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Lunch and Attack for Dessert Part 2

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Mission: Season 5: Episode 2: Operation Save Humanity
Location: USS Elysium - Various
Timeline: MD7 - 13hoo onwards
10870 words - 21.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Miraj reached the battle bridge and started for the helm before she remembered she had to do saucer separation. Doubling back, she stared at the tactical panel. Everything had lit up automatically with the red alert, but it might as well have been labelled in Klingon.

She touched the control for the ship wide address. "All hands, saucer separation in one minute. Clear the separation line and secure bulkheads." That should give people time to clear And for her to figure out what she was doing. "Avalon?" She asked the air, not knowing if the AI could respond. "Which button ditches the saucer?"

The AI appeared. "The green one" she pointed. I will sound separation"

Miraj stared at the panel. There were several green ones. She went for the greenest one. A small four minute timer popped up above it. "Can we make it go faster? And how do I seal this bridge off?"

"You can seal it, but you may be alone here" The AI warned. "Lieutenant Morgan is on her way."

"Commander Taylor said to seal it." Miraj said. "Can we sort of seal it? so it will unlock again?"

“Affirmative” Came the reply from the AI

"Then let's do that." Miraj decided. "Better safe than sorry."


"Find and get Whavi over here ASAP." Gary snapped, "We need to move fast, stop them from even getting started. We have a ship to retake and crew to rescue."

Naxea looked at the Commander. "I will remain behind on the saucer section with some Marines to help retake it." She sure as hell weren't going to allow some juiced up, deranged, xenophobic Terrans cause anymore damage to the Elysium and it's crew.

"I'm with you, Boss," Man'darr stated with a stern look.

"Permission to go hunting, Ma'am?" David asked as he readied his weapons and power armor. As a scout sniper, he was better either by himself, or with a spotter. In the close quarters battle that was about to take place, he needed room to move.

Naxea nodded, knowing Tonelly wanted to do what he did best. "Permission granted, Corporal. Be careful and stay in touch."

Giving Naxea an evil grin, David nodded and saluted. "Aye-aye, Ma'am!" He then sealed his helmet and hurried off, quickly linking his suits sensors with the ship's internal sensors. It was time to hunt.

"Alright, lets get these 'people' off our ship." Gary told the group.

***Outside the Elysium***

George flew in formation with the rest of the group, as they circled the Elysium, much like a pack of well-trained guard dogs, protecting their master from any threat.


Over the red Alert claxon, another sound echoed. [[Separation in 4 minutes]]

Lt. Tonya King who was on the bridge was monitoring the Engineering console

Neri didn’t hesitate, she spun, pulling Alicia with her, and shoving her to Scott. “Ready room” she snapped out at the Operations officer as she did so. “You too King!” She called towards the Engineering station where Tonya was backing away from the men on the bridge.

Alicia didn't have time to think let alone react, the dart hurled in her direction, Neri had saved her from a direct deadly hit to the centre of her body but it had still caught her in the back piercing a lung. As she entered the ready room she collapsed to the floor struggling to breathe.

Scott bent down beside Alicia., Saw the dart protruding from her back. "Sir" He called to Lovejoy, the Commander here, was hit with a dart, I think it hit a lung, she's wheezing."

Lovejoy was at Alicia's side in an instant. "Find a clean cloth, so we can plug this hole. It will help with her breathing." He looked into Alicia's eyes. "Stay calm Commander, you are going to be fine and we're all going to get out of this. Understand?"

Alicia nodded. “Under...stood... Sir.” Right now she was wishing her father was there to treat her. It was hard to breath and the lack of air soon caused her to lie down before she lost consciousness.
T'Kara watched one of Green's soldiers calmly and quietly... He had turned his attention onto her. The brute suddenly threw a fist at T'Kara with a sneer. She dodged suddenly and her hand grabbed the neck of the soldier. A Full Vulcan Nerve pinch.

She turned back to watch Reece fight with Green.

From standing to rolling to throwing, a third of a second had passed, and James had only just begun. With his rear boot planted so hard it bent the deck plate, he sprung out of his kneeling position into a full sprint towards Reece. Two steps before overtaking the man, he turned sideways, letting his left boot scrape along the floor. Halting the momentum caused his entire body to begin spinning anew, sweeping his right leg around like a dancer, he aimed a high kick for the Commander's head, following up with a left hook towards the ribs.

While Kyle had managed to dodge the kick meant for his head, he wasn't fast enough to totally avoid the powerful shot to his ribs. So, in a flash of training, he took the hit, feeling two of his ribs crack, then wrapped his own arm around Greens, locking it in place. In a uid move that belied his size, he then threw a knife strike to his opponent's throat then, spun towards Green, forcing the other man to bend forward at the waist. He then wrapped his free arm around the back of Green's neck, threw a savage knee up into the man's chest, and then, after grabbing a firm hold of the man's belt, Kyle jerked the man up into the air and bodyslammed him back down onto the deck.

Almost immediately, Kyle rolled away and leapt back to his feet, quickly moving back to his former station. Using the command codes that he knew were still in effect, Kyle quickly activated security shields around the various stations, both protecting the rest of the crew still alive and imprisoning Green, who was still on his back, in front of the command dias.

Lia now did a quick head count and decided the bridge was almost secure, but with the impending separation things on the saucer section might get tight. "Ok people, grab any weapon you can and secure this bridge. Commander Reece, get that bag of shit off my bridge". She pointed at Green, "I don't care what you do with it, but loose it". She then made for Lovejoy, "Are you going to be ok? Because I think your now in Command, well Command of the saucer section anyway".

Lovejoy looked at Lia and nodded. "Yes, Commander. I will be fine." He replied standing upright and collecting himself.

A quick nod of her head and Lia answered, "I'm glad Commander, now if you don't mind we have work to do". She turned to assist with the wounded, leaving Lovejoy to Command and straighten out the bridge.

"First, please take Captain Carrington's body into her Ready Room." Garrett said softly. They could mourn for the loss of their comrades later. Now they needed to save their ship.

Turning to another Security Officer, Lia simply signaled what she wanted him to do. Along with another comrade, the pair gently lifted the late Captain and carried her in to the ready room placing her behind the desk and covered her with a small blanket.

Kyle nodded. Pressing a few more controls, he dropped the shields protecting the crew, but kept the Green group isolated. He then reached under the Tactical station and pulled out the Phaser Pulse Rifle, that he knew was kept tvere. After adjusting the settinng, he pointed it at Green, who was still trapped. "It's on full power, shithead. That means, even with your special sauce running through your veins, this'll vaporize you instantly. Well, not instantly. You will scream in pain for the two seconds that you feel your body being destroyed. So please, give me an excuse."

