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Lunch and Attack for Dessert

Posted on Thu Sep 2nd, 2021 @ 8:00am by Captain Yasmine Carrington & Lieutenant Commander Sorcha Kavanagh [LALOR] & Lieutenant Sapphire Morgan [Lalor] & Lieutenant Serenity Triannth [Lalor] & Lieutenant JG Nerinath zh'Rhilror [Lalor] & Lieutenant JG Samaire McBride [Lalor] & Cadet Sophomore Grade Triston Montgomery [Lalor] & Avalon [Lalor] & Samantha Prescott [Lalor] & Captain Garrett Lovejoy [ Taylor] & Commander Aurelia Taylor & Commander Sthilg & Commander T'Kara & Commander Gary Taylor & Lieutenant Colonel Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik & Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi & Lieutenant Victor Barclay de Tolly & Lieutenant JG Myne Redal & Ensign Miraj Derani & Lieutenant JG Ryan Kade III & Corporal David Tonelly & Kaden Ross & Captain Kyle Reece [Tonelly] & Lieutenant Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen [Taylor] & Lieutenant Commander Jessica 'Valkyrie' Vaii [Vantar] & Lieutenant Scott Gregory [Taylor] & Lieutenant Tonya King & Legate Imik S'Niohun & Legate Vanessa Alcean an Vantar [Vantar] & Consul Freya Savette {Kelea-Salik} & Lieutenant JG Vise [Sthilg] Kesahl & 1st Lieutenant George Charles [Tonelly] & Ensign Louis Bordeaux & Lieutenant JG Vira Vemre [Whavi] & Ensign Jason Danvers [Taylor] & Ensign T'Kek [Naxea] & Ensign BF 345078 (john Snow.) [Sthilg] & Chief Warrant Officer Man'darr [Naxea] & Senior Chief Petty Officer Fernando De La Rosa [Taylor] & Chief Petty Officer Emily Charles {Kelea-Salik} & Gunnery Sergeant Luxa Gami [Naxea] & Ensign Heather De La Rosa {Kelea-Salik} & Sergeant Leilani Charles {Kelea-Salik} & James Green

Mission: Season 5: Episode 2: Operation Save Humanity
Location: various
Timeline: MD7 12h00 - onwards
6318 words - 12.6 OF Standard Post Measure

At noon, another communication was made to James Green. "Mr. President?" Said Dr. Wells Smith. "Are you and your people ready?"

A confident voice responded, "We are."

"You may want to close your eyes for this, it can be disconcerting the first time."


A moment later the soft orange static of the transporter beam enclosed Green and his men. a heart beat after that, they appeared on the trasporter pads of Elysium, safe and sound

Five forms came into being on the pads. Toward the front stood the New Canaan President. Behind him were four others, three men and one woman, all human.

The woman was at his left flank, a relatively petite figure. She wore a uniform befitting the upper class of the colony. A beige-colored dress shirt with short sleeves, accented by a dark green sleeveless vest. The equally dark-colored and full-length pants had a thin but visible crease directly down the middle of the legs, which were perfectly tailored to end just over the tongue of the brown boots. It was clear she didn't see much sun as her light skin was several shades paler than the others. Her shoulder-length brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail. Eyes just as dark, her pupils stared forward through a pair of slender frame glasses at the new world she'd just found herself in.

She blinked. She wasn't sure if it was a side effect of the transportation or just her own shock beginning to wear off, but sound began to return to her ears.

"Illia?" She heard James' voice coming from her side.

Sideways at the others, she looked and noticed how everyone was acclimatizing to it just as she was... all except for her President. To his credit, James Green seemed no worse for wear and didn't show any signs of dizziness. He was positively beaming.

The white noise was finally gone. Her hearing was back to normal. "Yes, Mr. President," She finally answered him, "I'm okay, no need to-" her fingers flexed freely, which was not what she was expecting. She looked down to realize the clipboard she had been carrying had dropped and landed at her feet. "Uh, sorry," she quietly added as she crouched down towards it.

"Okay, then..." James said, looking around the transporter room.

