a baby in his mother's arms.

The engines hitched as they began to clog, but a second of freefall and a back flow through the manifolds brought them back to peak health. She zipped over to the eye of the storm, and for a moment the air was clearer and slower.

The landing site was covered by the howing wind, and with its center moving in its own slow circle, it wasn't going to subside anytime soon. Miraj glanced at the sensors, calculating where the readings were cearer and fuzzie, and gave a flick of the wrist to turn the ship into a steep dive.

The ground zipped towards them, but she levelled out as she reached the bottom of the storm and stayed low, flying under the roiling mass above. The air was clearer. ish. She could see through it. mostly. Enough to ignore the fritzing readings from the sensors, and speed down the valleys and canyons of the range where the Capetown had crashed all those decades ago.

Some sharp turns around tight valleys, and a moments careening up the sheer cliff face of a dark red butte and they were in sight of the landing point.

Except it was covered in a greasy pink slime. She circled looking for a point to land, but it was everywhere, running in a torpid river from further up the peaks. From the site of the Capetown.


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