James shook his head, saying nothing, though his smile spoke volumes of his appreciation for the other man's tenacity.

Nerinath hit the release to the ready room and helped Scott carry Alicia into the ready room. Once there, Neri began hunting up the medical kit.

Lia knew where a Med Kit was located, and with a quick move she found it and followed the small group into the ready room. "Here, I think your looking for this". She passed the Med Kit to Neri, "I hope you know what your doing, because I don't have a clue about anything medical".

Neri bit her lip and pulled out the hyposprays and looked to the door. “If we can beam her directly to medical I would feel better.” She said softly. She found the painkiller and the sealer. She pressed both to Alicia’s neck. “I’d suggest getting our people in here and sealing the door. “

For some reason, Lia agreed with Neri. She now moved to the door of the ready room, "Ok everybody, get your backsides in here NOW!!" She looked over to Lovejoy, "Begging your pardon sir, but that means you as well".

As Lovejoy was closest to Kyle, the former Elysium Strat Ops Chief grabbed the other man and physically moved him to safety. "I'm not loosing another CO today, Captain." He said to the ship's new Commanding Officer. "So with all due respect, Sir, move your fucking ass!"

Once everyone was in the ready room, Kyle manually closed and locked the doors. He then retuned his rifle and welded the two door panels together. The only working door now, led to the head, and he thoroughly checked that there was no one inside. He then moved back out into the ready room proper and faced the sealed door. "Now what?"

Lia looked at Lovejoy, "That depends on our Captain, he's the one in charge". She glanced around the ready room, "But I personally would find a way to protect myself real quick, because it's gonna get bloody rough when we separate".


Static scratched along the shimmering field as one of Green’s men raked his hands across it in anger. As for James, he just stared solemnly as their Starfleet counterparts ran away and shut themselves up in one of the rooms.

‘Separation in…’ The message could be heard over the comms as it had been repeated a few times, already.

A hand waved and all the conscious, or able, of his men stopped everything they were doing and came to him. “It’s time to prove your devotion,” James uttered, pulling out another vial. This one was a yellow color. Without hesitation, one of his men stepped forward, snatching up the vial and greedily gulping it down. James didn’t even have to say what he wanted, and his men knew what that vial would do. The dedication moved him.

The others saluted their comrade and then ran for cover. James just stood and watched.

The volunteer walked towards the force field, gritting his teeth as he spread his feet wide and contracted all of his muscles at once. He grunted in pain, his eyes opening bloodshot and wild. Veins began to bulge, musculature expanding. As his body was ravaged, he raised his fist into the air, clenching his fingers so tight that his palms began to bleed.

A singular, guttural cry was heard as he slammed his raised fist down into the floor, aiming for where the metal met the force field. By the time his fist landed, his body had already begun expanding beyond its’ limits and begun to shred into pieces from within. A pulse like the sun shined from within as some sort of reaction ruptured the skin and destroyed the body as it flew outward.

James had taken cover at the very last second, giving his man the respect of watching his sacrifice to the end before giving in to pragmatism. He and his men approached the spot where the security field had once been… and it still held, a static scratching across it once more as James himself tested it with his own hand.

He almost cursed before looking down where his man had once stood, bravely taking one for the team. Was the downward punch more than just a show of force? James knelt down and realized that the floor had been bent from the impact of the strike, then melted to fall even further from the explosion. His hand moved down and… nothing. No scratching, no reaction. The field didn’t go down that far.

“Good job,” He said to the corpse before kneeling down and moving across. As he stood up, James lost his balance, gripping the side of his head.

“Sir!” His subordinate called after him.

“It’s fine,” James said between coughs, breathing heavily. His vision began to blur a little and he rubbed his eyes, blinking furiously. “Just a headache.”

“Nothing the docs can’t fix when we get home, right sir?”

“Exactly,” James said as he pointed towards the doors that the Starfleet crew had sealed up. “Now, go and get that door open.”

Several loud, resounding thuds were heard as a pair of super-soldiers began beating into the door.

James used the side of his boot to kick the man who’d been… pinched? In the neck? Was he dead? “Hey!” James yelled at him, kicking again and harder, “get up, you lout!” It worked, and the soldier stirred, springing instinctually to his feet. “Good, now help me figure out these bridge controls…”

==Deck 4 – Arcadia bar==

[[Separation in 4 minutes]] Blared across the speakers

Kaden perked up clearly on edge his battle senses kicking in as he went around the bar over to a vent and removed the cover pulling out a bag. "Dammit, I knew this was going to happen." He set the bag on the bar opening it pulling out a pair of phaser pistols and other items. "I didn't think I ever need these things but good thing I snuck them in when I did."

“Normally I’d disagree but right now I’m glad you did.” Freya offered a smile before disappearing into the back room and reappearing with a bat’leth in hand. “I’m glad I learned to use this!”

Kaden pulled out a sword and put it on his back. "Freya, I need to see what is going on I can get you to stardrive to get you to safety."

Freya shook her head, “Don’t worry about my safety, they need your skills out there Kaden. Go, I’ll be fine here.”

Kaden grabbing his bag and phaser started to leave but stopped. He looked at Freya before kissing her. "I will be back you stay safe."

“I will I promise!” Freya returned his kiss. “Now get going.”

==Deck 7 - Medical Deck==

Two squads of troops beamed into the corridor several meters away from medical.

[[Separation in 4 minutes]] Blared across the speakers

Sthilg's computer alerted him to the beam in. He knew sickbay had three shields up in the outside corridor and it's blast door's but his gut told him that wasn't going to be enough.

"Medical to security we have two squads of enemies in the corridor outside we could use some backup. " He said calmly as he handed over to his assistant surgeon. " All none essssential ssstaff arm yourssselves and get all civiliansss to the qurantine roomsss. " He said calmly heading to his office. He had something to get.

Damien had been taking a stroll through the ship when the red alert had sounded, and he immediately lept into action, pulling his Phaser from it's holster. He didn't know exactly what was happening, but this was what he was trained for. Knowing he was near the medbay, he decided the best option was to head there. Commander Sthilg was most likely on duty, and he'd have more information.

Double timing it down the corridor, he quickly skidded to a halt as he heard the familiar hum of a transport beam. Pressing himself to the side if the corridor, he peaked around the corner. He had no idea who these people were and in this situation, he had to assume the worst. Before he could act though, he heard the Doctors voice sound. "Ensign Blackford to Commander Sthilg. I'm nearby and prepared to help. Any information would be appreciated."