A the console at the back of the room, a red shirted ensign stood at attention. He studied the group and waited for the doctor to greet them.

The Historian stepped forward, hand outstretched in greeting. "Welcome aboard Mr President. You're now aboard the Elysium. What you've just experienced is a matter transporter. one of our advances since the departure of your ancestors."

James' eyes were wide open and looking about with child-like admiration. It was second nature for him to shake hands while doing pretty much anything else, so he did. With the greeting over, he immediately got back to the subject at hand, "Matter transporter? From anywhere to anywhere!?" He enthused with a mirthfully open mouth, exposing those perfect pearly whites.

The ensign said calmly "Of course, it is quite simple. But the lock calculations can take a bit depending on the atmospheric conditions."

"Oh, we have much more to talk about than I thought!"

"Within reason, Mr. President," Illia cautioned him with a hand on his shoulder, like a mother keeping her son from bouncing. She'd gotten her bearings and was back in secretary-mode, "I don't think we have enough time to talk about..." She looked around, and gestured as if to say 'all of this'. "Everything you'd like."

James looked to the historian with a pouty frown on his face, "I think I need a new assistant." He said low as if doing so would stop her from hearing.

Illia rolled her eyes, leaning aside with hand on hip.

"A related technology is in our replicators." The historian indicated that the party should follow him. "And our entertainment. With it we've eliminated hunger throughout the spacefaring worlds. Science and Medicine has eliminated the vast majority of diseases, and replicator tech means we never run out of medicine. We're a very different world to that of 2050."

The president's gaze locked forward as he heard them mention disease. His jaw visibly went rigid before relaxing. His assistant seemed to notice, leaning in towards him and placing a hand on his arm. They shared a silent moment before moving back into stride with the group.

"The Captain's dining room is this way." Wells-Smith steered them down the corridor towards the private dining room. "We've prepared a tasting menu of common Earth dishes. I hope that will be suitable. I've assumed that no-one has any food allergies. Is that the case?"

"Allergies aren't an issue in our population," James answered, plainly.

"What our enigmatic," Illia lightly emphasized with a satirical gesture, "leader means to say, is that we would be delighted to accept your hospitality. Allergies are one of the many health issues our colony has mastered. There's no need to worry."

"That is indeed good to know" A new voice came from a doorway where Wells-Smith had been leading them too. Captain Carrington stood there, her white dress uniform pristine. "Mr President, welcome to the USS Elysium."

"It's an honor to be here."

Yasmine waved them into the dining room with a polite smile.

As the President stepped inside, he scanned the room from left to right, his eyes flitting from the decoration to the furniture. He smirked.

==time jump==

After an hour or so of 'pleasant' conversation and food, Yasmine had considered her options and chose to give them a small tour of non critical areas.

"So," He moved from tailing her to being at her side, "where are we off to, now?"

"What would you like to see Mr President?" She asked curiously.

"Can we view the colony from here?"

"This way, our observation room, will give you a good view, that said we are thousand of meters above the planet surface." Yasmine led him and his group down a short hall and into a turbolift "Observation Room, deck 1."

The lift shot up and soon she was leading them into the observation room, via the hall, not the bridge.

Stepping inside she waved him and the others into the room.

The observation room lighting was warm in hue. The colonials were quieted by the muted lighting and calm atmosphere. James Green, the most unapologetically loud and rambunctious of them all, also fell silent. His steps faltered as he stared. His assistant almost bumped into him but he didn't even notice.

The President began to move slowly towards the large window with careful steps. Moving around the table, he crossed towards the center of the main view. Blue light bathed his figure as he approached. A glint of atmospheric refraction glittered across his face. There was a warmth to the small smile that grew on him. It was different from the facade he usually wore; something genuine.

The bright illumination, beautiful as it was, cast an even darker shadow across and behind him. The outline of the inheritor to the Green Legacy was blackened against the wall behind in crisp detail, still and calm.

"I've seen it from orbit before," James finally spoke, pulling himself into parade rest, "but... not like this."

Yasmine inclined her head. "Unfortunately this is just a window for observation, we cannot zoom in via it."