" We have an unknown amount of hostilesss who are..." Sthilg began before seeing the out most shields was beginning to bukle. " Ssscratch that they are trying to break in. " The gorn said as he began running through ideas in his head. " Blackford can you access the holo grid on the deck?" The gorn said as an idea began running through his head.

Damien looked around, before quietly hurrying down the corridor, stopping next to an access panel. Placing his Phaser on the floor next to him, he quietly pried the panel off. "Aye Commander. I'm in front of it now."

" Okay, I want you to load a program, turn off the sssafety featuresss and keep well back. I'll give you my override code. " The gorn added as he sent over the code and the program code.

"Aye Commander," Damien said, quickly getting to work, loading in the program, and inputting the required code. It only took a few seconds, before he tapped his comm badge again. "It's all set sir." He said, before taking the Doctor's advice and retreating back down the corridor, making sure to remember to grab his Phaser as he did so.

A slight grin spread over the gorn's face as the Orion goddess of the hunt and a pack of her handmaidens materialised in the corridor. Unlike the torture victims, his mirror self had created all of these warrior women stood tall and proud. Turning at the sound of gunfire the green women drew arrows for their large bows and advanced.

Much to the surprise of one of green's soldiers who barely had time to duck back as just as he turned the corner one of said arrows smashed his gun from his hand.

" That ssshould occupy them for a while. Blackford get yourssself an orion pheromone sssuppressor that corridor bound to be ssswimming in it in a few minutesss. " The gorn grinned as the soldier's attention was suddenly brought away from his personal.

Damien could only look on in surprise as the Gorn woman suddenly materialised. The Doctor's warning to stay clear suddenly sense. "Understood Commander." There was a few seconds of silence, before he asked, "Erm, sorry Commander, where might I get a suppressor from?" The question seemed silly, considering the situation, but it was one that still needed answering.

The ensign's question was answered as the sound of a replicator working came from the nearest storage closest. " Ssstay back till help arrives Ensssign. No heroicsss." the lizard said calmly.

Damien nodded, hearing the familiar hum of the replicator in the nearby closet. Dashing inside, he grabbed the hypospray that had materialised there, and quickly injected himself. Stepping back outside, he bit his lip hearing the Commander's order. Glancing down the corridor, hearing the noises of battle, he wanted nothing more than to jump into battle and help defend his ship. But he knew that to do so was practically suicide. And if he died here, he couldn't help but feel that a certain Operations Ensign would find a way to bring him back, if only to kick his ass.

So, instead, he merely said, "Aye sir." And kept himself away, awaiting further orders.

Fernando came skidding around the corner after hearing the blast. He saw Damien and moved to him, "Are you alright? And what's the situation here?"

Damien looked up as Fernando approached him. "I'm fine." He said, gesturing down the corridor. "2 squads of hostiles trying to get into Medbay. The good doctor created a distraction though. They're safe for the time being."

"I am going on to Sickbay. To help those there. Make sure they are all safe and protected." Fernando said as he clasped Damien on the shoulder and took off on the run towards Sickbay.

Damien nodded. "Understood. I'll wait here, in case any more turn up." He said, watching as Fernando dashed off, waiting to hear if he needed to dash forward and help.

Vise was already wheeling her patient into the quarantine rooms as she heard a large thunk echo from the corridor. Looks like the intruders had found the shields.

Heather knew the usual drill, at present she was a patient and in her condition one that would need to be out of harm’s way. Sliding down off her biobed she joined the other patients in moving to the quarantine rooms.

T'Kek began to escort several of the civilians to the quarantine rooms upon hearing Doctor Sthilg's command, yeat realizing it would go faster with an extra set of hands. "Computer, activate the Emergency Medical Hologram."

The EMH shimmered into existance. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."

"I need you to help escort the refuges into the quarantine rooms."

"That is hardly a medical emergency," the EMH began to protest.

"The ship is being boarded by enemy troops and we need to get these people secured or they will be killed. I believe that qualifies as a Medical Emergency. Now help," T'Kek stated.

“You heard the man” Heather looked at the EMH. “We need all the help we can get.”

Fernando came into Sickbay, looking for Heather, wanting to make sure she was safe. He searched the area but didn't immediately see her and grew concerned.

“Chief De La Rosa!” Emily appeared motioning to Fernando. “If you’re looking for Heather she’s with the others in the isolation area, it’s the safest place right now. Don’t worry she’s fine, but she needs to stay calm.”

Fernando turned at the sound of his name and saw Emily motioning to him. As he drew closer he heard what she had to say about Heather. "Thanks Emily, I'm going to check on Heather and then come out here and protect the area."

With that Fernando headed to the isolation area. "Heather?" He called out looking for his wife in a sea of scared people.

Heather heard her name called, looking through those gathered she smiled as she stood and waved. “Fernando!”

==Deck 10 - Civilian Promenade==

Samantha Prescott, partner to Commander Lovejoy was working with several security officers to herd civilians to the lock down zones when a squad of troops beamed in directly to the civilian promenade and opened fire on anyone who looked alien.

[[Separation in 4 minutes]] Blared across the speakers

"Shit!" Baeryn exclaimed. "We need to move faster."

Both Ensign and Lieutenant were now running down the corridor towards the nearest turbolift. Around the corner hostiles could be spotted shooting upon an unarmed family of orions. Vemre started immediately shooting,taking out two before they returned fire. Their shots missed but both starfleet officers ducked behind the corner, they made brief eye contact, nodded in agreement and rounded the corner shooting their way to the turbo lift. They succeeded in taking out the hostiles but didn't stay to stay to access the damage, they couldn't.

Out of breath Baeryn shouted her command, "DECK 23!" The lift began to move.

[["Lieutenant Redal to Chief Baeryn, please respond."]] Myne's voice sounded in the turbo lift. [["Boss, in case you can't reply, I have tracked you by your badge. I am in Ops, I am scared out of my breeches but my virus managed to secure limited control over transporters and power. I am currently tracking civilians from the lower section and teleporting them to shelters in both sections of the ship. As well trying to isolate their areas and cut off power to any areas where so far I can tell we have hostiles."]] Fear was very noticeable in her tone as she spoke, her voice wavering quite a bit. [["Ma'am, if you can hear me... please advise. I am scared and I don't know what else to do."]]

A small taste of relief was felt by the hybrid but she knew better then to relish in it now. “Whavi here. Myne as thrilled as I am to hear your voice, you have less then 30 seconds before I exit this lift. Virus?! Explain. Quickly.”

Vira’s forehead pinched together in confusion but she stayed silent, holding her phaser ready to fire the moment they made it to deck 23 and the door opened.