"Captain Carrington," James said to her while still staring out the viewport, her previous comment apparently gone unnoticed. All pretense was gone from him as he relaxed his posture further, falling out of the parade rest and relaxing. His eyes, as blue as the marble of a world out the window, bore into her. He seemed to be looking her over, as if seeing her for the first time since they met on the planet surface, evaluating her strength and weakness like one of her tricorders. "If it were a choice between your people and the mission... what would you choose?"

She studied him and stood stock still. "My crew" she replied calmly. "The lives of my crew, all of them, comes first."

For a moment, James said nothing. His eyes dilated ever so slightly as his lips parted, quietly but firmly speaking, "There was a time," He reminisced, "when I thought the same way." He kept eye contact with her as he carried on, "I thought that my people were the most precious resource there is. I thought that all they needed was the right leadership. Then I thought they just needed the right incentives. Eventually, I realized that I wasn't slowly losing them. I'd already lost them from the start."

The President's hands clenched slightly, "As the generations continued to pass, our legacy continued to slowly fade. The goalposts just kept moving further and further away as we made less and less progress. Diminishing returns weren't good enough, so they began to look elsewhere for fulfillment." Animosity crept into his tone as he listed, "Art, philosophy, fiction, entertainment. Farmers became complacent, relaxed. Historians became introspective, questioning, uncertain. Soldiers became polite, humble," He took in a deep breath, finishing with gritted teeth, "weak."

She considered his words. "Yes many cultures found that happens when they ignore different ideas."

He shook his head, "Whatever the cause of it is, I can no longer rely on those who were once chosen to carry on our tradition, to uphold it. Give it one more generation," he gestured out the window towards the planet, "and those people down there will probably be ready to join your... Federation."

"Oh from what I have heard, it will be less than that." She said briskly moving casually towards the replicator. "Can I get you a drink Mr. President?"

His brow twitched then furrowed. James' eyes narrowed as both his hands clenched near his waist, "What do you mean by that? Who have you been talking to?"

"Me? My staff. My people who went planetside." She replied turning and facing him from the otherside of the room.

He waved a hand, shaking his head, "No, never mind, it doesn't matter."

== Meanwhile, down on the surface ==

The rain had stopped just minutes before. There was a cool breeze coming from the west, lightly waving the clean-cut grass he stood on. His frame was thin for his height, but still healthily framed with muscle. A true veteran of the final outcast conflict, he stood as still and calm as ever. There was, however, a slight waver to his stillness as he felt someone approaching.

Vice Marshal Loen Reigh didn't turn to look. He simply uttered, "You're here."

"Yes, Vice Marshal."

"And so quickly..."

"Yes, Vice Marshal."

"... is it done?"

"Yes, Vice Marshal."

For a moment, Loen looked away from the marble statue he'd been staring at, giving his right-hand man the full attention the situation deserved. "What," he asked, "did you decide on?"

"I sabotaged the formula, sir."

"Oh?" Loen looked somewhat amused, even surprised, "I would've thought you'd taken another approach. I suppose that would," he surmised with a bemused scowl, "be his first choice of weapon, now wouldn't it?"

"I believed so, sir, yes."

"Tell me," Loen waved him over, waiting for the man to stand by his side before he asked, "how exactly did you do it?"

"I switched the prime formula for the alpha."

He almost chuckled. Loen had to stop himself from laughing by placing a hand over his mouth. The hand shook as his composure began to break. A half-concealed sob broke through as his eyes began to water. There was sadness and relief mixing together in his expression as he looked back to the marble monument before him. He breathed in deep. This time, he didn't hold it back, the joyous laughter filling the cemetery.

It took him a short while to recover, the catharsis flowing free before calming. With a small sigh, he finally replied, "That is just... perfect."

"I thought so, too, sir."

"Thank you. You may go."

The agent bowed his head respectfully before turning about and leaving.

Loen reached for his shoulder, pulling off the rank patch with the sound of velcro. Both the metal piece and the patch were tossed to the ground in front of the marble statue. "It's finally over, my dear," He whispered, giving one final salute before ending his career. "Your murderer is soon to choke to death on his own ambition. It's... ironic, really. Sorry, I'm rambling, I'll leave you be. Rest easy, my dearest daughter. I've one last thing to do before I return. Wish me luck?"

Along the base of the monument sat a plaque with deeply engraved words. So it was written, "Here lies Herena Reigh. Poisoned by the outcast heretics, she died an honorable death defending the Green Legacy. May her sacrifice be forever honored in this place."

== Back aboard the USS Elysium ==

"It really doesn't matter at all." James pulled something from his vest pocket, a small vile. The chemical mixture itself was harmless, but when introduced into a genetically altered tongue...

There was a violent swirl of motion. It happened so fast, one could barely keep track. Four men drank something, four figures flew into action. A boot sped directly towards Yasmine's torso.

Yasmine reacted with a jolt and dove for the second door, which led to the bridge. She all but rolled out onto the bridge.

The Andorian at Helm turned and stared “Captain!?” Ensign Nerinath zh'Rhilror stood from her console, turning.

“Security! Red Alert! Seal Deck 1!” Yasmine snapped out as she scrambled to her feet. Behind her the group exited the observation room, one of the men reaching out and grabbing Yasmine by the hair.

As the others bolted outward from the entrance to the bridge, James stayed, keeping up the attack on the Elysium's Captain. The vile he downed in one gulp had thrown his body into overdrive, giving him the adrenaline and speed to overwhelm most opponents, not to mention the activation of rapid muscle growth and other enhancements. With both the element of surprise and the unknown quantity that was his martial skill, he yanked Yasmine by her hair, causing her head to snap backward. Instinctually, she planted her left heel into the carpet, grounding herself. As her arms splayed outward for balance, his arm swung into the gap, trapping both behind her.

The Captain found herself pinned in place as James' other arm swung around her neck and held her still.

There was a scream.

"Look at them," James' newly coarse voice grunted into her ear as he held her steady, forcing her to watch.

The man at the tactical console had been pulled up into the air, and was screaming on the way down into a suplex. His neck cracked under the weight of the impact with the floor through sheer ferocity and might. His Lieutenant Junior Grade pips scattered across the floor as his body went limp.

"You said your crew was more important to you than the mission," He coughed, then spat something red onto the floor. He refocussed his grip on her.

One of the genetically altered colony soldiers was shot as he sprinted towards more of the bridge crew, but kept going. He kept running, kept taking hits. He didn't stop, and then the phasers were set to kill. Finally, he stopped, falling dead as his body was littered with plasma.

"So watch, and see, as they all die."

One may have fallen, but the other three were taking no prisoners and avoiding most of the return fire from bridge officers.

As the fighting continued, James pushed Yasmine down onto her knees, making sure to hold her tight. "I've seen the footage of your people from back when you all were on my colony down there. I know that they don't like you. The angered looks, the barely held disdain. You're new to this ship, aren't you?"

He choked her to prevent any response as he kept talking, "They probably liked the old Captain better, didn't they? That's okay... I'll do them all a favor."

James Green let go of Yasmine as she began to lose consciousness from the choke, which freed up his other arm from having to pin her. With both hands free, he gripped her neck, pulling hard across her collar until something snapped.

Yasmine's body collapsed onto the bridge.

T'Kara stared at Green with the passionless demeanor of a Vulcan. Apparently Captain Carrington was now dead. And the situation had... Escalated...

As Green made his move and murdered Carrington, Lia now typed a simple sentence. 'Cross the Styx'. This was a program she had implanted into the security system on her return to the Elysium from the mirror universe, it's result was instant. Every security system and defense weapon on the ship became inactive, Lia had been responsible for loosing the Elysium once before she was determined she wouldn't loose it again.

The program simply told the computer that the system was in danger and to close and disable every system until a certain code was entered, and only she knew that code.

Garrett had jumped to his feet to defend the bridge and his Captain and ship but he was slammed back into the seat so hard, his head snapped back and he saw stars all while he desperately tried to defend the bridge.