Thoma stood ready for battle. He had seen the Topsiders hurt and kill his brothers and sisters. In his simple mind, the only thought he had was to protect the small redhead and her friend. Chief Gregor had entrusted him with this task, ge would gladly die to fulfill his duty. "Protect friends," he said in basic English, sounding like a child, though with a much deeper voice.

Despite the situation Vira smiled up at the big oaf of a man. Nudging him with her elbow she responded, "Friends."

Thoma smiled broadly and, as gently as he could, though it still felt like steel bars tapping hard, patted Vira's shoulder.

Vira's coughed given the heavy impact but still managed an awkward smile up at Thoma. Such a gentle giant she thought and laughed to herself.

[["Crap!"]] Myne can be heard swearing, a lot of Trill curse words following. [["Erm... boss, I got into a disagreement with the ship's AI. Let's say someone might have made a virus to try and convince the AI to at times turn a blind eye to certain things. Allegedly ma'am, allegedly."]] The Trill officer added and spoke with her usual flurry and speed. [["I have teleporters right now busy, but you have potential hostiles down there ma'am. Should focus on that. Just call out to me if you need power surges, lights out, people jolted or doors locked/unlocked. The system isn't exactly thrilled with me playing with it and it is actively trying to shut me out. So I don't know how long I can keep this up."]] There were still seven seconds to go after Myne finished her avalanche explanation.

Baeryn took a deep breath, surprisingly keeping up with the trills ramblings. She would address this 'someone' after this was over. "The bridge has been locked down but do you think... you could hack in and listen? Give us an idea of whats going on in there? NOT if this will allow them access to Ops, protecting the ships systems from being taken over by the intruders needs to be your number one priority Myne."

There was a sound of muffled screams and a discharge of electricity coming through from the Trill, before Myne continued. [["Yes boss. Erm can do, will hack into one of the consoles and give you the highlights. Ops... erm... soon might have to burn the systems and fall back, the door can't take much more and I am running out of circuitry to discharge on the outside of... oh doesn't matter, shield up. Be safe boss, I'm doing my best here. Myne out!"]]

The turbolift came to a halt and the door zoomed open.

As soon as the doors opened, Thoma stopped both women from exiting. He sniffed the air like a dog, and then growled a fierce, deep, guttural growl. "Friends stay!" He said as he stepped out of the lift, spinning to the left and grabbing something.

That something screamed then went quiet as a sickening crunch was heard. Further down the corridor, an unfamiliar voice rang out. "Outkast scum! Several rounds of ballistic ammunition peppered Thoma's back, causing him to jerk and stumble forward. Then the shots stopped. They were quickly followed by cursing. "Damnit...jam!"

Thoma turned towards Baeryn and Vira, the pain in his face was apparent. As was the fear in his eyes. But it was not fear of losing his own life, it was fear in failing his Chief and letting his new friends get hurt or worse. In a roar that echoed through the corridors, he gathered all of his failing strength and turned towards the other Topsider. He then hurled his massive seven foot frame at the smaller man.

Just as he was about to make contact, the weapon discharged again, unloading the rest of the magazine into Thoma's chest and abdomen. Unfortunately for his attacker, though, nearly four hundred pounds of muscle and mass doesn't stop on a dime. The now dead weight of Thomas collided and crushed the other man, dropping the corridor by the turbolift into dead silence.

Vira had stepped out of the turbolift to make brief eye contact with Thoma but was stunned when he sacrificed himself to protect them. Her face was pained, her body stunned and frozen where she stood.

Baeryn knew they couldnt stay any longer to morn Thoma, she had to grip Vira's arm and urge her to move. "Come on V, we have to keep moving." Her voice was strong but a hint of sorrow taunted it as she looked down the hall at the horrid scene before them.

Vira gulped, turning towards Baeryn she said nothing for a second before nodding and allowing the chief to lead them towards the battle bridge. They started sprinting to make up for lost time.

The path to the battle bridge was littered with a few squads of burnt invaders. Apparently, several malfunctions have occurred, and blown-up panels from the walls told the story of rather intense power surges that have bathed their vicinity with enough power to fry anyone nearby. Myne did her best to try and help secure safe passage for her Chief, as well as she could, thinking she will have to face and endure chastisement for the damaged caused when this was all over.

==Deck 13- Starfleet Academy Deck==

Standard procedure was for Cadets to assist where possible in red alert situations. Triston was moving towards the turbolift when he heard the telltale sound of a transporter. He hit the nearest wall panel, putting up the internal forcefields.

In between two of them, a squad of troops beamed in.

[[Separation in 4 minutes]] Blared across the speakers.

Triston cursed and was glad they were sealed in. Until they started slaming into the forcefields. Triston took off for the nearest lift.

==Deck 26 - Primary Communications Array==

[[Separation in 4 minutes]] Blared across the speakers

Ensign Tarr Zell heard the blare as he stood firm at his post.

Tag Anyone on Deck 29

Lt. Victor Barclay de Tolly was giving orders left and right as he kept communication with Tonya on the bridge. “Bordeaux and Bin! Help Hoffman with whatever she needs.”

Both replied with a yes sir.

“Tonya,” Victor says into his communication device. “Engineering levels are holding firm. We are prepared.”

Tonya replied, “I will let security know.” Tonya said to the bridge, “Security. Engineers are working hard.”

==Deck 32- Marine Country==

[[Separation in 4 minutes]] Blared across the speakers

The Marines, now formed and geared up, looked to the Staff NCOs for direction.

Staff Sergant Gami stepped forward as the sounds of the deck's shields came online and security doors began to close. She stepped to a nearby Security Console to see what appeared to be multiple transports to the saucer section. "Not on my watch," she muttered. "Alright, Marines! Listen up! First Squad, you're with me! There are intruders beaming into the upper decks. We're going to do some house cleaning! The rest of you, stand by to what orders are given from the battle bridge! Let's move, Marines!"

"Oorah!" came a cry in unison as Gami and First Squad double timed it to the nearest turbolift to Deck Thirteen.

As Gami and First Squad headed out, Mason looked at Second Squad as he readied his gatlin phaser minigun. "Alright, Devil Dogs, you heard the orders. Double check your gear and that of your battle buddy's. When word comes down to move out, we will do so rapidly and without incident! You get me?"

A loud chorus of "We get you, Sergeant!" Filled the space. As he turned back to doublecheck his own gear, the big man silently said a prayer that there would be as little friendly bloodshed as possible on this day.

Leilani stood to the rear, she couldn’t deploy with both squads so she was remaining in Marine country at the ready incase she was called by either team for a medical emergency.

==Deck 35 - Starfleet pilot quarters==

[[Separation in 4 minutes]] Blared across the speakers

As all pilots were now either in their starfighters, or standing by in the ready room, the announcement rang through empty quarters.

Jess came over Lt. Charles coms. "Charles, this is Commander Vaii."

Outside the ship, in his Raptor, George opened the channel. "Go for Reaper, over."

"Lieutenant, I want you to launch with my pilot cadets. Get clear of New Cannan, and contact Starfleet Command. Inform them a hostile force is attempting to take over the Elysium, and we need reinforcements. Launch now!"

While George hated the idea of leaving the ship and his family unprotected, he was a Marine and would follow orders. "Understood, Control. Reaper heading out." He then switched channels. "Reaper to all Butter pilots. Orders from on high. Form up on me and we will haul ass out of the zone. Our mussion is to get reinforcements, SYAT! Bambi, you have command of the rest of the group. Let's move, people!"

He then hauled back on his controls and his starfighter banked to starboard. As he flew over the dorsal section of the ship, he sent an image of love and strength to Leilani. He hoped he could get back in time to keep her safe.

As his fighter cleared the immediate area, a half dozen other Raptor starfighters peeled away with him. A few moments later, the group jumped to warp.

Only Fate knew if they would return in time.

Imik had headed for the flight deck once the separation warning had started. She found her fighter had only been partially repaired, but once she had checked it over she found it flyable. She had watched the other fighters launch and jump to warp, she couldn't jump to warp so a plan was required.

Launching her fighter she now headed for the saucer section, her plan was simple. Latch on the the saucer and stick with it, she looked for a place where she could plant her fighter. The count down was relayed to her speaker, a sudden thought now made her smile. The rear of the saucer had a small shuttle bay, she would simply clamp her fighter to the shuttle bay doors and hope her shields protected both her and the doors.

David had worked his way down to deck 35, without meeting any resistance. As he quietly moved through the empty corridor, he barely made a sound. Finally, he reached a crossway intersection and heard several voices off to his left. Moving even quieter, he approached the voices.

"This damn ship is huge! How the fuck are we going to find everyone and take it over?!" And deep male voice complained.

There was the sound of a slap, followed by a woman's stern voice. "Knock off that shit right now, Frank. You are a soldier and a member of Green's Squad. You don't question, you just do and kill anyone in front of you that is not from our group. You get me?!"

"Yes, Ma'am!" Frank replied, clearly back in control of his emotions.

"Good," the woman replied, her tone changing. "Now, you be a good boy, and Mama will treat you oh so good later. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Before Frank could reply, David, who had pulled his tomahawk from its sheath as he approached stepped around the corner and hurled the weapon with all his might. It hit the back of the woman's head with such force, that as it went through, exploding her head like a ripe melon, it then buried itself in Frank's lower jaw and upper throat, causing him to choke and drown on his own fluids as both bodies collapsed to the deck.

Stepping over to retrieve his weapon, David sneered and said, "Don't be rude, Frank. Answer the bitch." He then yanked the blade free and continued on the hunt without another thought.

A few minutes later, he came to another branch. Off to his right, he could hear banging and curses. He set off in that direction, the Ghostwalker moving quiet as death itself.

When he reached the next intersection, he saw a group of four enemy troops, all men, all big, each possibly outweighing him by at least twenty to thirty pounds. He'd have to end this fight quickly. Slowly, he reached down and pulled a stun grenade.

In one fluid motion, he popped off the safety cap, pressed the ignition button and tossed the small explosive towards the enemy. As soon as the grenade left his hand, he spun away and deactivated his audio and visual sensors.

The quartet never even knew there was a problem, until the grenade, roughly the size of a pocket comb, sailed between them and hit the door in front of them, detonating in their faces.

The explosion was deafening in the enclosed space, several of the overhead lights shorted out from the concussive blast that resulted from the blast.

One of the soldiers, the closest one, had his face shredded and head cracked open by the powerful blast. He instantly crumpled to the deck, dead.

The rest, though dazed and temporarily blinded, quickly fought to recover their wits. As they did so, however, David waded into their midst and slaughtered one with another heavy strike from his tomahawk, the second one had his head nearly cut clean from his body by David's razor-sharp ka-bar.

The third recovered and threw a massive left jab towards David's head. He managed to land a grazing blow on the man who had just killed his friends.

Moving away out of reach, David squared off against the remaining combatant. "I see they grow asshats big where you come from." As he taunted his opponent, he readied himself for a quick draw of his .50 caliber Desert Eagle.

The bigger man growled. "You alien lovers are all gonna die. Green is the finest warrior in the galaxy. None shall withstand his might!" He then readied himself for a charge. He would squash this nuisance, then get back to killing all in front of him.

David saw the movement and reacted. In a blur, he drew the heavy pistol from the holster on his right thigh, raised it, pulled the trigger and then re-holstered it as the hollow point round entered the charging bull of a man's left eye, causing the entire rear of his skull to explode into a fine red mist all over the bulk head behind him. His lifeless body dropped to the deck at David's feet.

"Six nothing, home team, and the crowd goes wild!" David muttered as he retrieved his tomahawk and continued on the hunt, looking for more targets.

==Deck 23 – Battle Bridge ==

Lieutenant Tirranth arrived at the Battlebridge and paused in the hatch. "Ensign Derani" She greeted.

Behind her, running feet had her turning and she visibly relaxed. "Its Lieutenant Morgan" she announced as a brunette skidded into the battlebridge.

[[Separation in 3 minutes]] Blared across the speakers

Miraj breathed a sigh of relief. "I need someone who can take Security, and someone who can take ops. We need to speed up separation, or at least freeze out bridge access to the weaponry."

Sapphire slid into her console. “Hmm bridge… Looks like Commander Aurelia Taylor has sealed all bridge controls. Life signs are a mess up there."

Miraj frowned. "If commander taylor can just do that, do we need to bother with the separation anymore?"

Sapphire bit her lip. “Wecan override from the Battle bridge if we have a command level person which we do.” She looked at Miraj. “You.”

Yes, she supposed she was. Miraj wasn't sure if that was the scariest thing about the whole situation. "Tell me what to do."

==Deck 13- Starfleet Academy==

Filing out of the turbolift, Staff Sergeant Gami could sense the intruders along with the frightened thoughts of the students....and pain. She took point as First Squad rounded the corner to see several of the intruders laughing at a bruised student that had been outside of the shields. Sensing he was alive but in tremendous pain, enraged Gami, firing her CQB pulse rifle at the enemy closest to the student. The phaser shots tore into the enemy's back, sending him to the deck. "Try picking on someone your own size!" The other Marines laid down suppressing fire, leaving the enemy soldiers little room to duck for cover as another charged but was instantly cut down by the barrage of phasers.