Lieutenant Scott Gregory was at the Operations console when the trouble began. Four people moving impossibly fast had burst onto the bridge. One grabbing hold the Captain. He watched in horror as the Captain's neck was snapped and she went limp. He turned back to his console and locked it out. The intruders would not be able to access the Ops station.

Alicia stepped out of the turbolift just as the red alert sounded, she didn’t have a choice but to stay as the turbolift doors closed behind her and the lift whizzed away again.

Kyle was standing by the tactical station, the same one he had manned under Admiral Sharr's command, when all hell broke loose. He turned as the visitors burst onto the bridge and started attacking the crew. When one of them came at him, like a charging bull, he narrowly dodged the brunt of the strike, instead getting shoved to the side by a glancing blow. These people were enhanced somehow!

Thankfully, he had experience with beings possessing more physical strength. He had gone head to head with both Romulan Tal'shiar operatives and Borg drones, and came out on top of both. He knew he had to out-manoeuvre his opponent. Quickly dodging another charge, he let fly two of the throwing darts that he wore on the underside on his left forearm. As he had been trained on how to use them from when he learned to walk, his aim was true, both spikes landing in his target's forehead, dropping him instantly.

Quickly, he moved over to retrieve his spikes. As he did so, he heard the unmistakable crunching sound of a neck being broken. Turning, he saw the captain go limp, clearly dead. Feeling a rage build deep inside, from seeing another Commanding Officer die right in front of him, Kyle ripped the spikes free and threw them underhanded. While they weren't kill shots, one buried itself deep into the right shoulder joint of Green, making the arm useless. The other, broke and buried inside of Green's right knee.

Alicia gasped as she witnessed the death of Carrington right before her eyes, the woman’s arrival hadn’t been appreciated but she certainly didn’t deserve to die, and not in such a brutal manner. Her concerns immediately went to her unborn child, what danger had she put herself into just by wanting to be on the bridge?

The sound of broken glass was followed by the appearance of a green mist. Newly-awakened and growling voices and grunts could be heard as the two fallen colony soldiers began to stir. Apparently, there were even more of the vials James Green had kept stored away, and he’d thrown them towards his seemingly defeated men, like grenades. The emerald aerosol stained their clothes as it soaked straight through into their skin. Something was stirring in them both, something that refused to die.

As the first got up off the floor, his phaser burns from before no longer as dark as the skin began to heal at a rapid pace. By all rights, he should’ve been dead, but something in the vial had activated his newly-found regeneration, forcing him back into life and service. His eyes were a mixture of feral and intelligent as his mind began to catch up to his physical state. Drunken by confusion and rage, he leaped toward the nearest target, a security-colored Ensign. The young human male was standing his ground, probably thinking he could hold his own against someone in their dying breath. It was a fatal mistake. With unbelievable force, the newly resurrected enemy planted his fist into the Ensign’s face. The knuckles didn’t stop as the face smashed into the wall behind him, continuing to push further and further. It was as if a half-ton of metal had flown straight through a melon. Fractures and loud pops were preceded by a large pulpy red mass scattering across the lower half of the viewscreen.

The soldier who had been struck in the forehead by Commander Reece’s darts remained still where he lay. The weapons had gone straight through his skull, rendering him unable to function. His body regenerated, but nothing happened.

James Green cursed as he dropped a vial next to himself on the floor. The curse was followed by a smile as he stared down the three-hundred-pound behemoth that was the Strategic Operations Officer. With a single flex of his entire body, the projectiles were expelled, clattering uselessly away. His heavily-enhanced body stood still as a mountain while his expression grew cold. “Come.” He challenged Reece, smiling over the corpse of Carrington who’s body was at his feet.

“Commander!” Alicia moved across to her seat from where she’d been standing. “Haven’t we lost enough?” she looked at Carrington then at Garrett before looking up at Green. “What do you want?”

Garrett struggled to stand. He had a nasty looking bruise on the side of his face. But his eyes were still defiant as he faced Green even as he glanced at Yasmine's fallen and lifeless body.

Alicia moved slightly to stand alongside Garrett, it made her feel safer even though she knew with the bridge cut off she had nowhere to go.