"Enemy contact, nine o' clock!" yelled one Marine just as one enemy barreled into him, sending him crashing against the bulkhead followed behind him were more enemy troops. Gami couldn't believe the speed the man was moving. Only a moment to react, she dropped the rifle to her side and drew her K-Bar, slamming it into the man's neck as he slammed into her, sending her tumbling down the corridor several feet. The man got up, smiling at Gami placing his hand on his neck. Getting up, She was in shock to see the what would have been a fatal wound begin healing itself. "Oh, come on," she sighed, grasping her K'Bar as the members of First Squad continued to engage the enemy.

==Deck 7--MEDICAL==

Naxea along with her XO, Lieutenant Tanner and Warrant Officer Man'darr and a few security officers made their way onto Deck Seven. After a moment, she spotted a Security ensign that she recognized. "Ensign Blackford, isn't it?" she called out.

Hearing the oncoming footfall, Damien straightened himself up, clutching his Phaser, ready to defend himself if needed. But upon hearing his name called, he lowered it, making out the form of the Marine CO. Breathing a sigh of relief, he hurried over to meet her. "Aye Ma'am." He said, nodding at her.

"What is the situation here?" she asked as Man'darr moved to keep watch with his Heavy Phaser Rifle.

" Sssituation issss." The coms crackled. Sthilg had been about to reply when he'd been handed an injuries list and saw the name at the top. " You F$%$£$%$ing inbred ferngi b£$£%£$$?s. " The gorn yelled out loud accidentally crushing the pad in his fury. They'd hit his girl and he was going to make them........ He breathed out heavily placing his hands behind his head as he tried to calm down. His people needed him. She was with her family and they'd look after her until they could get her here.

Hearing the sudden stream of curses coming from the comms, followed by silence, Damien quickly picked up where the Commander left off. "2 squads of hostiles approaching the MedBay." He quickly explained. "Commander Sthilg had me access the holo grid and gave me his code to deactivate the safeties and activated some Gorn hunter program. They're keeping the hostiles busy for the time being."

Emily had seen the list and Alicia’s name, “I may not know the Counsellor very well Doctor, but I’ve no doubt she’s a fighter.” She offered Sthilg a smile then went about her duties, she wanted to check on the group of patients and staff that were safely out of harm’s way in isolation area.

The gorn nodded. His people needed him as did the refugees even though it felt like his guts were being ripped out to admit that.

Vise had been monitoring the cameras. The Orions had been doing a good job downing a third of the squad and the humans were obviously very confused at what had happened.

One of them who she guessed was a commander finally drew a grenade and dropped it. With a flash, the camera's vanished. " They've dropped an emp sir. the holograms are down."

That became apparent as the door started to burn as the humans began cutting their way through.

Sthilg jumped to his feet. " Colonel the hologramsss are down and they're cutting their way in. I'm going to try sssomething come round the corner when you hear the yelling." He said as he headed into the storeroom.

Naxea nodded at her friend, raising her CQB rifle to the ready position, wondering what he was up to.

What the gorn was dragging out did cause a fright to the medical staff though Vise got what he was doing and hurried to use the door's emergency override.

Whatever the green soldiers were expecting when the door suddenly opened the sight of the giant reptile holding a capsule bigger than most of them probably wasn't among them. " Feel like a hero yet?" The gorn still dressed in his surgical gear hissed before he chucked the capsule full of cryo fluid at the soldier with the cutting torch who screamed as it collided with him throwing him back against the wall.

Letting out an alien primal war cry the gorn surged forward smacking another of the men across the room. "How dare you hurt my family." He screamed as his fist smacked into another one sending him flying.

Naxea followed closely behind, covering Sthilg, along with Man'darr and Lt. Tanner, laying down suppressing fire.

Damien said nothing, merely thanked whatever gods that might be listening that the Gorn was on their side. He followed Naxea forward, standing alongside the other Security officers, laying down covering fire.

Dr. Taylor was looking for Sthilg. He had suddenly left medical when he learned a young woman he was fond of was injured, and now she watched as Sthilg pulverized a soldier. 'Christ have mercy.' Katherine noted and suddenly she noticed the body of a man Sthilg had fallen. She leaned down and checked the soldiers pulse. "No... he didn't... He didn't use it." Katherine stated in her low voice as she opened one of the eyes of a Cannanite soldier. Dilated eyes, massive amounts of blood pressure, pulsing muscles. "Oh you poor thing.."

" What i haven't hit him that hard." Sthilg said as he threw another one of green men into the marines line of fire.

"I need to get to the intruders.." Katherine mentioned. "It's important because in ten minutes. They're all going to die.. Very horrifically and painfully. Green has used the Eugenic Enhancers... On his own men."

" He'sss done what?" Sthilg said stopping his assault on green's men to turn. One of the last troopers standing lunged at his arm with a knife, but landed it hard on the gorn's artificial arm one breaking the mans wrist with a satisfying crunch and a scream from the trooper.

" Quite you." Sthilg said looking at the man as the trooper fall to his knee's. " It's clear." He called to the marines and security. The corridor stank of sweat, blood, pheromones, and urine.

" Get thessse men ressstrained and into seconed ward. Sssomeone get my almanac and contact anyone who'sss a ssspecalist in genetic engineering including the one marked crazy Klingon nun." He barked back over his shoulder at his staff who where staring with a look of astonishment.

Katherine spoke. "I can treat them... But we'll need to act fast... Dr. Sthilg. Can you put me on your shipwide intercom?"

The gorn tapped and handed over his combadge as he grabbed one of green's men who was going for something in his pockets. " Oh no you don't." He said grabbing and firmly holding the man's hands behind his back.

Katherine spoke in her usual soft voice. "Attention New Cannanite soldiers. This is Doctor Katherine Taylor., I am a New Cannanite Doctor.. If you have taken the Eugenic Enhancers, Listen to me carefully. In about ten to twenty minutes... Your bodies immune system will begin rejecting your enhanced genetic tissue. This is a painful and horrible way to die. I have already found one of your comrades dying from genetic rejection. I don't know if I can do anything for him but ease his passing. If you do not cease this violence and come to sickbay to save yourself... I guarantee you by the founders name... You. wil. die. very. soon. Please stop this.. Please summon the humanity inside you to save yourself."