Kyle's training and experience told him that the remaining crew on the bridge were in a tough spot. The chances of them surviving the day, let alone the next few moments, were very low. It all depended on what happened next. Inside his trained Starfleet Officer's mind, he hoped that someone was securing the battle bridge and doing what they could to limit the access that Green and his group would soon possess.

Slowly moving to shield the XO and Alicia with his large frame, Kyle readied himself for the impending attack. "Afraid to fight us on an even level? Guess you already know that we'd wipe the deck with you, punk." He spoke in an eerily calm tone as he taunted Green, trying to get the other man to make a mistake.

One of Green's remaining escorts moved to the Bridge's transporter padd console and after a moment's study, calmly worked at it. "Beaming our people in. Decks 7, 10, 13, 21, 26, and 35. All squads are beaming in."

James nodded in acknowledgment of his subordinate, still staring down the tentatively grouped survivors.

Nerinath moved from helm, grabbing Scott as she did so, drawing him back towards the ready room on the far side, she nudged him towards it and then stepped up beside the pregnant Chief counselor. She slid her pale blue hand into Alicia's and drew her back slowly away from Green.

Blink and you'd miss it. The colony's figurehead scooped up both of the small darts from the floor, rolling into a knelt throwing pose. His hands were empty, the weapons already thrown with such might as to sing. One of Commander Reece's projectiles was aimed for the blue alien, the other for the pregnant woman.

==Elsewhere on the Elysium==

Heather was already Sickbay, albeit as a patient with her pre-eclampsia. For now all she could do was sit and watch as the Sickbay staff went about their emergency routines.

Sthilg was hand deep inside one of the refugees correcting the young man's inner workings when he heard the alert. " We all know the drill red alert ssstationsss everyone/" He spoke calmly to his team as he tapped his combadge before returning to his work.

Gary was in the Diplomatic Office overseeing the process of Gregor and his followers as the Red Alert sounded. He headed for the nearest lift that would take him to the bridge then stopped. The bridge would be sealed off. Plus he needed weapons. He had his cricket phaser but needed more as he set off for the nearest weapons locker, formulating a plan as he went.

Jess ran up to Gary when the red alert roused her. "The Bridge is sealed off boss, completely. Something hit the fan up there."

"I heard Jess but there are other ways onto the bridge. But first we need to know what is going on up there and get some weapons. Put your pilots on alert. we may just need them."

Jess tapped her combadge. "This is the CAG. Scramble. Repeat; Scramble. This is not a drill. Get your your fighters and standby"

"We need to get to a weapons locker but first. "Taylor to S'hib. Commander the bridge is sealed off. Go with a team and secure the battle bridge from any hostile takeover."

Jess moved to a nearby console and pushed a few buttons. "Attention all hands... This is Lt. Commander Jessica Vaii. A Hostile force has taken the bridge. Prepare to repel boarders, all hands to battlestations."

Naxea stepped out into the Assembly Area of Marine Country, armed with a CQB pulse rifle slung across her shoulders to see the Marines gathering in formation, still in their combat armor from the missions to the planet. "Lieutenant Tanner, Master Sergeant Fredericks, Warrant Officer Man'darr, and Corporal Tonelly, you're with me, let's take a stroll to Security and get some intel before we kick someone's ass." She turned and stepped swiftly towards the exit.

While David was technically still on medical leave, he quickly fell into step with his commanding officer. "How bad does your gut tell you it is, Ma'am?"

"Computer shows the bridge was locked out so it can't be good. If you feel you're not capable of deploying, let me know now, Corporal," she said, keeping her eyes forward as she continued her quick pace.

David stayed right with Naxea. "Ma'am, though I'm still coming to terms with my past and how it could change me, right now, I am a highly motivated, highly trained, extremly pissed off Marine sniper. Point me to a target and I will fucking wipe it out...Ma'am." The heat in his tone was very clear. Someone had invaded his home, putting his wife, unborn child, friends and shipmates in jeopardy. He would eliminate any threat in his path with extreme prejudice.

"Good to hear, Corporal," Naxea replied.