After David finished his patrol of Deck 35, he felt a urging to get up to the battle bridge. It was very strong, more than just want and desire. It was almost instinctually demanded. Somewhere, deep down in the deepest recesses of his mind, he knew that he had to be there. It then occurred to him why.

"Baeryn..." he whispered to himself as he broke out into a sprint. He had to get to Baeryn and their unborn child!

As he turned down another corridor, he saw what he was looking for, turbolift access. But before he entered the shaft, he moved to another room. He needed climbing gear.

==USS Elysium Battle bridge==

[[Separation in 2 minutes]] Blared across the speakers.

Lieutenant Whavi and Ensign Vemre rushed into the battle bridge.

Foregoing all pleasantries, knowing now was not the time Baeryn demanded, "Have we had any contact with those on the bridge? Vemre take place at security and find out the status of the hostiles who boarded us."

"Aye Lieutenant." Vira wasted no time making it to the security console and reading what was displayed. "There are reports on several decks where we are still engaging in combat with those from the planet."

Commander Vaii entered the Battle Bridge with a phaser rifle on her shoulders. "Yeah, They came aboard with President Green, and then attacked us when Captain Carrington invited those damned nazi sonofabitches over for tea and scones." They have control of several transporter rooms on the saucer section." Jessica noted. "Major Azhul's marines are attempting to push them off the ship."

Baeryn took only seconds to digest the information Vaii had given her. She addressed Lieutenant Morgan who sat at the ops station, "Morgan, Lieutenant Redal is holding down the ops department, open communication with her."

Sapphire nodded. "Comm open lieutenant"

[["Boss..."]] Myne Redal's voice broke through the speakers, trembling quite a bit. [["I have bad news, I cannot get through to the main bridge. No matter what I try I am locked out. And already my little burrower is being axed by the main computer. I have no idea what is going there. Baeryn, I am sorry."]]

The hybrid gulped around the knot in her throat. 'Shit shit shit.' She thought. “Myne, I need you to stop any an all transporters. Greens men have control of several of them on the saucer section. I want them disabled or at least locked out from use by anyone other then you and I. I don’t want any more of those scum finding their way onto this ship.”

[["Yes boss. If I cannot lock them out then I might be forced to damage them boss. I will try my best, I do have a few transporters under my control already. Will keep you updated boss, Myne out."]] Myne said and stopped the transmission to focus on the task at hand.

Sapphire glanced at the count down clock. Shit just got worse.

Jess spoke again. "Lieutenant Whavi, You are second in command. In the absence of Captain Carrington and Commander Lovejoy. You, me, and Commander Taylor can override all of the Elysium's command codes so they cannot effectively control the ship, and I have also ordered my ACAG to take one of the squadrons out of the system and request starfleet reinforcements."

Addressing Jess, "Do we know the whereabouts of Commander Taylor?" Whavi did her best to stay calm.

“Hard to ascertain” came the response from Operations.

==USS Elysium – Ready Room==

[[Separation in 2 minutes]] Blared across the speakers.

Nerinath was trying hard to keep Alicia alive. She had basic Medical training, and that was not going to be suffice. "We could be looking at a really bad situation. We need to get her to Medical!"

Fortunately for them, medical arrived as Snow teleported in. Turning around the robot let out a " Oh no." In a rather high pitch as he raced over and began to get to work.

Alicia regained consciousness briefly glad to see snow, she lay letting snow do his work before falling asleep again.

Snow worked hs little motors out swearing in binary that he hadn't be allowed to upgrade his body. The four arms would have come in handy. " Nerinath i need you to put pressure just on her wound i need to remove the dart." The exocom said franticly as a loud beep came from his body. " Why did they have to invade while i was recharging." He yelled with anger in his machine voice.

“Can’t you beam her into Medical?” Neri asked.

==USS Elysium - Operations Department==

Myne closed the communication with Baeryn, her body trembling uncontrollably as she slammed her fists against the console and screamed. "For the love of latinum and the Blessed Exchequer, not again." Whipping the tears forming in her eyes with a sleeve she decoupled her custom PADD from the console. "Alright Myne, you can do this. Damn it."

Looking around the mess that was the operations department, and the two invader bodies she pushed against the door, Myne sighed. Blown out panels here and there, burn marks, and a few signs of a struggle. She had been surprised to find the two men inside when she arrived, and making a console blow up in their faces while being fired upon has not been easy.

"Get out of your head Myne, get out of your head." She muttered to herself. Her chief had given her a task and she had to move quickly. Precious seconds were passing by, so Myne set to work without another moment to waste.

There was one way at the very least to check which side was in control of what transporters. The easy way at least, by tracking Starfleet badges. Factor in only the saucer section transporters, those that apparently had no Starfleet personnel operating them, then check to see the power consumption that denoted recent usage, and one could make a rather educated guess which transporters the invaders are using.

After that came the difficult decision. Either try to wrestle control of each transporter in part and risk the invaders taking control back. Or making sure to disable said transporters in a manner that would render them inoperable without proper repairs. The second option had the advantage of making sure that until this mess was over, those transporters were out of action.

With a loud sigh, Myne plugged her PADD into a new console and got to work. She had control over a few transporters in the aft section and she had been using them to teleport civilians to safe rooms. Now it was time to try and prevent the enemy from causing more damage. Struggling a bit against the computer her transporters got to work, teleporting away components and pieces of equipment from the enemy teleporters, rendering them inoperable.

==Battle Bridge==

As the group worked feverishly to regain control of the entire ship, Lia's command had yet to be recinded, thus, all weapons systems were still locked out.

--OOC main bridge locked out. Battle bridge able to do separarttion and such and weapons from stardrive as we have two command officers present – Miraj and Bae--

Suddenly, there was a loud thud against the sealed door leading back into the ship.

Miraj jumped in her seat at helm "What was that?"

There was another thud, this time, screaming could be heard. "Please!!! It's Crewman Hopkins! From Ops!! Let me in please!! They're going to kill me if you don't!!"

The door was sealed, it would need a specific command. Miraj looked to Lieutenant Whavi, to see if she would issue it.

"We..." Her voice started off small, "We can't risk losing control of the battle bridge." Internally Baeryn cringed hearing Hopkins shout. Opening the door was too great a risk, they didn't know how many were on the other side...

"Nooooo!" The pleading yell ended in a blood curdling scream. Then nothing.

"Little pigs, little pigs, let us innnnnnn!!" An unfamilar voice shouted. "If you let us in, we promise not to kill least, not those of you who are human!" A sicking thudding, wet crunch could be heard against the door. If anyone could see out into the corridor, they'd see the gruesome sight of two of Green's jacked up soldiers using poor Crewmam Hopkins' corpse as a battering ram.

Jessica moved towards a console and established a security field around the door. Jess then used the transporter controls to lock onto Hopkins' combadge. A wide transport area. "Let's see how you like breathing vacuum you sonofabitches."

Suddenly, before Jessica could activate the transporter controls, the thumping stopped and was followed by shouting and more screaming. This was mixed with the sounds of what must have been a vicious struggle.

==Outside the Battle Bridge==

As the two enhanced soldiers stood confused, as their battering ram had vanished, David, having finally reached the area, raised his rifle and shot the one closest. As the rifle was set to maximum, the soldier screamed for a second or two, before vaporizing. As buddy quickly overcame the shock and, turning to the threat, howled and leapt towards David.

David rotated slightly to his left and was about to fire, when a set of hands, from a third soldier, reached out from the passageway off to David's left. The rifle was ripped from his hands and smashed over the knee of the one who took it. David had no time to react, though, as he was grappling with the one who had charged him.

Both men struggled to gain dominance, slugging and hurling each other from one bulkhead to the next. As they fought, the third moved in, trying to aid his compatriot and overwhelm the man who had just killed their baby brother.

Had David been human, he might not have faired as well or as long as he did. Make no mistake, he was receiving a serious beatdown from the two behemoths. Thankfully, the corridor would only allow one to reach him at a time, so long as he didn’t allow himself to get rotatex between them.

As the fight continued, David and the two soldiers all pulked blades and a horrific knife fight began. Unfortunately for the soldiers, enhanced as they were, David had been adept at this style of fighting since long before Green left Earth. He soon started to make headway, slowly bleeding the first one dry by tge sheer amount of cuts he was inflicting.

Finally, even with the enhanced healing, there was only so much blood a body could lose before everything stopped. As the first soldier dripped to his knees, David slammed his ka-bar down into the top of his opponents head, burying the blade upto the hilt in the man's brain.

Dead, the soldier dropped the rest of the way to the deck. His surviving brother paused in shock.

David used the lapse in judgement to his advantage. Leaping forward, he speared the bigger man in his solar plexis with his right shoulder, driving him both ba k several meters and down to the deck. Once he was down, David hurried back to his feet and drew his bloddied tomahawk.

The other man recovered faster than David had anticipated and he lashes out with a vicious kick to David's right knee. He was rewarded with a popping sound and David grunting in pain. Smirking, he said, still on his back. "Aww, did that hurt?" He then rolled back and stood up, flexing his hyper stimulated muscles. "When I'm done with you, I'm getting into that room and I’m going to kill everyone inside. And, if there's a cute woman, well..." he gave David a feral grin. "She won't die, right away!"

In his mind, David had a flash of Baeryn being that woman, then, something inside his brain kicked over. He was no longer a civilized warrior defending his home and family, he was a savage killing machine that was protecting his mate and unborn child. In a roar that recerberated throughout the entire deck, David threw himself at the soldier, hacking and slashing with his tomahawk. He was unhinged in the level of physical violence that he gave to the soldier.

Soon, the corridor was bathed in blood and gore. The taunting soldier was laying dead on the deck, pieces of him strewn about everywhere.

David, panting heavily, looked like something of nightmares. His armor was destroyed, uniform in tatters. He had cuts, scraps and bruises covering most of his body. He was also covered in gore and blood, holding his tomahawk like some medieval warrior about to stand against Hades himself.

Jessica opened the door and stepped out. She walked up to David. "Easy Corporal.. It's over.. They won't harm anyone anymore.. Remember who and what you are, Corporal." It was the most important thing for anyone in combat to remember.

David flinched at the new sound behind him. He started to raise his tomahawk to strike, when something in his brain screamed FRIEND!!!. He relaxed slightly and nodded slowly, wordlessly, his wild-looking eyes starting to relax some.

Baeryn was only a few strides behind Jess, when she made it into the hall she saw David and immediately halted. Her lips formed a tight thin line and she took a deep inhale, instantly regretting the heavy iron scent that filled her nostrils. "Are you okay... is any of the... blood yours?' She hadn't expected to see David in the hall let alone in that state he appeared in. Keeping her eyes on David and not the gore that decorated the corridor she started towards him.

Hearing her voice, Daivd deflated finally, lowering his arms, heavy with exertion. When she reached him, his breathing became mlre ragged, as if he had spent every ounch of energy the he had. "Baer..." his voice an exhausted whisper. "You're okay! The baby...!" He looked down at her belly, ensuring there now visible wounds.

Baeryn nodded reassuringly, “Is fine. We’re both fine.” She looked from Jess then back to David, “We need to locate Commander Taylor, did you see him by chance?” Baeryn gestured for them to follow her back onto the battle bridge and as far away from the horrid scene in the hall as she could get for the moment.

Jessica looked at Crewman Hopkins' body.. Her teeth and fist clenched tight.. Rage building in her. "That doe it... Those racist nazi sonofabitches.." She walked back into the battle bridge and pulled someone away from tactical. "If they want a war... I'll give them a goddess damned war. I'm targeting all of their military installations. Every last one."

[["Erm, boss, are you alright? I see a lot of people near you."]] Myne's voice once more broke out through the speakers. [["The transporters in the saucer section that I believe are in enemy hands have been sabotaged. I teleported away components that render them unusable."]] The Trill gave her report anxiously.

"Good work lieutenant. Stand by for now. Whavi out." When Baeryn finished she looked to David.

As Baeryn replied to the comm, David, after stepping into the battle bridge, suddenly stumbled and collapsed against the nearest railing. He grimaced in pain as the adrenaline wire off and all of his injuries came screaming reports to his exhausted brain.

Quickly she stepped to his side and helped him into a near by chair, not prepared for the weight she would bare by helping him. "Take it easy there Corporal," she said softly before stepping back to the center of the battle bridge. They needed to locate Commander Taylor and fast.

==Deck 13- Starfleet Academy==

Staff Sergeant Gami's armor was covered in blood and dented is several places as she sucked in air, causing her lungs to ache as she looked out at the piles of bodies that littered the deck. 'Damn, must have broken a few ribs,' she thought. Two Marines had been killed in the close quarters fighting and four more were wounded--First squad was out of the fight for the moment as she collapsed against a nearby bulkhead. She opened her comm and spoke. "This is Staff Sergeant...Gami. Deck Thirteen...clear... Request medical assistance..."

Three of the Academy's students gingerly stepped out from the forcefield, shocked at the carnage before them. "Um, are you ok, ma'am?" asked an Bolian female as she slowly approached Gami.

"Don't ma'am. I work...for a living," Gami replied, turning to look at the young woman.


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