Leilani too was back at work doing her best to take her mind off the fact that she was no longer carrying her own baby. She soon caught up with her husband as she reported to the assembly area. “The medical bay is ready if it’s needed Colonel.”

"Thank you, Sergeant," she replied as she exited the area.

Hearing the call to scramble fighters, George looked down at his wife. Reaching out, he pulled Leilani into a strong embrace, kissing her deeply as he did so. Stay safe, Imzadi!! Keep our baby safe!! He then pulled back and said, growing fire in his voice, "It's time for me to go to work."

Leilani nodded. “I know it is” Come back safe Imzadi! I’ll make sure Emily and our baby are alright, I promise! She watched George go, feeling a big pit of dread at the thought of being seperated from him.

George could feel Leilani's dread. However, he had to focus on his job now. If he didn't, lives would be lost. Dropping into a sprint, he quickly reached the emergency lifts to take the pilots to the flight deck.

As he stepped out of the lift, George hurried through the organized chaos, to reach his starfighter. As he approached, he saw that Tink was already aboard, doing the prefight checklists.

As he practically leapt up the ladder and lowered himself into his seat in the cockpit, George started his half of the preflight. No words needed to be said between the team, as they knew what they had to do. Finally, George signalled the tower that his bird was ready to launch. The computerized system locked onto his Rapter and moved it to an open launch port, then held it in place and prepped the area for a rapid launch.


“Lt. Barclay de Tolly,” Ensign Napoleon Bond says pressing his badge, “Necessary shields are up to protect Engineering and other deck levels.”

“Excellent,” Victor replied.


Lieutenant Myne Redal was humming and walking on the corridor with a cheerful smile on her face, holding her newly finished PADD in her arms. That was when the red alert took her by surprise. She did not spend more than a brief second being panicked before running at a spring to Operations, where she was heading anyway. A voice sounded on the comms informing everyone that the bridge had been taken over, which made Myne trembled completely terrified. She was not armed, nor was any good with a phaser. But she could do one thing, connecting her PADD to her station she began to try and force the power grid to listen to her as she started a lengthy process to cut off the bridge from all main power. Hopefully, this crazy idea would work.

Emily was back on her feet after the procedure to transfer Leilani & George’s baby to her. Leaving their quarters she made her way to Sickbay to help out. If there were casualties Sthilg would need all his people doing their jobs and she planned to be there doing hers.

Miraj had only stepped off the bridge for a trip to the head, and was heading back when the alarms went off. At that point she was running, but before she could get to her station, the doors were sealed, and security officers was starting to appear. And then she heard the CAG's announcement. The Bridge was taken. But that, like most systems on Elysium, was not the only one. She turned and started running for the nearest jeffreis tube down. "Derani to Taylor." If Garret was on the bridge, everyone would hear this, which she couldn't risk. "Permission to seperate the saucer section?" She could do that from the battle bridge, and it would automatically lock anyone on the main bridge out of the drive sections utilities. Like the phasers and the torpedoes.

"Get to the battle bridge Derani and begin the saucer separation." Taylor replied crisply. Keeping the stardrive portion of the ship out of the hands of whomever had boarded the ship was paramount at this time. "Once you're there, seal it off." He ordered.

"Yes, sir!" Miraj replied, swinging on to the ladder. "On my way."

Freya was in the bar with Kaden when the red alert sounded, she looked at him knowing that this couldn’t be good. “If I remember correctly this bar will be a designated shelter area for emergencies, I’ll remain here with you to help any arrivals.”

Kaden rolled his eyes rubbing the bridge of his nose in agony. "You know, now would be a really good time for a phaser to have on hand."

Naxea entered the Elysium's Security Section, spotting the former XO nearby. "Commander, what is the situation?"

"Colonel, good to see you." Gary replied. "The situation is sketchy right now. The bridge has been taken and sealed off. We don't know how many intruders there are on the bridge. Or the exact number of crew on the bridge at the time it was sealed off. I sent Ensign Derani to the stardrive section to be prepared for a saucer separation. Commander Vaii has her pilots on alert and ready to go on a moment's notice. We need to secure engineering and other vital systems of the ship. This ship IS NOT falling into enemy hands."

The sound of a small transporter sounded as Snow materialized into the room. " Colonel, commander where do you need me. " the Exocomp asked

"ah, Mr. Snow, can you provide eyes for us so we can see what is going on with the bridge as well as scouting the other decks so we know the intruders locations?" Gary asked the small exocomp.

" Yes sir. Where shall i start?" The small robot said as he adjusted his teleporter.

"The bridge please Mr. Snow. We need to know the state of Captain, XO and others on the bridge." Gary replied.

" Yes sir." The small robot said as he teleported away linking his camera to one of the nearby computers as he did so.

Baeryn was in cargo bay one with the majority of the Outkasts seeing that they were equipped with all the essentials they would need. She held a small child with a slight disfigured face, his eyes sunken in and pale but a smile on his face until the alarm sounded. The child stiffened and started to cry as Baeryn handed him back to his mother.

"Whavi to Ops. Report." As the report came in the lieutenants face paled, she looked out to the frightened faces of Gregors people. These people were in an unknown place and seemly defenseless to the attack on the Elysium. Before she even knew her mind was made up she decided she would stay to protect them in any way she could. Spotting the nearest weapons locker she proceeded to arm all capable personnel that she could.

Gregor moved up to Baeryn's side and helped, indicating which of the strongest warriors he had in the current cargo bay. "Lieutenant," He said calmly, despite the stressful situation. "There are others of my brothers and sisters that will help defend your ship, can you show me how to get to the other cargo bays?"

Baeryn was handing out phasers and paused only to respond to Gregor. "Yes, we can split into teams, I'll send one of my officers with-" She stopped speaking abruptly.

Sapphire's voice came from the speaker. [["We have a bridge in lockdown Lieutenant! No communications from it yet. Heading to Battle Bridge"]]

Tapping her comm Baeryn responded to Sapphire. "I'll meet you there."

Baeryn's obsidian eyes bore into Gregors, "If the bridge has been locked down that can only mean its been infiltrated. I can't protect these people if our ship is overtaken. I need to get to the battle bridge immediately. I can move faster with a smaller team and spare an officer to lead you to the other cargo bays but these people will also need to be protected." She thrust the remaining phaser at Ensign Vemre. "Vemre your with me. Locklear lead Gregor and make sure to arm those in the other cargo bays if they have not been. When you leave lock this cargo bay, I don't want anyone in or out."

In unison both Vemre and Locklear responded, "Aye Lieutenant!"

Gregor noddes to the young lieutenant. He then looked at the rest of his warriors present. "Thoma, go with Baeryn. We will help defend the home of our new friends! Hento, Starda, you two come with me. The rest of you, syay here and protect our brothers and sisters. Whatever this threat is, it will not enter here. Go!"

"Good luck." Without another word Baeryn and Vemre set off to exit the cargo bay, both armed and ready to engage in whatever enemies they would encounter on the way.

Following his instructions, the large man known as Thoma lumbered after the two women. He would follow his chief's commands without question.

Fernando was in his and Heather's quarters when he heard the alert. He instantly grabbed his beloved Garand rifle and headed for the security department.

Likewise Savar was in his and Alicia's quarters when the Red Alert was sounded. He worried about Alicia and their unborn child. However he also had Connor to think about. Grabbing an overnight bag, they kept packed with a change of clothes and some of his toys. Savar picked up his son and headed for the nearest shelter. At least Connor would be safe while he thought of a way to help Alicia and the others.

Jess walked into the Security Room. "My Squadron has been launched. Hey Nax... Got a rifle for me? It's going to be one of 'those days' again."

"Grab one from the Security Armory," she gestured with a nod.

"Commander Taylor." Jess noted. "We need to override all the command codes asap. That means Captain Carrington and Commander Lovejoy has now been captured and are now in the hands of a hostile force." Jess mentioned. "As I recall, we need three ranking officers to transfer the command codes. The Second Officer being Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi for some reason. We need her here pronto. The longer the ship's command codes are up in the air, the more damage this hostile force can do." Jess pointed out.



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